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How to Score Gems at Paris Flea Markets, According to a Parisian

“I love that everything you buy in a brocante has a story,” Jackie Kai Ellis tells me over the phone. “You really get a snapshot of history.” The Vancouver native, who has a design background, moved...

Suggestions for Parisian comfort/informal food?

by moxymoxy 4 days ago

Hello! Thanks to all the previous contributors who have had very informative posts. Reading previous threads has been much more helpful than the google searches that turn up websites and articles...

Paris - good, inexpensive seafood restaurant

by edetoronto 8 years ago

I'm looking for a good seafood restaurant (or any restaurant with a decent amount of fish on the menu) with a budget of 40 euros per person (entree + plat). It's for a romantic dinner so ambiance ...

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2019 Paris Cheese Restaurants

by GourmetPiggy 5 days ago

Will be visiting Paris in mid Jan and am looking for a restaurant that offers a cheese plate / cheese tasting that will allow me to try a little bit of many cheeses. Perhaps something like the Andr...

Beaujolais Nouveau 2019! What are your thoughts??

by damiano 20 days ago

So, last Saturday while shopping I noticed the new 2019 Beaujolais Primeur being displayed for tasting. I drank half a glass, and immediately took a liking to it. Bought 6 bottles of this Jaffe...

Paris Restaurants Near Shangri-La Hotel

by dosage54 2 months ago

My wife and I are headed back to Paris (finally!) and have had excellent suggestions from these posts. Usually stay in 2nd or 6th but this time in the 8th. Not familiar with restaurants in this are...

Recommendations for "French by a Japanese chef" restaurants

by andygottlieb 4 years ago

Returning to Paris for the last 10 days of June. These type of restaurants seem to be my wife's favorite, and as I drag he with me to Septime and David Toutain, I try to find them for her. Two yea...

Paris restaurants for family of 5

by sdfamily 13 days ago

We are in Paris Jan 7-10 and staying near Blvd. Saint-Germain and Rue St. Jaques (as far as I can tell). We are a family of 5 with BOYS ages (21, 18, and 13). I'm looking for dinner recommendatio...

Friday night dinner, Sunday lunch for one near place de la Republique

by andygottlieb 14 days ago

In Paris next weekend on my own between business meetings. Staying near place de la Republique. Looking for a place definitely nearby for late dinner Friday (December 6), and then a place for lunch...

Simon Kuper in Paris: where to power dine like a president

by damiano 11 days ago

Was just reading the Financial Times and found this wonderful article on power dining for politicians in Paris. Did you know that Mitterrand used to drink Petrus in Divellec - but had it served...

Looking for Alternative to L’Ami Jean Christmas Week

by CMichaelis 17 days ago

I took my granddaughters to L’Ami Jean this past summer and they are still talking about their meal, especially the whipped potatoes. I will in Paris for 3 days the week between Christmas and New Y...

Intimate Omakase in Paris

by Kurtis 28 days ago

NYC has seen wild boom in Omakase restaurants over last 5 years. How does Paris compare? I was able to find JIN as only promising one (not including one in Ledoyan), but would love to hear about m...

Dinner in Montmartre

by Helm 29 days ago

Wife and I will be in town for a trade expo next week and we do have most of our restaurants of choice covered except dinner on Sunday the 24th. We are planning to do a walking tour of Montmartre e...

Looking for a Paris Restaurant in the 15th...

by Kevin93940 1 month ago

We've been trying to locate a Paris restaurant that we tried unsuccessfully to visit in June 2013. We've been searching for the last 6 years... and we're heading back again next month. Here's...

Les Climats: One, two, three

Jake Dear
by Jake Dear 4 years ago

No experience is replicable of course, but here is how it worked for us: One. Make reservation on la fourchette/The Fork. Go there for lunch about two years ago. Sit in the enclosed bright ...

5 dinners in Paris with a vegetarian!

by soccerfan80 5 years ago

My wife and I are staying 5 nights in Paris. The problem is she is a vegetarian, I am not. We're looking for low key places, nothing too fancy. Maybe 20-30 euros per person. After some resear...

Paris restaurant recommendations for 6

by jmsvss 2 months ago

I am researching Paris restaurant recommendations for a Dec 11 birthday celebration. I am considering lunch or dinner. It does not need to be exceptionally fancy or even ***. We are dining with ...

Fondant Aux Marrons in Paris

by savio 2 months ago

A friend is traveling to Paris and would like to buy that Marron and Chocolate pate of kind :-) Will be at the city only midweek, there is a place in Maubert market but i think it is working only S...

Sunday Lunch

by dloons 3 months ago

Any recs for a good Sunday lunch, fish and veggie forward appreciated. It's my birthday, looking for delicious but not fussy.

Winter holiday trip to Paris and South of France for family with tweens

by smiles33 4 months ago

Hello dear CHers! I previously started researching a potential trip to Paris as a brief stopover en route to San Sebastian/Bilbao/Basque County (see thread here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/f...

Paris from mid-September to mid-October!

by sfcarole 5 years ago

Presented with a whole month in Paris, it still takes time to think it all through, but I guess that’s part of the fun. This Board has been a huge help in putting together our restaurant and shoppi...