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Looking for a dining experience in Paris that is modern, creative, theatrical

by joladdy 6 days ago

I'm looking for a restaurant in Paris to take my fiancé for his birthday in April. He's more interested in the overall experience (service, ambiance, plating) than the food itself. For example, whe...

The France Michelin 2019: a pleasant surprise, at least in Paris

John Talbott
by John Talbott 2 months ago

I’ve been cynical about the Michelin France ratings for a long time because it’s been three years behind the times, because it rates floral displays and napkins over food, and because it elevates p...

Late lunch near Fondation Louis Vuitton

by VaPaula 8 days ago

I searched, I really did. But I’m not convinced we’ll be able to get to a restaurant during lunch service (Caïus, for example, takes its last reservation at 2:00 and that’s likely when we’ll wrap u...

3 Star Michelin for Wife's Birthday

by theoracle101 1 month ago

I am planning a special trip for my wife's 30th birthday this March. I'm trying to choose a special restaurant, one where atmosphere is not cold or austere. I'm ok with more traditional restaurants...

Roast Chicken In Paris

by TrishUntrapped 4 months ago

I was reading Le Figaro's list of restaurants with the best roast chicken in Paris and saw Le Coq Rico was ranked number one. There is a branch of LCR in New York City, which I had the pleasure to ...


Vegan friendly Michelin restaurant in Paris

by AntiDote 4 days ago

Hi, looking for a vegan-friendly Michelin restaurant for a group dinner in Paris next month. The rest of us are meat eaters but we have one vegan person we're looking to accommodate. Any recommen...

Paris Sweet Shops/ Desserts

by dallarose23 7 months ago

I'm taking a trip to Paris in the fall and am seeking recommendations on the following: - Best shops for marshmallows - Favorite chocolate shops - Best place to have il flottante - Best place...

Adjuge anyone?

by TrishUntrapped 4 days ago

Bonjour! In John Talbott's blog today he mentions that Alain Ducasse has taken over Adjuge at Druout. Very interested in hearing your reviews. Merci.

A magnificent cafe in Paris?

by Foxeyblue 7 months ago

I'll be in Paris this Autumn and would like to take everyone to a grand (in the English meaning) cafe where they can drink wonderful hot chocolate, coffee or champagne and eat beautiful French pati...

Eating in Paris Easter Sunday and Monday

by eighthour 7 days ago

Will be in Paris Easter Sun. and Mon., and just realized that many places will be closed. Looking for recommendations as to restaurants/bakeries/shops that may be open. Any cuisine, any price range...

Need a few dinner recommendations

by lisacope 13 days ago

We'll be in Paris just for a few nights at the end of March staying in the 2nd arr. We've been to Paris a couple of times and we are pretty foody - I'd like to stay in the 75-100 euro range - it'd ...

Seeking Feedback on 4 days/nights in Paris

by marcuspg 29 days ago

Hello and thanks in advance for any feedback provided. After much on-line research we have composed our detailed eating itinerary. In the process I definitely noticed that around half of our picks ...

Street food and delicious grub in Paris

by neckbeard 15 days ago

Hi, I'm visiting Paris 19-26 March. Looking for some great food that is very casual and cheap. I've learned of so many great venues for fine dining and upscale spots on these boards. I would lov...

In the 9th on my own; looking for restaurants, food tours, communal dinners, etc

by ccferg 3 months ago

Parnassien once nominated me for an award -- for posts that triggered the strongest reactions. And they both started innocuously enough. In one I was just looking for recommendations for an overnig...

So, what was your best restaurant meal of 2018?

by damiano 3 months ago

As the year draws to a close, my mind wanders off to some of my best restaurant experiences in 2018. What was your best restaurant meal of 2018? It doesn't matter whether is was in your home to...

Free tickets from Paris to Nice

by Fwahgrah 17 days ago

Not my usual post here, but I can’t think of a better place to try: My daughter and I will be in Paris starting this coming Tuesday, 5 March. We were planning to take the train down to Nice on Wedn...

Paris - Late lunch

by ChowLad 19 days ago

Looking for a solid lunch (bistrot/ brasserie/ or otherwise) on the later side (2:30-3). I know this is pushing into “early dinner” territory but I’m attending a performance at 7:30. I’ll be at the...

Paris in the 9th near Moulin Rouge

by philip61 21 days ago

My fiance and I are travelling to Paris together for the first time and will be spending the first week in March there. We are from Seattle and are foodies that love tasting new dishes, tasting lo...

Vegetarian in Paris - High end/tasting menus

by sobbuh 27 days ago

Hi, Looking for some feedback for an upcoming trip to Paris - lots of great discussion here, so thanks in advance for that. I’m interested in hearing about any restaurants that are partic...

Itinerary Advice (Paris with a Toddler)

by ericdw 20 days ago

Hi all, We'll be in Paris for a week in April and we're working out our dinner reservations. We'll be dining with our 3 year old daughter. She's well behaved and used to eating out in nice restau...