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La Fourchette/The Fork -- Recent Problems

by onzieme 3 days ago

I've only been back to Paris 4 days, and already I've experienced three times the same phenomenon with lafourchette/t...


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Paris Restaurant List Opinions

by Cpny1 7 days ago

Hi guys! My wife and I will be traveling from NY to Paris during the end of Jan. to beginning of Feb. Aside from wand...


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Family trip to Paris late March

by selena03 1 day ago

We will be travelling to Paris (from Vancouver) this March with 2 children (6,11) who have food allergies to peanuts,...

Paris guide from a young parisian girl

by gladinga 2 months ago

Here is my paris guide, any feedback welcome :) **Brunch** $$ Coquelicot – rue des abbesses 18e $$ Au Pain Quoti...


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Side Trip From Paris

by enofile 2 months ago

My wife and I have gone back and forth, trying to decide on where to go for four nights in between Christmas and New ...


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Summary of recent Paris foodie trip

by Belkisw 15 days ago

Hi all, here is a summary of my most recent long weekend in Paris in early December, with an overall verdict that Vir...

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Trip Report, Longish--Solo in Paris

by ninkat 21 days ago

I am headed again to Paris, but realized that I had omitted a report on my trip from the summer, so here it is. I am...

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Paris 16th, Passy & La Muette revisited

by monchique 14 days ago

The West of Paris "les beaux quartiers" is often ignored by visitors, but for me it's home from home... Just spent a ...

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Lunch Menu / Specials

by EWRTravelers 28 days ago

We used this board heavily during our last trip to Paris (June 2015) and at the time enjoyed a number of great places...

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Reservations Needed for Solo Trip?

by LJN11 17 days ago

Hello, I'm traveling alone to Paris in mid-January and realize most of the restaurants I'd like to make reservations ...

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Recommendations for Paris Restaurants Open on Sundays!

by tzelbo 16 days ago

Hi everyone. We will be having a 26 hour layover in Paris but we arrive on Sunday and leave at 8 AM on Monday. Any su...

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Seems like many Paris restaurants are closed during Christmas holidays?

by yyuen 20 days ago

I've been looking up many restaurants that are recommended on CH and it appears many of them are closed during the ho...


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Suggestions for duck in Paris?

by ninkat 22 days ago

I have memories from decades ago of a duck dish (maybe it was a l'orange, but I don't think so) in Paris. I have ove...


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Tondo closed?

by traveller27 27 days ago

I am currently working on the restaurant reservations for our upcoming stay in Paris in the first week in January. I ...


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Classic French in Paris

by valc79 2 months ago

Greetings All, After searching posts for Paris restaurants, I'm still not finding what I'm looking for. Would lov...


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Cooking different breeds of whole duck

by damiano 1 month ago

I want to become better at preparing and cooking duck. But at this stage I still have difficulty knowing which breed ...

hotoynoodle commented 1 month ago

Chez Monsieur Paris 8th

by dennis855 1 month ago

I was not aware of this location by the folks at Les Climates. I understand that the hotel is closed for renovations...

John Talbott commented 1 month ago

Paris early dinner near l’olympia

by tummyache 1 month ago

Hello Paris hounds, Tonight is my last night in Paris...would like to avoid the catering at l’olympia and have a nic...


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by Arago 1 month ago

I'm thinking of going to Taillevent for lunch with Mrs Arago for a special occasion, partly because we haven't eaten ...


Steve commented 1 month ago

Hidden Gems Or Cheap Eats In Paris?

by SDFoodieExtreme 2 years ago

Hi My wife and I are going to Paris for 5 days for our honeymoon. What are some restaurants that are hidden gems (...


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