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'Paris Can Wait' Star Diane Lane Delves into French Fare

You can't leave until you eat every last bite, Chef Maria Sinskey tells the cluster of film and food media at her cooking demonstration and lunch party during the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan...

3 nights in Paris - Louis, Pierre Sang on Gambey, Zebulon

by lisacope 3 months ago

Just got back from our trip to Paris - this was a three night tack on - our daughter is going to school in London so we stopped in Paris after visiting her in London. 1st night was at Zebulon - ...

Paris, how sweet it is!

by TrishUntrapped 18 days ago

This is the companion piece to my First-timer's Trip Report. This one highlights the pastries, chocolates, and sweets we enjoyed, including a cone of chocolate mousse from a charming candy shop. ...


Resaurants near the Paris Soccer stadium

by FoodieW 6 days ago

Want to find a restaurant near the football stadium in Paris where a large family group could get good food.

Bicyclette in the 19th: Astonishing food, prices, clientele and location

John Talbott
by John Talbott 1 month ago

One always hesitates to rave about a place based on one meal but since Heidi Ellison of Paris Update and Emmanuel Rubin of Figaroscope have joined me (https://johntalbottsparis.typepad.com/john_tal...

Coffee in Paris/Whole bean

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 9 days ago

All - My family and I are heading to Paris and I'd like to get suggestions of solid coffee houses to visit. We're staying in the 1st arrondissement but I'm willing to walk a bit and metro if th...

Offal in Paris

by mymuk 17 days ago

It's 9 years since I was last in Paris (I know, I know, but Italy has absorbed virtually all my travelling) and my most enduring food memory from that last trip was some truly excellent tripe and o...

Lunch near the Jardin de Luxembourg

by jacolis 17 days ago

Hello, We are planning to visit the Jardin de Luxembourg with our children this July. We have been to the Pavillon de la Fontaine in the past but it is closed! I have been searching for some ...

Top Female Owned Restaurants in Paris?

by tastebudseattle 1 year ago

I am returning to Paris for a few days, and the friend I'm traveling with is dedicating 2018 to dining at women-owned restaurants, or those with female chefs. Who else would I turn to but you fabul...

Need one splurge dinner - one great value and two casual but excellent lunches

by foodieinct1800 23 days ago

Hi, Heading to Paris next week - staying in the 1st. would love to get a few solid recs for dinner - a splurge and a good value and some solid walk in lunches as we are walking around the city!

First-timer's trip report (long)

by TrishUntrapped 27 days ago

In a word, wow! Thank you to everyone for your tips and advice, it was very helpful. My husband and I spent one amazing week in Paris, staying at the Hotel d'Aubusson in the 6th. I had an extensive...

Paris with a semi-adventurous child

by chels5 29 days ago

Dear Chowhounders, My family will be in Paris for a week in mid-June, followed by a week in Brittany and two final days in Paris before returning to the U.S. I've pored over old posts, read John...

Brasserie Bofinger

Steve R
by Steve R 2 months ago

Anyone else really like this place? Well, after an exhausting day at the Picasso Museum and a walk thru the lower Marais, we wanted an easy place to have dinner. We passed Bofinger on the way bac...

Paris backpackers/student alert: 21 € for 3 courses without liquids

John Talbott
by John Talbott 1 month ago

For years I've thought that we needed a thread devoted to "cheap eats, backpacker, student, etc. dining opportunities" that features food better than one can grab off food trucks, kebab spits and p...

Need a few dinner recommendations

by lisacope 4 months ago

We'll be in Paris just for a few nights at the end of March staying in the 2nd arr. We've been to Paris a couple of times and we are pretty foody - I'd like to stay in the 75-100 euro range - it'd ...

Favorite Wine Bars/Small Plates in Paris

by mitchleeny 3 months ago

Just getting a feel for where Parisians who might want a glass or two of nice wine, along with not necessarily a 4-course meal, but a bunch of small plates to share with another, are headed these d...

Paris: Set lunch Guy Savoy v L'Astrance?

by jkasbklyn 3 months ago

Hi all - We're going to be in Paris beginning of May and are doing one splash-out lunch. We have resys now at both Guy Savoy (Menu Digitale) and L'Astrance (Menu du Déjeuner). Anyone had recent ex...

What I Ate in Paris, Uzes, Gigondas and Avignon

by ccferg 2 months ago

Here’s a report from my recent trip — late March to early April — to France. Thanks to all of you for helping me with some of the choices. I was there for 18 days but I’ll just cover some highlight...

Les Mauvais Garcons

by macdog 2 months ago

Anyone heard of this place in the Marais? A friend who will be in Paris when we are there sent me a link and I’ve never heard of it. Tourist trap or decent food? I’m pushing Au Passage instead for ...

NYT Frugal Traveler - Paris

by grumpyspatient 3 months ago

From today's NYT, it may be behind a paywall. Hopefully its free. We are heading to Paris in the fall so this was of great interest.

Paris - Tasting menus that will accommodate vegetarians

by Bone Thug n Hominy 2 months ago

Hi - My wife and I will be spending a few nights in Paris this summer and we have a bit of a dilemma. We both love tasting menus, but my wife is vegetarian and I am whatever the polar opposite is. ...