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Traveling to the City of Light? Don't miss a single croissant or baguette: Read up on expert Chowhound tips for places to eat, drink, and soak up the very best of French cuisine.

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Vietnamese in Paris

by kaleokahu 6 days ago

I will be in Paris in early September, and am looking for recs for Vietnamese eateries. I'm especially interested in ...

macdog commented 12 hours ago

Comments on my Paris choices?

by rrems 10 months ago

My partner and I will be in Paris in late September and will have at most 4 dinners and 3 lunches in restaurants. I'v...

John Talbott commented 4 days ago

Le Cinq (Paris) - Report

by JohnTalbotWannabe 2 years ago

Long time reader; first time poster. Thank you to all the regular hounders, upon whose reports I often rely. We r...

John Talbott commented 5 days ago

Le Bel Ordinaire in the 10th: innovative dishes and unusual wines (disclosure: by a friend)

by John Talbott 6 days ago

I do my best to not allow personal relationships with chefs, owners and journalists to influence my reviews, but I've...

John Talbott commented 5 days ago

Belhara - still good?

by Betsypaige 15 days ago

I see it's very rarely mentioned here - no more than a couple of times in the last year, one of which was in another ...


VaPaula commented 10 days ago

Lunch restaurant near Gare de Lyon open Sunday

by raz868 2 months ago

Hi, Me and my girlfriend will catch a train on a Sunday in July from Gare de Lyon at 14.07 and would like advice o...


PeterCL commented 11 days ago

Best market for picnic items?

by Betsypaige 16 days ago

I was thinking of the Rue Montorgeuil market, but I'm pretty much open to anything - I would love to pick up a drink,...


Betsypaige commented 15 days ago

Please help narrow down my list

by aud540 2 months ago

We will be staying near Musee d'Orsay for one week. My husband and I are 40, my daughter is 6. My parents are 70's....

John Talbott commented 16 days ago

6 days in Paris - Any help appreciated :)

by cgd1083 20 days ago

Hi there! My boyfriend and I are traveling to Paris next week. We will be there for 6 days and are going to be st...


andieg commented 17 days ago

3 days in June - restaurant advice

by Betsypaige 23 days ago

Hello! I will be in Paris from June 13 through June 22, but will only have through part of Friday June 16 as then I'm...


Betsypaige commented 18 days ago

Fulgurance revisited

by hychka 19 days ago

Newest guests to help us celebrate our 50th wanted a smashing lunch, so we booked Fulgurance, again. Fantastic! Our...

John Talbott commented 18 days ago

Please help finalize my restaurants list

by moshevitz 20 days ago

Hello, We will be travelling to Paris for a week. Would love some feedback and recommendations on where to eat. Here...


KTLA commented 19 days ago

Healthy, interesting, affordable meals around Bastille

by zerodosage 4 months ago

I have an unusual request amongst the more touristy spot recommendations. Not looking for Michelin stars, nor "the be...


zerodosage commented 20 days ago

Help with June Family Paris Itinerary

by Teenytoo 27 days ago

Hi Everyone! I would very much appreciate your advice on our upcoming Paris itinerary. My husband and I will be t...


Teenytoo commented 20 days ago

Paris Restaurant Itinerary Advice. First Visit!

by yell0fello 3 months ago

Hey everyone! We're a couple from San Francisco and will be visiting Paris for the first time in May. We have 7 nig...

PhilD commented 20 days ago

Spices by the gram in Paris

by hychka 2 months ago

Last minute panic here. Should we bring spices on our trip to Paris? My wife has maybe a hundred spices in her drawe...


chicfille commented 21 days ago

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Celebration at Climats was a BIG hit!

by hychka 22 days ago

Yesterday we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in Paris with friends at Les Climats for a superb luncheon and a...

Enjoying Place Monge open air market

by hychka 26 days ago

Several years ago Parnassian alerted me to the picnic possibilities at Arenes de Lutece, a Roman arena in ruins just ...


VaPaula commented 23 days ago

Finding equivalent to NY coffee in Paris

by tinpanalley 4 years ago

Hello all, In NY, Zabar's and Fairway both offered coffee beans in roasts called Italian and French. I'm in Paris an...

tinpanalley commented 23 days ago

Celebratory luncheon at Le Grand Couer

by hychka 24 days ago

Today is 50th anniversary of our wedding rehearsal dinner. I know these dates are usually not celebrated, but...well,...

hychka commented 24 days ago