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Quick Trip to Paris

by badschiraldi 7 hours ago

Hello Paris Hounds, I am writing, as so many do, to get your collective help in making sure that we have a delicio...


badschiraldi commented 1 hour ago

Paris: need advice on Left bank dinner

by damiano 4 days ago

I've been invited to go on a business trip to Paris in early July. Our hosts are at a large French insurer and I've b...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 2 hours ago

Near Musee Rodin

by maya1 2 days ago

I just rented an apartment for ten days in this area. It's small but we have a small kitchen. I still want to eat in ...

John Talbott

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Upcoming Family Trip Itinerary - Updated

by chowdahhead 4 days ago

I posted my initial itinerary a couple weeks ago and really appreciate all of the advice and suggestions. Have made a...


mangeur commented 2 hours ago

Paris for the first time with kids (9 & 4 year old)

by nealsense 7 hours ago

We are visiting Paris for the first time in July for 7 days and would like some help. We are staying near Arc de Trio...


patsully commented 3 hours ago

Maison Blanche Rises Above the Crowd

by sarafinadh 14 days ago

Ok I couldn't resist, and the view at Maison Blanche and the terrace really are wonderful! MB was recommended by a...


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Paris trip plan feedback?

by gabe_h 1 month ago

We're off on a family trip to Paris in the coming days that includes a couple of kids (ten and fifteen) with adventur...

John Talbott

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Back to Paris

by macdog 1 month ago

Back to Paris next month and doing some research on new places near our apartment. Anyone have feedback about CAM on ...


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First Dinner in Paris should be...? Toutain, Sang, Condesa, L'arcane booked

by Torolover 18 days ago

I will be in Paris for 7 days. So far I have booked meals at David Toutain, Pierre Sang, La Condesa, and L'arcane. ...


macdog commented 7 days ago

My favorite place in Paris for this is...

by VegasGourmet 11 days ago

2 years ago, the wonderful Alexander Lobrano penned an article... His favorite spots in Paris for "culinary essential...


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Chez Rene

by sarafinadh 12 days ago

We landed here on a friend's recommendation, who touted it as a solid choice for classic French Bistro fare and she w...


jock commented 9 days ago

Paris dinner Saturday

by veddeshpande 11 days ago

Hello, I would like suggestions for a restaurant for dinner for tonight (sorry for last minute!). Seems like a lot...


veddeshpande commented 9 days ago

Le Clos y vs Pierre Sang?

by Torolover 10 days ago

I want to go to Pierre Sang, but I friend wants to take us to Le Clos Y for lunch. Anyone try both? Which one d...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 9 days ago

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Day trip to Reims / Champagne

by michaeleats 10 days ago

During our Paris trip we are looking to do a day trip to Reims and would love some input on what we should do. Cur...

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Frenchies for Lunch Hits the Spot!

by sarafinadh 11 days ago

We were shopping. For Shoes. And Stuff. Walking down yet another little street when Himself announces he's ready for ...

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Ellsworth is a Mixed Bag

by sarafinadh 12 days ago

We did Ellsworth with a party of three, two of us very small eaters. That was about the right sized party for everyon...

5 Days in Paris - looking to experience new flavors / combinations

by michaeleats 21 days ago

I have spent the last couple days combing through the latest Paris recommendations (which have been amazingly informa...


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Paris Trip Report - The All-We-Did-Was-Eat Edition

by ChimRichalds 3 months ago

First things first, I want to thank everyone that helped answer some of my questions in my previous thread about our ...

Charles Yu

Charles Yu commented 13 days ago

Lunch at L'Astrance, suggestions for same-day dinner strategy

by ChimRichalds 4 months ago

Hello all, first time/long time, First off, a huge thanks to all of you who participate in these discussions. I've...


noisejoke commented 14 days ago

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Kitchen Ter(re) Has Solid Fusion Cuisine

by sarafinadh 14 days ago

This evening called for something easy and lighter. The short walk along the Seine to Kitchen Ter(re) was lovely in t...