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Find out where to eat in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. And share your insider recommendations for restaurants, food shops, and bars.

How One Woman Is Bringing Indian Flavors to American Ice Cream

Throughout Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Chowhound is celebrating some of our favorite chefs, cookbook authors, and entrepreneurs. Here, Pooja Bavishi, the woman behind Malai...

Black-owned Restaurants in the SF Bay Area, Philly, Los Angeles & NYC

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

This evening I've spent a few hours on my social media feeds following the pain and the protests raging across our country. This tweet from Ijeoma Oluo struck a chord, "White people: whatever o...

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Metro N.Y. Farmers Markets open with Covid restrictions...

by gutreactions 13 days ago

We look forward to it every spring/summer/fall as Farmers Markets kick-off with the best their seasonal harvest have to offer. The new normal in 2020 is farmers markets are opening with many corona...

Take-Out & Delivery services right now in metro N.Y...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

During the coronavirus crisis, the restaurant business has now been whittled down to take-out & delivery within prescribed hours in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. While some establishments off...

Where to purchase good quality blue crabs in Brooklyn or long island?

by Bluecrabaddict 11 days ago

Hi, Trying to find good quality blue crabs in Brooklyn or will take a trip to Long Island to pick up fresh/live blue crabs. Please recommend markets. Thank you!

Baldor Foods starts home delivery...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

Baldor Foods, a major Bronx-based wholesale specialty food supplier to the restaurant/hospitality industry in the metro New York area, has announced it will do home delivery for the first time. Min...

Grocery delivery in the NY tri-state...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

What are the best grocery delivery services in the NY metro area right now? You may not want to go to your favorite market at this point as part of 'social distancing'. I know individual markets of...

Flushing, Chinese supermarkets

by MOREKASHA 27 days ago

Anybody have rec's re a Chinese market that's open with parking? Want to stock up on frozen dumplings, hit n run. Easy in and out. Best time/hours etc. Thanks

The NYC Department of Sanitation now has a cooking show

by ratgirlagogo 24 days ago

Somewhat disappointingly the cooks seem to be food media celebs and professional cooks rather than sanitation workers.

soft style frozen dessert at A&S Dept Store Bklyn

by eileen 14 years ago

There used to be a type of soft ice-cream served with a chocolate or strawberry sauce I haven't tasted it since they closed , does anyone remember and is the product still around?

Pete Wells on Restaurants Facing Financial Ruin

by patsully 3 months ago

This does a wonderful job capturing just how quickly everything has changed: "The review I had ready to go was about a below-ground sushi counter with eight seats. Was it going to become a four-se...

Norgaard's Bakery in Astoria

by wincountrygirl 8 years ago

Is there anyone out there who remembers this wonderful bakery in Astoria? I think they must have closed in the 70's. My favorite item was their rainbow cookies. There's are the standard by which ...

Whole Foods requesting shoppers to wear face coverings and May 1 strike

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Amazon announced that it will be providing free masks to customers across the network and will ask them to wear face coverings while shopping. This is for the health and safety of its team members ...

Shake Shack is returning its PPP loan

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

" . . . Shake Shack was fortunate last Friday to be able to access the additional capital we needed to ensure our long term stability through an equity transaction in the public markets. We’re than...

Dinosaur BBQ fills my craving every time...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

I know there are a lot of BBQ players out there now in the N.Y. metro area. But my go-to place has been Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford, CT. It started with my visits to Dinosaur in Harlem, but once they ...

Zakarian hosts Foodathon on Fox 5 tonight at 7...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

Chef/restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian of The Kitchen on the Food Network his hosting a major fundraiser for City Harvest tonight, Friday, April 17th, at 7 p.m. Many top shelf culinary guests are expe...

"Becky's on King's Highway..." (Egg Creams)

by ratatosk 13 years ago

Does Becky's, the egg cream place referred to in Lou Reed's "Egg Cream", still exist? Anyone know anything about it?

Best Bronx Cheap secrets

by FoodExpression 9 years ago

So everyone knows little italy in the Bronx, and they know some of the other ancient 'establishments' in this borough...but what about the unsung heroes that are slaving all day to sling the cheap ...

Mrs. Krause Bakery

by FrankFurter21 2 months ago

Hi! My father always talks about the bakeries in Brooklyn that have now closed, and his favorite was Mrs. Krause. I am looking for any information such as address, pictures, or who owned it. Any...