The 50 Best Apple Orchards & Pumpkin Patches in the Country, According to Yelp

The arrival of fall is not merely marked by the changing of the leaves from green to bright orange, but also by the opening of apple orchards and pumpkin patches all across the country. Pilgrimages...

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Blue Jay Orchards, Bethel, CT

by TrishUntrapped 13 years ago

I went apple picking at Blue Jay Orchards in Bethel, CT, yesterday, knowing full well it was a holiday weekend and unseasonably warm and gorgeous. So as expected, it was mobbed. For the recor...

Apple-picking: Organic Orchards

by deepfry 13 years ago

Hi folks. I'm hoping to go apple-picking and I'd like to find an orchard with organic apples. Anywhere near (ie. within an hour or two) would be great. Thanks for suggestions!

Orchards Fresh Foods- Sausage, Sammy's and Shaved Ice, Whittier/La Habra

by wendy8869 14 years ago

I recently bought a wonderful basil flavored sausage and realized there were no posts on Orchards Fresh Foods on Chowhound and thought it was my duty to mention it- based on all of the tips I've ta...

best apple orchards in or near Rochester, MI?

by IndyGirl 14 years ago

We're looking for great cider and possibly fresh-baked goodies like fritters! Thanks!

Wilklow Orchards (Highland,NY) question

by Betsypaige 13 years ago

Can anyone tell me if Wilklow Farm offers their cider doughnuts during the week? I have sketched out an itinerary for my trip to the Hudson Valley, and it includes going apple picking at Wilklow. H...

Delicious Orchards - Wow - fresh ramps!

by Rocket88 13 years ago

I live about an hour and a half south of this place in Colt's Neck, NJ, so I can't be a regular shopper, but what an amazing market. I was there for the first time last week, and was totally blown...

Orchards in Northern VA?

by takadi 14 years ago

I'm having a hard time finding unpasteurized apple cider around the area. Are there any local orchards or orchard stands that sell raw apple cider, including more alcoholic ones?

Williamstown- How's The Orchards?

by hopegoode 14 years ago

We used to enjoy eating at the hotel. Has anyone tried the bar or regular menu? Any other new places to recommend in town or in North Adams? Thanks, in advance!

Liberty Orchards

by spellweaver16 14 years ago

I just received my first order from Liberty Orchards, the cider sparklers with apple, cherry, and pear flavors. They are fabulous! A gummy candy that's soft and actually velvety in texture and the ...

anyone been to Mom's country Orchards in Yucaipa recently?

by tastycakes 14 years ago

i want to go grab some arkansas black from them since so few places have them left but never tried the ones from that orchard since they don't so a local farmer's market. do they generally have go...

Bolton Orchards and Surrounding Area

by luci 14 years ago

We are going to Bolton Orchards the Friday after Thanksgiving. Coming from West Boylston. Any good eats in the Bolton area? We will stop at the Vineyard / Wineary perhaps.

[msp] Best apple orchards in the twin cities?

by cocopie 14 years ago

It seems like apple picking season is here so I am planning an outing to an orchard with some friends (and children too) Can anyone recommend an orchard which is not too far from the twin cities...

Bishop's Orchards in Guilford

by danieljdwyer 14 years ago

I'm wondering how good the apples are at Bishop's Orchards. I usually go to Beardsley's in Shelton, which I think has fantastic apples. Last season I tried to find somewhere closer to New Haven, bu...

U-pick orchards this week

by sfbecky 14 years ago

Does anyone have suggestions for what is ripe and open on the bay area right now? I feel like making a field trip.

Andy's Orchards, Morgan Hill (Split from Nature's Gift thread)

by teela brown 14 years ago

It's not in Gilroy, but a bit further north is Andy's Orchards in Morgan Hill. The 101 is a proper freeway at this point, so you must exit the freeway at Cochrane and turn east, then right on Miss...

Apple Orchards by Train?

by FranklinTeany 15 years ago

I'm looking to go apple picking one weekend this month, but I don't have a car. Are there any good orchards accessible via mass transit from Manhattan?

Man, the cider donuts at Russell Orchards are so awesome

Chris VR
by Chris VR 15 years ago

Crispy outside, moist inside and warm from the fryer. Pure heaven, washed down with an ice cold glass of unpasteurized cider. This is what fall in New England is all about. Smallish Macs on the ...

breezy hill orchards open again! (apples, cider, etc.)

by bob gaj 15 years ago

according to today's poughkeepsie journal, breezy hill will be open again! they're located in clinton...if you like apples, cider, etc. it's worth going to. saturday will have music and a fest...


by esteban4144 16 years ago

hey...does anyone know a good cider orchard (possibly) organic in the surrounding area....?

Apple Orchards

by Kristina 16 years ago

What and where are some notable Apple Orchards in the area? (I don't know if this is on the right board, but it apples are delicious) TIA