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Pacific Bakery Oceanside

by madonna 9 years ago

Went to the Pacific Bakery website which no longer exists. Wondering if anyone has some info if it is still in business or not? tia

Oceanside Thread part 3 That Boy Good

by chris2269 9 years ago

That Boy Good or TBG is right across from the computer shop I work at so I have visited them a couple times. They do southern BBQ ( I can not confirm they have a smoker I'll have to ask). I do kno...

Oceanside thread part 2 Harney Sushi

by chris2269 9 years ago

So look I know I will get Sh&* for this and yes I have eaten at Kaito and probably 90% of the top sushi restaurants in the states. A number of years ago I had dinner at Harney in Old Town and was l...

Tin Fish Oceanside...and more

by chris2269 9 years ago

First off let me say I'm an O'side local born and raised. Just got a job right down town. let me just say growing up DT O'side was pretty crappy. Now IMO it's really nice and has a lot of room to ...

Food delivery for new mom in Oceanside

by SpunkyGenius 9 years ago

A friend of mine in Oceanside is expecting her first baby any day now. I would like to send her some "real" food for the first few foggy weeks, but I live on the east coast. Any ideas for local p...

Oceanside for lunch on a Saturday

by escondido123 10 years ago

Any place decent for lunch or do we just need to go to a "shack" near the beach? Three very adult and adventuresome women. Thanks.

Visiting Oceanside & San Diego need advice!

by jerry13 10 years ago

going to the Oceanside CA from the Dec. 22 until Jan 1; can anyone suggest memorable restaurants, a place Christmas Day Dinner and New Years eve? we will also be spending some time in the San Diego...

Lunch in Oceanside

by cruisingmickey 10 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for someplace to have lunch in Oceanside, preferably by/at the beach, someplace "reasonably" priced for either seafood and/or burgers. Does anyone have any links to such places,...

Teri Cafe 1 in Oceanside

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

After fighting Friday commute traffic and back-ups from San Clemente south, I had to get off the highway in Oceanside for a breather. Cruised through downtown and made a first stop at Petite Madel...

Dinner suggestions for Oceanside?

by jhommer 10 years ago

I'm headed to Oceanside for a long weekend with my best girlfriends from college. We are looking for one or two good restaurant choices for dinner. We've got an eclectic group - one uber picky eate...

Classic dive bars and Tiki Bars in San Diego/Oceanside

by remo422 11 years ago

I am looking for the classic old school dive bar/surfer bar/tiki bar in the San Diego/Oceanside area. Anybody have suggestions?

Going to the Oceanside area tonight and looking for Thai

by lovesfood11 11 years ago

What is the best Thai in this general area including vista and Oceanside and San Marcos if it's really worth the drive. This is my friends first time having Thai so a really good pad Thai and curry...

Good seafood in Oceanside area

by flaglinda 11 years ago

My friend and I will be staying in Oceanside in Dec and are looking for a great seafood place. We love oysters on the half shell. Also good crab. I wouldn't complain about lobster. I have read her...

Mariscos German Hours & Location(s) (Oceanside)

by Philk2511 12 years ago

Hello! We are visiting family in Oceanside over the weekend and would like to go to Mariscos German. I read different things about locations of the trucks and can't find hours. Could anybody hel...

Possible Bull Taco Oceanside location opening?

by chris2269 12 years ago

Driving down the coast highway, at the south west corner of Coast Highway and Cassidy, I saw one of the little building in the strip of shops painted Black with a large banner on the corner Saying ...

Good Mexican near Balboa Park or the Zoo? Anything in Oceanside?

by ekt_now 12 years ago

I love La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara (especially the rajas) and am looking for something similar in S.D. Also, we are staying in Oceanside - any good Italian/Mexican/vegie food (dairy is fin...

Good beer and football near Oceanside

by Philk2511 12 years ago

Hello Chows! I'm visiting my brother in law over the weekend in Oceanside and we are looking for a great place to watch a game and have some good beer. Good food would be nice, but not too impor...

Annual Family Vacation in SD/Oceanside - Good eats with and without kids?

by attran99 12 years ago

We're coming to Oceanside for our annual family vacation at the in-laws vacation house in Oceanside. We'll be there about five days, and will probably spend a day or two in the SD area. On our li...

Hunter's, Oceanside

by Salty_Loves_Sweet 12 years ago

Can anyone give a reco for this place? I yelped it and come up with varying reviews. Looking for a place to take the parents for their anniversary.

Fish and Chips in Oceanside, Ca.

by BEN92555 12 years ago

Good Morning Foodies!!! One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday or Sunday summer afternoon was to drive down to Malibu, Ca. To Neptune's Net on PCH. Now those of you that are familiar with t...