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French Quarter Saturday Brunch Recommendations?

by danhanshan 12 days ago

Hi, I've been reading through these discussion threads, but I'm not seeing exactly what I'm looking for--please help!...


collardman commented 4 days ago

Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse bar

by honeybrook_99 2 months ago

Do you need a reservation for drinks and dessert? We had dinner there several nights ago and I had a delicious piece ...


harry2005 commented 5 days ago

Didee's Duck recipe

by Mark DiBlasi 15 years ago

As referenced in the thread below, does anyone have the recipe for the duck at the original Didee's in Baton Rouge? ...


rlcole4346 commented 6 days ago

Irene's Cuisine

by scottyd77079 15 days ago

Haven't been in 6 years and remember it being really good. Have a trip coming up in August and don't see any mention...


scottyd77079 commented 15 days ago

Commander's Palace or August

by Monica 3 months ago

One nice dinner needed in New Orleans during Jazz festival. I've always wanted to try August but I see some positive...


collardman commented 20 days ago

Upperline conundrum

by jefpen2 2 months ago

4 days ago I called this restaurant to make a reservation. What follows is an e-mail I sent after getting off the pho...


erica commented 2 months ago

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?

by honeybrook_99 4 months ago

Hi all! We will be returning to NOLA in April for our 3rd visit and we can't wait! We have a week worth of meals to p...


collardman commented 2 months ago

New Orleans Restaurant Review

by alex70 2 months ago

I had my best dinner at patois. I think they make the best gumbo in the city. Also I had chicken stuffed with crawfis...


collardman commented 2 months ago

Trad NOLA food to eat at bar

by susangillfun 2 months ago

Older hippie chowhound staying at Esplanade and N Rampart want places less than 1/2 mile away to reserve for dinners ...


susangillfun commented 2 months ago

Recommendations for person with food allergies

by kbeachy46 2 months ago

My wife is allergic to wheat, mustard, shellfish, nuts, and cloves. Although these foods create an anaphylactic react...


kittyfood commented 2 months ago

New Orleans Old School cajun/creole

by duck001 3 months ago

Looking for an old school cajun/creole restaurant for first time visit for two teenage girls. We are going to be tak...


cajungwailo commented 2 months ago

Crawfish in NOLA

by curtfox 3 months ago

Traveling to New Orleans in a couple weeks. Within a fair distance of the Quarter, where’s my best bet for a craw...


Queequegx commented 3 months ago

Moderate NOLA

by jefpen2 3 months ago

I am going to New Orleans for the first time in about a month. 4 full days of meals so I am trying to settle on a lis...


Blumie commented 3 months ago

New Orleans (Spring Break) with 4 Teenagers

by rubkra 3 months ago

Looking for restaurant ideas for a week long trip to New Orleans with 4 teenage girls (15-17 year olds). Would love ...


ktmtp commented 3 months ago

Mid April visit, first timers, HELP with selections

by johnmart11 3 months ago

Hey Chow community. Heading to New Orleans for the first time. we enjoy food very much and are excited to experience ...


collardman commented 3 months ago

Replacement for Antoine's

by MissLori 4 months ago

I am second-guessing our reservations for Monday dinner in New Orleans at Antoine's, based on some bad reviews I've s...


patt1953 commented 3 months ago

NOLA dining with family?

by dauburn 3 months ago

Traveling to NOLA with kids for first time. Best local Cajun/Creole dining experiences? We're adventurous...


Blumie commented 3 months ago

Etouffee with dirty rice ? [Moved from New Orleans]

by 3MTA3 6 years ago

Would one serve dirty rice with shrimp and chicken Etouffee ? or what would be more appropriate .


Blumie commented 3 months ago

Batch sazerac

by akdad 4 months ago

Looking to do a batch of sazeracs and for cost reasons I would like to use one 750 ml bottle to produce thirty two 1 ...


carlhensler commented 4 months ago