New Orleans

Beignets, crawfish, po' boys, and more! Chowhounds tell us where to eat, drink, and experience the best in local culture down in the Big Easy.

She's New Orleans' Biggest Praline Producer and You Don't Know Her Name

It is without a doubt that Louisiana is one of America’s truest treasures. The creation and influence of jazz and bounce music has influenced American music in some of the most profound ways. The unique...

NOLA: Help for a last-minute Sat night dinner?

by morgiane 5 days ago

Hi there, my husband and I were lucky enough to be able to take a last minute trip to NOLA this weekend! But of course, Sat night being not only Sat night, but also being 4 days away and a holida...

If I could only pick one - Brigtsen's, Upperline, Clancy's or Carrollton Market?

by bucktown 10 days ago

We don't have a ton of time in New Orleans, but my wife and I would like to venture out into the western side of town and go to a nice Sunday supper. We've heard great things about all the above re...

Need some help finishing up my restaurant itinerary

by tatuaje68 7 months ago

I am visiting your wonderful city the first week of December for the first time. My main reason for coming to New Orleans is the food. I've done quite a bit of research and have narrowed down most ...

Saba v.s. Shaya

by saffrongold 1 month ago

Hello Hounds, I have been to Shaya on both my previous trips and that was before Saba opened. Has anyone been to both and can weigh in on which they prefer? I like the flavors, the portions size...

First new orleans Pizza

by MEL 15 years ago

OK, need some help on settling this. What was the first place in New Orleans to serve pizza? My friend says it was a place called Dominoe's ( no relation to the chain) located on St. Charles and Gi...

Crawfish over Easter weekend

by ScoobieSnack 2 months ago

Hello All, My wife and I are coming down to New Orleans over Easter weekend. Any recommendations for a good local Crawfish boil ? Was thinking of Bayou Beer Garden on Saturday but recs from local...

I know it's crawfish season but...

by collardman 2 months ago

I just had the best oysters that I've had in years, at Casmentos. I've had some good to fair at a number of places in town over the last 6 months but these were outstanding in flavor and saltyness....

Restaurant with Large Format Dishes

by dontburnthepig 3 months ago

I am heading back to New Orleans in a few months with a group of 10-15 and am looking for some suggestions of restaurants with good large format dishes for sharing? Cochon sometimes has large forma...

Restaurant Reccomendations 4 days 3 nights in New Orleans

by pudljmpr 3 months ago

Hi All, I will be travelling to New Orleans in mid March with my wife. We are looking for great food, we are not so caught up in the classic NO restaurants if they are not producing great and co...

Where's good food and music on Frenchmen's Street?

by kayreed 4 months ago

I'm looking for a place to take a small group of 7 for an early dinner and jazz. A place where the chef is cooking.....local real food.

Dinner at Zasu

by collardman 4 months ago

The food was good. Back to that later. The interior is quite nice, booths on one side and reasonably spread tables on the other. Table tops are teak which is nice. Expensive but saves on linen c...

Turci's Stuffed Artichokes

by Robert 16 years ago

Does anyone remember or have a recipe for the stuffed artichokes that were served at Turci's Restaurant on Poydras. I ate many of them in the 1950's and 60's. Never had them at the Turci's that ex...

Where is the first place you would return to in New Orleans?

by kayreed 5 months ago

I will be visiting New Orleans with a team of 8 colleagues the last week of January (week before Mardi Gras). We are staying at Hotel Monteleone and will not have car of our own. I like to f...

Mosca's - how to get there - is it worth it?

by JimboG 5 months ago

I am planning a trip to New Orleans next October (Yes...I plan ahead). I would like to go to dinner at Mosca's in Westwego having had a very memorable experience there 30 years ago. I will probably...

Revillion menus are out...

by collardman 6 months ago

December 1 started the Revillion meal month. For the full list see https://holiday.neworleans.com/food-and-drink/ We usually only fit in one or two, but I started early yesterday with the Revil...

Business Dinner in New Orleans

by marik25 6 months ago

Would be interested in hearing opinions on venues suitable for a business dinner in New Orleans. Preference for somewhere near the Hyatt Regency on Loyola, as that’s the location of a conference th...

Birthday Trip to NOLA - Fancy but okay with a toddler?

by thrashingstick 7 months ago

Hi folks, long time lurker, first time poster here. We're heading to New Orleans for my birthday that's right after Christmas. We would like recommendations for a fancy foodie birthday dinner that ...

Two dinners, so many options

by FoodDude2 8 months ago

Alright fellow hounds. My brother and I are heading to New Orleans in December for a little trip and we need some help on our last two meals. We have both been to New Orleans once with our spouse...

This is not your typical which restaurant to eat at post - New Orleans

by girdev 8 months ago

I am coming to visit NOLA with my best friend who is getting married. will be there 11/1/18 to 11/4/18 Kind of like a bachelor party but for two foodies. I am looking for a special food experie...

Need some advice [about jambalaya and other recipes for a crowd]

by mflick81 6 months ago

Thinking of making jambalaya for tailgating sunday. I was going to make it the night before and reheat in a aluminum tray on the grill. Will it reheat ok? Also looking for good recipes enough for a...