New Orleans

Beignets, crawfish, po' boys, and more! Chowhounds tell us where to eat, drink, and experience the best in local culture down in the Big Easy.

She's New Orleans' Biggest Praline Producer and You Don't Know Her Name

It is without a doubt that Louisiana is one of America’s truest treasures. The creation and influence of jazz and bounce music has influenced American music in some of the most profound ways. The unique...

New Orleans 3.0

by saffrongold 3 months ago

Hi, on this trip I have plans to try some new, lauded places and return to a couple of favorites. And I have some blanks to fill. We are staying in Irish Channel/Uptown area and nothing is set in...

Bakery Blahs

by pitap 14 days ago

Anyone have a favourite bakery that has stopped living up to its name? A favourite pastry that just isn't the same anymore?

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NYE in New Orleans - celebration suggestions

by kingmelaniea 21 days ago

Hi everyone - first time poster here! Going to New Orleans for the first time ever with my husband for the week after Christmas which means we’ll be there for New Year’s Eve celebrations. I’d ap...

Trip Report from New Orleans 3.0

by saffrongold 17 days ago

I should have written a follow up while the trip was young, but here goes to the best of my recollection from a visit late September. Dinner at Coquette was our best dining experience of the tr...

Group dinner in NOLA

by sammyo 1 month ago

Looking for a place that could reserve a private room for about a dozen 30 year olds celebrating a bachelor party. Near or in the Quarter would be great.

Best Steakhouses in America

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 2 months ago

I'm working on a literary project of sorts, dealing with the steakhouse in America. Toward that end, I was hoping some of you might nominate the steakhouse you consider the best in the state you kn...

Deep South Road Trip

by delight64 2 months ago

Howdy Hounds I am taking my 18yo son on a road trip of the Deep South ( Austin, Memphis, various smaller cities in Mississippi and ending up in NOLA ) As we are from Melbourne Australia we wo...

New Orleans in January

by jcmods 1 month ago

I haven't been to the NOLA since 2004 and am staying 5 nights (Thursday thru Tuesday morning Jan 7....hence I will be there for the 1st Day of Mardi Gras. Not sure if that is a big deal or not, bu...

New Orleans Itinerary

by BTaylor 1 month ago

Two New Yorkers, visiting New Orleans over the Thanksgiving holiday. I've been several times, but not since 2008. My partner has never been, and will love it. Advice in terms of paring down and foc...


by bill1jan 2 months ago

Anyone been there? Feedback?

BBQ Road Trip

by delight64 2 months ago

Howdy Hounds I am taking my 18yo son on a BBQ road trip of the Deep South ( Austin, Memphis, various smaller cities in Mississippi and ending up in NOLA ) As we are from Melbourne Australia ...

Anything new Uptown?

by 3StarsFoodie 2 months ago

I will be coming to NOLA next weekend and am looking for something new for dinner Saturday night. We like places like Clancy’s, Lillette....

Swedish Tourists Re-Create Simpsons New Orleans Food Montage

by patsully 3 months ago

Last season on The Simpsons, Homer and Lisa went to New Orleans and the episode included a montage of Homer enjoying all of New Orleans' iconic foods. A pair of Swedish women recently re-created...

New Orleans Trip Report September 2019

by slvrspoon1 3 months ago

ok, 3 days with the wife... not too planned. 1. Jacques Imo's - dinner. solid solid meal alligator cheesecake, gulf fish with a sweet glazed sauce, possibly the best corn muffins + sweet pota...

Need some help finishing up my restaurant itinerary

by tatuaje68 1 year ago

I am visiting your wonderful city the first week of December for the first time. My main reason for coming to New Orleans is the food. I've done quite a bit of research and have narrowed down most ...

Mid April visit, first timers, HELP with selections

by johnmart11 1 year ago

Hey Chow community. Heading to New Orleans for the first time. we enjoy food very much and are excited to experience the city. We pretty much eat anything. we are a couple, one non-drinker and no f...

Restaurant Reccomendations 4 days 3 nights in New Orleans

by pudljmpr 10 months ago

Hi All, I will be travelling to New Orleans in mid March with my wife. We are looking for great food, we are not so caught up in the classic NO restaurants if they are not producing great and co...

Music Recommendations

by Jeremy303 6 months ago

I am celebrating my bachelor party in New Orleans from June 20th-23rd and would appreciate input on which jazz bands to see. I was hoping to see the Soul Rebels perform but unfortunately they are o...

Foie Gras Torchon or Terrine

by BLyte 6 months ago

Any recommendations on what restaurants to visit for prepared foie gras other than August, Gautreau's or R'evolution? Also, are there any stores that sell prepared foie gras?

NOLA: Help for a last-minute Sat night dinner?

by morgiane 7 months ago

Hi there, my husband and I were lucky enough to be able to take a last minute trip to NOLA this weekend! But of course, Sat night being not only Sat night, but also being 4 days away and a holida...