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Tony's Negroni @ Zazu... Fundraiser for Mental Health Resources

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

A note from Zazu Kitchen in Sebastopol: "In honor of Anthony Bourdain we would like you to join in his favorite drink...

Campari + Antica Formula + Tequila

by starzzz 10 months ago

I have made the classic Negroni with equal parts of Campari + Antica Formula Vermouth + Tanqueray 10 stirred and pour...


ncyankee101 commented 9 months ago

Pre-mixing Negronis?

by BobB 10 years ago

I've not historically been much of a cocktail drinker, but I discovered the Negroni a while ago and find myself havin...


superluckycat commented 1 year ago

Interesting NY Times article on the Negroni

by finlero 10 years ago I love the idea of using Hendrick's gin and Punt e Mes vermou...


curseofleisure commented 2 years ago

Finding the Right Use for Gran Classico Bitter & Cynar

by patsully 4 years ago

Hi all, long time reader, first time posting. Some suggestions wanted for enjoying Gran Classico Bitter and Cynar. ...


patsully commented 4 years ago

Help fix my Negroni

by jaba 6 years ago

Having discovered the beauty of the Negroni over the last year, I decided to attempt to make one at home. My proport...

Up With Olives

Up With Olives commented 5 years ago

White Negroni

by splatgirl 5 years ago

What are your ideal liquors and proportions? I must admit this Campari fan is a little weirded out by the thread d...


tokyopix commented 5 years ago

In need of a cocktail similar to a Negroni but...

by Breadcrumbs 7 years ago

with something non-alcoholic mixed in and, less bitter to suit a guest who liked a Negroni but for finding it a littl...


Dapuma commented 7 years ago

A Good Negroni -- why so difficult?

by purple bot 9 years ago

A visit to the lobby bar at the new W Hotel, and a few other instances around town got me wondering: why is it so har...

MC Slim JB

MC Slim JB commented 7 years ago

The Negroni

by xpicassox 7 years ago

The Negroni! A cocktail most Americans do not know. To bad! It is so fine. Well not many know except among the more S...


CTeater commented 7 years ago

Negroni construction

by e_bone 8 years ago

One of my winter drinks is a Negroni. I only drink them ~Nov to Feb typically. Those of you that have made these...


hawkeyeui93 commented 7 years ago

Carpano - the new Negroni

by ibraineater 7 years ago

I checked out the new space - the promised renovations were quite gentle. Same room, different paint and a whole new ...


mstacey42 commented 7 years ago

Fall/Winter Cocktail to Replace My Beloved Negroni

by Desidero 7 years ago

I will forever associate the Summer of 2011 with my life-enhancing discovery of the Negroni. Before discovering this...


EvergreenDan commented 7 years ago

beefeater 24 in a negroni

by Dapuma 7 years ago

I had a Bijou for the first time the other day and it was made with beefeater 24 and was terrific i need to pick u...


jaykayen commented 7 years ago

Now in Rome -- bar recs for good Negroni and free snacks

by vvv03 7 years ago

We're in Rome for a couple of days. We love to find nice bars/cafes that make a good Negroni or Americano and serve c...


vvv03 commented 7 years ago

Negroni is changing

by ibraineater 7 years ago

I heard from reliable source that Negroni is going to close for renos and re-emerge as a new place called Carpano wit...


Manybears commented 7 years ago


by Wahooty 9 years ago

Negroni has been alluded to a few times here (mostly by Rabbit), but I figured maybe it deserves a thread all its own...


abigllama commented 8 years ago

Negroni has expanded their menu

by TorontoJo 8 years ago

Just a heads up for Negroni fans out there -- they have just started offering a small selection of pastas and risotto...


mikefly commented 8 years ago

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