Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Grab & Go

Just because you’re caught up in the morning rush doesn’t mean you’re too busy to grab a healthy breakfast. These make-ahead breakfast recipes ensure you’ll be good to go—even if you aren't actually...

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Health Food muffins from the 1970s

by jira 12 years ago

Does anyone remember a commercially produced muffin sold in health food stores around 1972? I thought it was called Barbara's Incredible Fruit and Nut Muffin, but I can't find any references to th...

Original Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins Available in Avon

by pollystyrene 11 years ago

Sorry if this has already been covered, but I did a search and came up empty. Jordan's FURNITURE bought the Enchanted Village from the Boston Jordan Marsh when it closed. They have it set up at ...

What's the secret to light fluffy muffins?

by ddelicious 14 years ago

My muffins always seem to come out very dense. What am I doing wrong? Overmixing? Improperly scooping?

Blueberry muffins?

by laraibcooks 4 years ago

I like to use this recipe when I make blueberry muffins: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/famous-department-store-blueberry-muffins-recipe (I make a half batch) I want to try incorporatin...

What is the shelf life of muffins made with fruit?

by Julie417 4 years ago

I've made muffins with peaches. How long can they stay on shelf before the fruit goes bad?

Need Help with Muffin Texture

by patrickbcox 4 years ago

Hello, I am trying to match the texture of my muffins to the texture of muffins that I have purchased. In general, my muffins have a finer crumb and are a bit more spongy / soft than I would like...

Bran Muffins

by becjust 10 years ago

I would like to find a great Bran Muffin in MSP. Needs to have plump rasins and a caramelized top. Not looking for healthy, want yummy!

Bugs in my muffins?

by alxndria846 4 years ago

A few days ago I baked chocolate chip muffins. This morning I took a bite and felt something with the texture of coconut or pecan although I did not use anything like that in my recipe. I found sev...

Cornbread to Corn Muffins

by TomDel 5 years ago

I have a cornbread recipe that I'd like to use to make corn muffins. The cornbread is made in a 9" sq. Pyrex dish and baked at 425 F for 25 minutes. How should I adjust the temp/time for baking t...

Best way to freeze muffins?

by forzagto 11 years ago

Looking for a way to freeze muffins without having taste stale when I thaw them or from getting freezer burn. I was thinking if there might be good Ziploc freezer bags or containers or anything. ...

Stern's blueberry muffins

by the5thbeatle 13 years ago

Way back in the day, Stern's was a regional department store that sold, in my opinion, the absolute BEST blueberry muffins. It was from a very old recipe that was either on the box, or given away w...

Baking From: Great Coffee Cakes, Sticky Buns, Muffins & More by Carole Walter

by rasputina 8 years ago

Anyone want to join me? I just got this cookbook and there are so many inspiring recipes. I can see myself cooking my way through the book. I know some of the posters on the " What are you Baking" ...

quest for banana nut muffins

by Thi N. 19 years ago

So there's this place in SD called Busy Bee Muffins, in La Jolla, which has the best muffins I've ever had in my life. Now on a quest for muffins in this town. The best? Especially - a good bana...

preparing muffin batter the night before

by baerchen 11 years ago

I just heard that you can prepare "some" types of muffin batter the night before, even portion them already into your muffin tin, store it in the fridge over night, and then bake them in the mornin...

Cinnamon Oil in Cooking?

by youngscrappyhungry 5 years ago

I got some cinnamon oil today. I'm very excited to use it, although I've heard it's very intense (1 drop oil=1 T ground cinnamon? maybe). I'm wondering what you guys would recommend it in. I think ...

Substitute for sugar and butter in baking?

by foodiesjourney 5 years ago

I am totally new to baking and I love muffins and cupcakes, but when I started to make my own by following recipes, I realized how much butter and sugar there are! I've learnt that I can substitute...

Jumbo Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

by z4fox 5 years ago

I want a pumpkin muffin recipe that will bake into large muffin tops. I Goggled this and all the recipes that claimed to be "jumbo" showed pictures that were quite small and pathetic looking.

Freeze or refrigerate dough for "cheeseburger muffins"?

by cperricone 5 years ago

I'm catering my own food for a big party, so I need to prep everything ahead of time. I'm planning to make these "cheeseburger muffins" for the kids (http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/cheeseburg...

Can I bake cupcakes in a muffin tin?

by nooodles 16 years ago

All this talk about cupcakes has prompted a question: do I need to change the recipe at all to bake cupcakes in a muffin tin? Sometimes, a girl just needs something a little bigger than a cupcake!

Need idea for make-ahead brunch treat to serve at room temp.

by curlyspice 6 years ago

Tasked with making a brunch treat (e.g. cinnamon rolls, quick bread, muffins, scones, etc.) but it needs to be something I can prep in advance, and it also has to be something that can be served at...