A Rich Mole Poblano Sauce to Amp Up Your Everyday Chicken

If we’ve learned anything over the past few months of quarantine, it’s that cooking at home has served as the most visceral method of travel. Plane tickets to France have been cashed in for a blueberry...

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Any good mole in LA?

by colewave 17 years ago

I'm new to the westside, and I'm looking to get some good mole. Any great mole will do, but I prefer the brown/chocolate style. Does anyone have suggestions? So far, the only place I've found w...

any good prepared mole for purchase (online/store)?

by miranda 17 years ago

Love mole but don't have the time to make it. Is there anywhere to buy prepared mole (online)? Have you tried it, any specific brands better? Thanks.

Mole in Houston

by Leo in B.R. 17 years ago

Leo's coming to H-town next week and is craving some good mole. Interested in any suggestions out there! Thanks in advance.

Who has a great vegetarian mole recipe?

by kimchee 17 years ago

No chicken broth please. Just craving some and finally willing to try to make my own. Thanks.

Good Mole Anywhere?

by Jennifer Stimson 17 years ago

Has anyone ever had any? I make my own, so often eating it at a restaurant is not at all as good. Thanks!

seafood and mole

by igj 17 years ago

Last night, I went to Monte Alban (on Santa Monica, in W. LA). Since I don't eat meat or poultry, I had only one listed option to get mole: Mole Negro con Salmon. The mole was predictably complex -...

mole from the molina

by Matthew 17 years ago

Im craving mole, mole poblano, mole rojo and so on. Thus, I am wondering if anyone has sourced a molina where you can pick up freshly prepared mole to cook with in San Francisco....


by bitter greg 18 years ago

Any good "homemade" mole, outside of the Bayless empire? I include Geno's places in the B.E., I'm looking for rustic.

Mole De Olla at Los Alambres

by Seth Zurer 18 years ago

Another data point on Los Alambres, the restaurant that opened about 6 months on California just at Wellington, in the space that used to be Taquitos de Morelos. We were there last night after s...

Mole Verde - a mexican condiment ???

by Dogboy 18 years ago

I bought a jar of Dona Maria Mole Verde at Chavez Market in RWC. It is a VERY thick paste with the primary ingredient being pumpkin seeds. It comes in an tall 8.5 oz jar with a 1/2 layer of oil on ...

Veggie mole on the Westside?

by igj 18 years ago

Love mole. Alas, don't eat chicken, beef or pork. Anywhere I can go for some mole dishes for vegetarians -- or a fish mole? Thanks

Mole Bean Burritos in the West Village?

by stu 18 years ago

I really enjoy the mole dishes at a place called Bean in Williamsburg. I wanted to know if there was a spot in the West Village that was similar or better than Bean. Thanks.

Seeking good mole, with the hyphen...

by Catha Arnold 18 years ago

Anybody have recommendations for Mexico City-style mole? In the city and CTA-accessible is preferable. Also, I'm just as interested in lower-price establishments as upscale. Thanks!

Ole, Pozole, Mole

by joypirate 18 years ago

A friend has moved to Inman Square so now we’ve got a fine excuse to check out all the restaurant’s in that direction we’ve been neglecting. We foolishly bothered making reservations for Monday nig...

Guelaguetza Mole

by Marty L. 18 years ago

DC Hound who finally today was able to experience the glory that is Gueleguetza mole. Of course, I purchased both the mole negro and the mole rojo to take home. The friendly person at the registe...

Guelaguetza's- Which one has the killer Mole?

by Pamplemoose 18 years ago

I'd like to take out of town friends to get some great Mexican Mole and i've heard that Guelaguetza is the place to go but now that I look it up I notice there are two Guelaguetza's. One on Palms a...

Whole Mole salsa bar

by Carey Tyler Schug 18 years ago

Does anybody else remember (and miss) the Whole Mole restaurant on Algonquin between Golf and Route 53? Besides a few staple Mexican dishes, you could buy a tray of regular or light chips and visi...

Best Mole Sauce

by stu 18 years ago

Looking to purchase just the sauce for cooking at home and also eat at restaurant below 14th street or east midtown. thanks.

Mole Paste in Brooklyn?

by Pru 18 years ago

Does anybody know of a place to purchase mole paste in Brooklyn? Any pointers would be appreciated.

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