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Hummus, pita, shawarma, falafel: Middle Eastern food has much to offer, and 'hounds have strong opinions on where to find the best. Get restaurant recommendations, ingredient advice, and discussion about Middle Eastern cookbooks and recipes.

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Almadinah Market, [ed: Mohegan Lake]

by vinouspleasure 1 month ago

small take out middle eastern with a couple of seats around a window counter, tried the falafel, good not great, lack...


vinouspleasure commented 2 days ago

Pomegranate Molasses

by Soupy1 15 days ago

Where can I buy pomegranate molasses either in downtown Toronto or somewhere along the Danforth subway line? It's so ...


Soupy1 commented 14 days ago

Good place for Easter Dinner in Toronto

by KitchenVoodoo 16 days ago

Looking for a place that does really good slow cooked lamb and great lemon and oregano roast potatoes. Old school is ...

prima commented 14 days ago

Manousheh, rocks Bleecker St.

by Motosport 19 days ago

We decided to try the new Middle Eastern place on Bleecker St for Lunch yesterday. It was nothing short of amazing! ...

Ttrockwood commented 18 days ago

Israeli-style shawarma in PGH?

by alaskanjackal 1 year ago

I crave shawarma, and if I were banished to a deserted island and told I could only eat one specific thing for the re...


alaskanjackal commented 20 days ago

Armenian/middle-eastern restaurant on Greenwich and 7th

by Vijay Prakash Mathur 13 years ago

Many moons ago (25 years or so) I ate at a restaurnt in this area which had wonderful food. A dish called Pitinjin Ya...


shihtzumom commented 24 days ago

What is this dish at Tanoreen?

by Blumie 2 months ago

I was looking at the Tanoreen website tonight, plotting a visit. This photo caught my attention. Can anyone tell me...


Blumie commented 1 month ago

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Al Ha'esh in Rockville - Report

by Steve 2 months ago

This new place my very well be the area's only Israeli restaurant, my only frame of reference being Etzel Itzik in Mi...

Great find in Selden

by emarcus 2 months ago

Hounds, I think you'll enjoy this review:

coll commented 2 months ago


by radiopolitic 3 years ago

This won't be a full review as I had already eaten dinner somewhere else but I ended up here a few days ago both curi...


MattHooper commented 2 months ago

Eating the Ban

by slyc 2 months ago

I've come across a couple lists of places to "eat the ban", i.e., restaurants serving cuisine from the seven Muslim b...


tre2012 commented 2 months ago

Palestinian Kanafeh near Philadelphia

by dscottB 2 months ago

Does anyone know of a restaurant or a bakery that sells this in or around Philly

cwdonald commented 2 months ago

International Market & Deli | New Monterey

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Sunday I had a late lunch at International Market & Deli in New Monterey. My first visit even though this market has ...

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

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Pita Hub, San Bruno

by Ruth Lafler 2 months ago

I picked up a friend at SFO who stated that she was starving (hadn't brought food for a 5-hour flight over dinner tim...

January 2013 COTM: JERUSALEM -- Stuffed; Meat; Fish

by blue room 4 years ago

Please report on these recipes here: Stuffed 150 - 171 Meat 172 - 213 Fish 214 - 239 The Chowhound Team ha...

greedygirl commented 2 months ago

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AJ's Chevron Market, Natural Foods & Car Wash in Soquel

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

This summer I had a chance to grab a bite twice at AJ's Mart in Soquel. Located in the Chevron station and car wash, ...

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