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This Clever Miami Ice Cream Shop Celebrates Cuba with Every Sweet Bite

When one thinks of Miami, Cuban food springs to mind, but what about Cuban ice cream? Head to Calle Ocho, the main thoroughfare of the Cuban neighborhood, Little Havana, and you’ll find Azucar Ice Cream...

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real chowhound spots in miami

by steve 18 years ago

It seems like much of the talk in this florida site centers around expensive or commercially well known spots. Where are the lesser known, authentic, neighborhood mom and pop type ethnic eateries o...

Ham & Eggery: God's gift to N. Miami Beach

by Dr.Mark Jones 18 years ago

As an artist, I was immediately struck by the surroundings: A sort of time warp of art history with a rock & roll edge. Could it be Hard Rock Cafe's long lost evil twin? No. It's too avant-garde...

Miami Seafood

by Vital Information 18 years ago

A few weeks ago, I wrote a very incomplete post on Miami/Cuban seafood, especially Miami River seafood. Well, in the process of communicating with a potential Miami visitor, I got a bit more info....

Miami Beach

by Stanley Wolk 19 years ago

My wife and I will be going to th Miami Beach area in Feb. We would like to find a good Sushi bar, steak house and seafood restuarants in the Miami Beach- Miami area.We have enjoyed Monte's ? rawba...

Back from Miami-thanks for suggestions

by AndyK 18 years ago

Back in NYC from a few days in Miami and thought I would report on my food experiences. My family had two great dinners, Wish and Norman's. I liked Wish better. The setting was beautiful. N...

New Yorker has one night in Miami

by AndyK 18 years ago

I am coming to miami for a wedding around New Years and have one night free. Any suggestions for where to eat with my family (4 of us). We would like suggestions for both more high-class/trendy p...

British food in Miami area..

by David B. 18 years ago

Hello, Im looking for Typical British Food in the miami area..any where south of fort lauderdale..im looking Especially for Kidney pie....i was told of one in Dania Beach but wife wouldnt dare driv...

Restaurant in Abbey Hotel, Miami

by Kitty 18 years ago

We're heading to Miami for a week in January for a wedding, and plan to make dinner reservations at a few places. We are considering staying at the Abbey and are wondering if the newly opened resta...

Honey Chicken and Canton Steak at Canton, Coral Gables Miami,FL

by Sweet Willie 18 years ago

Just my opinion from a self proclaimed Chinese food junkie. Just ate at the Coral Gables restaurant Canton, one of four/five others in the Miami area. The highly touted Honey Chicken dish was V...

Divina in Miami: open or closed?

by Stumon 18 years ago

I'm a New York hound taking a trip to Miami in December, staying in South Beach. I'm also a huge mexican food fan (love moles!) and although I realize Miami isn't know for its mexican (neither is N...

Bostonian in Miami

by 9lives 18 years ago

Spent a few days in South Beach..first lunch at Joe's Stone Crab..always good..great meal at China Grill..had a Szechuan Steak that was very similar to the dish at Wolfgang Puck's Chinois on Main.....

Miami report(long)

by iron frank 18 years ago

Thanks for all of the tips. This trip to Miami was the best one yet. Even though I was in a constant struggle with painful indigestion I survived to tell of many a fine meal. Breakfasts: Green ...

Brazilian BBQ in Miami Area

by Jerry Bank 21 years ago

This seems to combine my previous two queries. Having struck out on Brazilian BBQ in Philadelphia and finding that I will be in the Miami Beach in February, I wonder if Brazilian BBQ can be fou...

Miami area dining

by Jerry Bank 21 years ago

I will be visiting the Miami area in February and would welcome dining suggestions. In particular, anything that is different from what I mind find here in New Jersey would be good. Any sort ...

Hallandale / North Miami Beach

by Jeremy Brown 18 years ago

I am a regular European traveller to North Miami Beach & Hallandale, Florida. I am getting tired of having to drive to Lauderdale or to South Beach to locate enjoyable and tasty dining. Can anyone ...

some (economical) miami faves for jen and denise

by sweetguy 18 years ago

i'm new to this message board stuff so bear with (new "threads" and such might as well be greek to me). speaking of greek--great value and great gyro at mykonos in the roads where coral way turns t...

Miami, FL near airport, Juan Cafeteria

by Sweet Willie 18 years ago

Juan Cafeteria, 5749 N.W. 7 Street, Miami, FL (305) 265.7595 Hours: 5:30am-9pm 7 days a week. On my way to the airport, I was in need of a cuban meal fix, seeing as I am in the north and good Cu...

miami dim sum

by David Bellas 18 years ago

hello, anyone out there know of a good dim sum place in the miami area? your help would be much appreciated.....thanks in advance...David

Menudo in miami..

by David Bellas 18 years ago

Hello, Anyone know where i can get good ole authentic mexican menudo in the miami area? im from dallas texas and had it often there...really missing that sunday morning hangover remedy. Thanx in ad...

miami wine tasting

by Marie 18 years ago

Hi, anyone know where i may find a place that has wine tours and tastings in the miami area. thanx for your help

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