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(PHX) Mesa Arts Center dinner

by andrewkfromaz 14 years ago

Looking for pretty much any restaurants worth trying out before going to a play at Mesa Arts Center (I still haven't been there yet). Any suggestions? We're pretty flexible on price and food type...

Late-Night Coffeehouses in Tempe/Mesa & Tucson

by sigerson57 14 years ago

Howdy, all. I'm a Midwestern hound visiting Arizona and seeking a coffeehouse in each city open until at least 11 pm, with wireless Internet. Coffee quality is not a big issue since I'm more of a t...

Mesa, AZ Fresh Produce Market

by Sherri 15 years ago

There's always a lot of lip service paid to "seasonal and local" produce but it is unrealistic in many parts of the country now, January, to expect much in the way of "seasonal or local". Arizona ...

R&B Ribhouse in Mesa, AZ

by alwayshungry 16 years ago

A great bbq place has left its Main Street store and moved to a new location but I have no idea where. Anyone have a clue where the new R&B Ribhouse is? Thanks.

Tum Nak Thai in Mesa

by Doug in Mesa 14 years ago

I like this place more every time we go. We don't miss Thai Hut's absence quite so much these days. Today we had their delicious fresh rolls and tried something off of the "special menu." I thi...

Bak'd - Mesa, AZ

Billy Bob
by Billy Bob 14 years ago

Hounds, Run, don't walk to try this very unique dining experience in Mesa. I chose the words dining experience on purpose, because it was not only the excellent food that my family kept rav...

Mesa AZ

by Tripper 14 years ago

I'll be in Mesa AZ for a week in December. Seeking casual restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moderate price range...interested in anything good...mexican, thai, middle eastern, pizza, b...

Giant Hamburger (Mesa) and El Taco de Chandler

by Bazel 14 years ago

Has anyone been to either of these places? Giant Hamburger is at Lindsay and Broadway and has been in business a long time. Happeneded to drive by recently and really wondered what people thoug...

Atomic 29 - Gilbert/Mesa

Billy Bob
by Billy Bob 14 years ago

Julie and I went and checked out Atomic 29 Grill located on the Northwest Corner of Gilbert and Baseline. It is located in the old Seafood restaraunt building. They have only been open for a week o...

Mesa Breakfast

by ajs228 15 years ago

Some friends and I are going to a concert at Mesa Amphitheatre on Saturday night (St. Patty's) and we got a couple hotel rooms to avoid the hassle and danger of driving back to North Phoenix after ...

Pho Mesa

by rdhargro 14 years ago

I am wondering why this place is not getting any love on this board? Is it that many people have not been there? The prices are excelennt the food is too die for. My wife who does not like viet foo...

Steakhouse scheduled to open in E. Mesa

by scorpioscuba 14 years ago

Anyone heard or seen anything about a new restaurant, "EJ's" opening in East Mesa? It's located on McKellips just east of Higley on the south side of the road in a brand new small strip mall that i...

Mesa: Palee's Crown grand opening

by starlightjulian 14 years ago

Hello all! Wanted to go to Wild Fish last night, but was swayed to try Palee's Crown (Alma School/Baseline) as it was grand opening weekend. I ordered the Tom kha soup and two entrees- green cu...

Mesa, Ariz. mini-review: Salvadoreno place

by anakalia 14 years ago

Salvadoreno Restaurante 303 E Southern Ave (east of Mesa Dr.) Mesa, AZ 85210 (480) 964-5577 My friend found this little restaurant in a strip mall and we gave it a try today at lunchtime. I...

Brunellos Italian/Mesa AZ

by tattud_gurl 15 years ago

So I've wanted to try this place for a long time. Talked hubby and friends into going there last night. What a mistake. I was displeased with the service and the food. To start off, our wai...

First Month in Mesa, AZ - Restaurant Summary

by Jennifer 16 years ago

My husband and I moved to Mesa a month ago, and most of our kitchen stuff hasn't been delivered yet... or at least, that's our excuse for eating out many nights. We've tried several restaurants in...

Restaurants in Mesa & Gilbert, Arizona for 3 weeks

by Yuko from SF 15 years ago

Will be staying in Mesa and working in Gilbert for 3 weeks. I would like some recommendations on good restaurants. I like any types of food, and in particular, Asian. Thanks!!

Mesa: New owners at Thai Hut

by starlightjulian 14 years ago

Hello everyone! Hope summer is treating you well :) Just wanted to forward some info I received yesterday. The owners of Thai Hut has sold their business, and a new owner is now in place. I b...

Taqueria Cajema, Mesa AZ

by cowateni 14 years ago

I was moving this weekend, and starving. I needed Mexican, and somehow ended up driving all the way down Mesa Drive, to University. (I was looking for Rosa's Grill, which was right there, but close...

Saute - Mesa, AZ

Billy Bob
by Billy Bob 14 years ago

Julie and I decided to try this new restaraunt, that is located in the Dana Park shopping center on the Northwest corner of Val Vista and Baseline. We had a bit of apprehension when the place was v...