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Meat Thermometer Question

Tom P
by Tom P 14 years ago

Stupid question probably, but I have never before used one: I am doing a rack of veal on Christmas and don't want to mess it up, so I am using a meat thermometer for the first time. Do you ...

Is there such a thing as a reliable, accurate "point & shoot" meat thermometer?

by Sherri 14 years ago

My DIL has asked for a "point & shoot" meat thermometer for Christmas. I use an instant read and have never heard of such a thing. She thinks that one simply aims this thermometer at the roast an...

Meat Thermometers

by LPM 14 years ago

Can anyone recommend a reliable, reasonably-priced one? The cheapies at Target just aren't cutting it. Thanks. LPM

Meat Thermometers---Need Help

by HAF 14 years ago

I have one of those meat therms. with a rod (maybe 5 in.?) that you stick into the meat, and then connect the rod with a wire to a device that sits on the counter and gives you the current meat tem...

Meat thermometer -- over the foil or under the foil?

by Pondering 14 years ago

I'm baking a ham for the first time ever, but I'm confused as to how to situate the meat thermometer. The ham is covered with a loose tent of foil. Should the meat thermometer be placed undernea...

The use of a meat thermometer?

by mikiesmom 15 years ago

Why is there (it seems all of a sudden) the necessity to use a meat thermometer? Growing up, my mom or any of the women in the family used it. I grew up learning how to cook and I am always know wh...

Where do you put the Meat Thermometer?

by angelo04 15 years ago

Where is the best place to put the Meat Thermometer in a chicken or turkey? Is it ok to touch the bone or not? Truss the bird or not? I've heard so many conflicting answers.

Meat Thermometer vs. Probe Thermometer

by ozzygee 15 years ago

I need a good thermometer for cooking roasts (especially with the holidays coming up) and I am torn between getting a meat thermometer (one that you leave in the roast) and a probe thermometer. ...

Word to the wise re meat thermometers:

by MuppetGrrl 15 years ago

On digital thermometers, make sure you don't accidentally hit the Celsius button. Otherwise you'll be left wondering why the chicken breast is only 99 degrees after 30 minutes' worth of braising......

Meat Thermometer

by High Maintenance 15 years ago

Need to find a good one. I bought one at Williams Sonoma, and it sucks. Doesn't need to be digital, it just needs to work in an Oven (Oven Proof). I checked Sur La Table, but I thought I would c...

Meat thermometer

by Dave 16 years ago

Help.. can any one reccomend a good instant read meat thermometer? I almost ruined 10 lbs of tenderloin on Christmas day. Luckily I relied on my instincts instead of a cheap thermometer

Any Decent Meat Thermometers?

by Pressingham 16 years ago

Over the past decade I've ruined at least a dozen "instant read" digital thermometers and analog-dial types as some kind of Thanksgiving tradition. I have yet to find one that doesn't have wood or ...

Decent Meat Thermometer

by Kirk 16 years ago

For the poster seeking a decent, accurate and inexpensive meat thermometer: This one, which formerly carried a Taylor nameplate, is an excellent one for <$20. If your oven has a metal exterior, i...

Meat Thermometers

by Bobfrmia 17 years ago

I know this has been kicked around in the past, but a search didn't help me. It's time to quit relying on the old probe with a dial on the end. I need an instant read thermometer. I remember readin...

Best meat thermometer for the outdoor grill.

by Hershey Bomar 18 years ago

My father and I grilled a couple of capons for Thanksgiving. For whatever reason the drumstick never felt loose and we overcooked em. Good thing we brined em first, or they would have been inedible...

Meat Thermometer with Pager?

by Pappy 19 years ago

William Sonoma has a new thermometer for sale. If I'm reading it correctly, you insert the probe before cooking, and a thin cord runs out of the oven and connects to a read-out that sits on the co...

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