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Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. And Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, and share your own!

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So, what was your best restaurant meal of 2018?

by damiano 21 days ago

As the year draws to a close, my mind wanders off to some of my best restaurant experiences in 2018. What was you...


mbfant commented 3 hours ago

Reservations for Eleven Madison Park

by The Chowhound Team 1 year ago

Hello there, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging Eleven Madison Park reservations, we have created thi...


angelic387 commented 7 hours ago


by kiddushfresser 1 month ago

Anyone know where I can get real kosher Charcuterie? I’m not talking about sausages, I want pancetta and bresola


follick commented 14 hours ago

Where to feast during Lunar New Year: Year of the Pig?

by gutreactions 22 hours ago

The Chinese Lunar New Year begins on February 5th. Asian restaurants throughout the metro New York area will be offer...

Pinch Chinese is a Go

by Ziggy41 1 year ago

Fantastic meal last night. Elevated Chinese in a comfortable, quirky, fun setting. Jokes all over from the menu to ...


Ttrockwood commented 2 days ago

Quiet Restaurant Theater District

by Noanker 13 days ago

Looking for a quiet restaurant for dinner near the Eugene O'Neill theater, or on the way back to Grand Central Termin...


escaped commented 3 days ago

Roasted Haianese Chicken Rice in NY

by MarilizOn2 17 days ago

I'm looking for a restaurant in NY (city or Long Island) that serves Roasted Haianese Chicken Rice. I've had it at La...


Ttrockwood commented 3 days ago

Travels with The Green Book

by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

" . . . As times changed, so did 'The Green Book.' For sale by subscription and at Esso gas stations, in its heyday i...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 6 days ago

Foodie places, Midtown West

by FritzJMcDonald 17 days ago

I’m going to a conference at the Sheraton on 52nd and 7th. Normally, I’d be happy to take the subway all over the cit...


Ttrockwood commented 6 days ago

NYC Restaurant Week: Jan. 21-Feb. 8. Where to go?

by gutreactions 11 days ago

The winter version of New York City Restaurant Week will be taking place Jan. 21st thru Feb. 8th. Participating resta...


Ttrockwood commented 7 days ago

Messed up and forgot to reserve

by lmacdoug 2 months ago

I’m going to NYC with my mom and 11 yo daughter next week. I checked some dining options earlier but now I can’t get ...


Ttrockwood commented 8 days ago

Vegan hot dog cart?

by plainjane234 11 days ago

Hello Chowhounders! Just wondering if anyone knows of a hot dog cart/food truck selling vegan or vegetarian hot dogs ...


gargupie commented 9 days ago

ISO Hong Fat's Noodles with Gravy

by Velda Mae 12 years ago

If anyone out there remembers Hong Fat's noodles with gravy, can you please advise where to get a good version of tha...


Pinball commented 12 days ago

Lamb neck fillet?

by hamiltonheights 14 days ago

I was planning on making the Ottolenghi hummus with lamb and lemon sauce recipe. But none of the butchers i've called...


sgordon commented 14 days ago

NYC Sunday Brunch

by stuart954 20 days ago

looking to give my potential future daughter in law the true nyc brunch experience


Ttrockwood commented 15 days ago

What's the Deal With Hand-Cut Fries?

by obillo 25 days ago

I should think it doesn't matter how they're cut (or with what) so long as they're fresh, cooked properly according t...


Steve commented 17 days ago

Leonard's Bakery- NYC

by Lisa 18 years ago

I have been on a quest to discover what happened to Leonard's bakery which was located in the East 80's (around 3rd o...


DeniseBassen commented 17 days ago

Need a substitute for Gigi Cafe on Broadway

by kernel 25 days ago

My wife and are frequent patrons of Lincoln Center and we've been going to Gigi Cafe on Broadway for years to purchas...


Ttrockwood commented 21 days ago

NY Times article on "no tipping" movement

by tre2012 29 days ago

Good read: How NYC has struggled with the 'no tipping' model over the last few years. It clarifies why this is such a...


gargupie commented 22 days ago