Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. And Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, and share your own!

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Where can I find Japanese "Umi Budo" (Sea Grapes)?

by tokyotower 3 hours ago

Do you know of any restaurants or grocery stores in NYC that serves/sells Umi Budo (Japanese sea grape seaweed!) It's...

Looking for a Big Anniversary Worthy Restaurant

by sherrib 18 hours ago

Hi All, Hubster and I are looking for a special occasion restaurant to celebrate a big anniversary we have coming ...


sherrib commented 4 hours ago

Eleven Madison, Per se or Bouley?

by crisamatre 9 hours ago

Hello, we are headed to NY on a family trip this summer and my brother turns 40 years old. We want to go to a fancy d...


thegforceny commented 6 hours ago

Old and new at Chelsea Market, Manhattan...

by gutreactions 17 hours ago

There have been a lot of changes at Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan. We did a spring foray on...


Ttrockwood commented 7 hours ago

Only in New York... neighborhood restaurants you would head to first

by kayreed 2 days ago

DH and I will be visiting Manhattan (staying in the Upper West Side) and Brooklyn over Memorial Day weekend. We like ...


MaryKatesMom commented 19 hours ago

Great Omakase at Sushi Noda

by foodwhisperer 2 months ago

The entrance to the building on W 28th St. is covered with building permits. There is no sign saying Noda. It remind...


tokyotower commented 1 day ago

Salads worth a detour in Manhattan

by prima 3 days ago

Which salads would you recommend? I will be based in Midtown, but typically have a few meals as far south as Tribeca,...


sam1 commented 2 days ago

Easter Grain Pie aka Pastiera Dl Grano

by Fritz 7 days ago

our local markets no longer carry canned grano cotto for grain pie. No one bakes any more (sigh). Usually Mariapino...


Fritz commented 3 days ago

Remember Wine and Apples?

by Paul 18 years ago

I'm from out of town and come into NYC about 3 times a year and used to enjoy visiting a place on 57th street called ...


LindaBumbleBee commented 3 days ago


by sam1 7 days ago

i found myself with a table for 2 at frenchette 2 saturday nights ago and figured id share my thoughts here. obviousl...


sam1 commented 3 days ago

Ha Noi House - Intriguing North Vietnamese in East Village

by rrems 9 days ago

Though it has been mentioned on another thread, and I thank Peter Cuce for recommending it, I thought it deserves its...


foodwhisperer commented 3 days ago

Recommendations for thai restaurant in NYC

by Butterfly123 6 months ago

Hello! Please recommend a great thai restaurant in NYC or other boroughs (kids friendly). Thank you!


foodwhisperer commented 4 days ago

Brunch restaurant in NYC

by Butterfly123 8 days ago

Please recommend a great brunch restaurant in NYC. Prefer UWS but could go anywhere in the city. Thank you!


saregama commented 4 days ago


by fuzzles 3 years ago

I have thought about that place for years and years with incredible longing for some of the best meals I ever had. If...


davidbutwin commented 4 days ago

NYC Best Italian according to Gambero Rosso

by erica 15 days ago

I thought this list, from the well-regarded Italian guidebook, was interesting. (Came across it while reading their s...


howdini commented 6 days ago

Frozen Dumplings

by SuzyP 3 months ago

I used to buy bags of 50 frozen dumplings in Queens at Best Northern Dumplings in Flushing. I've moved upstate, and ...


chefdekoven commented 6 days ago

Reservations for Eleven Madison Park

by The Chowhound Team 7 months ago

Hello there, Due to the increase of threads about exchanging Eleven Madison Park reservations, we have created thi...


paddington0 commented 6 days ago

NYC Restaurants that Make the Most of Little Infrastructure

by the mess 13 days ago

Hi New Yorkers! I'm about to pull the trigger on buying a little sandwich shop, which I would ultimately like to t...


Ttrockwood commented 6 days ago