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Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. And Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, and share your own!

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Mature Coconuts in Manhattan?

by doublejnyc 8 hours ago

Where is the best place to SSource fresh mature coconuts in Manhattan? Hopefully along the west side downtown or upt...


MikeG commented 6 hours ago

Thankgiving Dinner Out for 13

by biggerthenjen 1 day ago

Hello all- I know it's early BUT we're starting our hunt for a gem of a restaurant and/or situation in NYC for Tha...

thegforceny commented 10 hours ago

Silver Noodles in NYC Chinatown / Flushing?

by chefdekoven 2 days ago

Hey. There is a type of noodle called "silver noodle" or "thistly noodles". A short rice noodle with a thick center, ...


chefdekoven commented 15 hours ago

Charlie Palmer NYC - the new location

by lisaud 19 hours ago

Is anyone familiar with it? The location and kitchen hours (until midnight on weekends) meet my criteria but great st...

Bad Babbo

by brucewein 5 days ago

Just read NYT review of Babbo from April4. Was not good. Lowered to 2 stars. Have reservation there for special meal....

sgordon commented 19 hours ago

Ethnic dinner tonight--not too pricey

by maurac10 1 day ago

Hi all, Friends who are visiting from out of town just called. They're in w. midtown, but willing to go to anothe...

prima commented 1 day ago

Best roast duck and pork in Chinatown

by Monica 3 years ago

I have been craving Chinese style duck for awhile and thinking about going down to Chinatown during lunch hours. One...


chefdekoven commented 1 day ago

What's the latest thinking on Manhattan Steakhouses?

by lisaud 26 days ago

I searched before posting this question but there's actually not much in discussions on this topic that's even relati...


r32nissan commented 2 days ago

Salad In Chelsea

by brucewein 3 days ago

For a Sunday lunch--our original choices not open for Sunday lunch

Ttrockwood commented 2 days ago

Ichimura Open

by foodwhisperer 3 months ago

Ichimura is officially open. The room is simple, good lighting, 10 seat sushi bar, the bar is made of Brazilian quart...


Blumie commented 3 days ago

Saturday Breakfast/Brunch at Houston/Essex

by estufarian 6 days ago

I have an all-day appointment starting at 11:00am on Saturday that will involve a significant amount of alcohol consu...

howdini commented 4 days ago

Aska / Ko / Brooklyn Fare

by Jess145 5 days ago

Milestone birthday coming up, and I'm trying to find a new experience. We're a couple of tasting menu vets (EMP, Per...


foodwhisperer commented 5 days ago

EVOO for Home Use

by howdini 28 days ago

After reading a bunch of articles about all of the fraud that happens with imported EVOO, I've become a little parano...

Steve R commented 5 days ago

SF Chowhound visits Manhattan

by dkanter 8 days ago

Hi fellow hounds! I'm planning a week-long trip to NYC early next month, staying in Manhattan. I'm coming from SF ...

Ttrockwood commented 5 days ago

Hot and Sour Soup in the Village

by Tom Steele 8 days ago

Ever since Charlie Mom closed some years ago, I've been unable to find Hot and Sour Soup that compares with theirs, w...

Steve R commented 6 days ago

Eggslut: does it live up to the hype and long wait?

by nycguy20011 21 days ago

Eggslut just opened in Soho 2 days ago and they sold out within the first two hours of opening. For those of you who'...


nycguy20011 commented 8 days ago

West 53rd and 6th

by Fort Point 12 days ago

Staying at Hilton Midtown arriving Sat. evening. Would like to find a restaurant that is an easy walk (one or two bl...


Fort Point commented 9 days ago

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Ikinaristeak standing only

by foodwhisperer 9 days ago

I searched but didn't find a Chowhound review on Ikinaristeak restaurant. ( although I thought I had read some), my s...

La Sirena

by lesmerliv 18 days ago

Has anyone been to La Sirena for dinner? I've read mixed reviews of late. Thoughts?


foodwhisperer commented 10 days ago