Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. And Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, and share your own!

The World's Most Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Cones

Shinya Suzuki/flickr We all clearly scream for ice cream, but it's the cone that doesn't get the shouts of praise it deserves. Whether...

Trip report from the summer - quite long, read at own risk!

by MusicSue1 2 days ago

Hello Chowhound folks – I’m way behind in writing a trip report for my late June/July trip, once school starts things are a whirlwind. But I wanted to write something up because it seems as if eve...

New look, new menu, new chef at Gotham Bar & Grill, Manhattan...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

Venerable Gotham Bar & Grill, the classic New York restaurant operating in Union Square for 35 years, has gone thru big changes. What's the word out there? Victoria Blamey has taken over as executi...

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French Onion Soup

by tbaker4u 4 days ago

Where's the best place to get French Onion Soup in Manhattan? The Stanton Social. Closed:-( Where can I get food like that now in Manhattan? Has Chris Santos resurfaced? Anybody hear of the Vandal?


Decadent Deserts

by tbaker4u 4 days ago

I have a niece visiting who absolutely loves sweeties. So do I. Any suggestions for a extra special sampling of special deserts. Something warm with 3 components. Like cake, ice-cream (or any c...

Best Steakhouses in America

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 9 days ago

I'm working on a literary project of sorts, dealing with the steakhouse in America. Toward that end, I was hoping some of you might nominate the steakhouse you consider the best in the state you kn...

Goldberg's Pizzeria?

by Bonnie Nixon 15 years ago

I just found an old Goldberg's Pizzeria menu, and am wondering if they still exist. They're not at Second and 52nd, haven't been for awhile. Moved? Or gone entirely? Part of something named the J. ...

How to ghost Grubhub and order your restaurant takeout ethically

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

" . . . a recent report revealed that Grubhub, which owns food delivery services like Seamless, Eat24, MenuPages, and AllMenus, has been buying domain names to set up dummy websites that resemble ...

Canal Street Oysters (n = 1)

by Andy T. 10 days ago

A congenial neighborhood spot with plenty of elbow room, giving it a Portland or Seattle feel, especially if you avoid looking north at Canal. Decent oyster selection (New Zealand, mineral, Alaska...

Deluxe Foods or Hong Kong Supermarket

by bxgirl 10 days ago

I need to buy eggroll wrappers (not wonton wrappers) to make homemade vegetarian egg rolls. Would both of these markets have eggroll wrappers? Is one place better price-wise or quality -wise? Tha...

Friday/Saturday Lunch Manhattan & Sunday near LGA

by 3StarsFoodie 15 days ago

I am going to be solo for lunch on a Friday and Saturday at the end of this month. I was thinking of going to an omakase lunch at Sushi Ginza Onodera and am open for suggestions for the other. I h...

La Maison Japonaise chicken flambé

by drdawnsears 11 months ago

Does anyone happen to have the recipe for the chicken flambé dish served at the now defunct New York restaurant La Maison Japonaise from the 80s?!?!?!?! I would be so grateful. I want to make it ...

San Gennaro Mulberry Street

by chronosynclastic 1 month ago

It's still here. The smoke, the tourists, the con games, the stupid Instagram people. But the most recent posts searched here are a decade old. I'm in the neighborhood and shop all the time at All...

Pumpkin Donuts

by vanessanyc 17 days ago

Any suggestions for the best homemade pumpkin donuts in Manhattan?

Jojo or Nougatine?

by gnosh 20 days ago

My brother is coming into town next week and we are trying to decide which of these restaurants to go to. We have fond memories of JoJo from the 90s and earlier 2000s. He is a big Vongetrichten fan...

Best shopping for Jewish New Year?

by gutreactions 27 days ago

It's time for Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 29th, the Jewish New Year, ending with Yom Kippur! Where do you find the best foods for the celebration and breaking the fast in the metro area? Been hearing abou...

Dim sum in Nyc

by adi 25 days ago

Hi looking for recommendations for dim sum brunch. Have read about Hop Sing, golden unicorn, dim sum gogo. Leaning toward Hop Sing for vibe but open to suggestions in Manhattan.TIA

Shun (n = 1)

by Andy T. 17 days ago

Throwback heaven, the embodiment of beauty combined with technical perfection. I'm sure Tejal Rao would find it "yawny" and "dull", but I'll steal some of her other adjectives to describe Alain Ve...

2019 Tripe Dishes

by borisabrams 3 months ago

I am pretty obsessed with tripe in all its forms but I have not been too lucky lately with where I get my tripe. The best has been Raku in the East Village, the tripe at Via Carota wasnt half bad e...

Oktoberfest: Where and what to enjoy?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

The fall is here, and along with it comes Oktoberfest! I enjoy indulging in some of the traditional hearty fare. What are your favorite spots for Oktoberfest food and beer? If you cook at home, whe...

Hudson and Broome

by highlyunlikely 1 month ago

We are heading to NYC from Toronto next weekend and staying near Hudson and Broome. Any recommendations for the best flat white and/or breakfast spots near our hotel?