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Coastal Malibu dining

by carol 18 years ago

Has anybody eaten at Geoffrey's in Malibu lately? I'm meeting friends from out of town and I would like to offer them a memorable lunch on Saturday. Any other suggestions for the area?

Fish market in west SFValley/Malibu/TO?

by fishskin 18 years ago

New to Agoura Hills...Any recommendations for fresh, fresh fish around here? Do any of the "fish markets" in Malibu or along the PCH actually sell fish, or are they all restaurants? Would like to...

Moonshadows in Malibu

by decodream 18 years ago

My wife and I recently re-visited Moonshadows in Malibu after swearing that we would never go back. We had heard a new owner took over, renovated the restaurant and added a new menu. We were glad...

Nobu Malibu

by CC 18 years ago

Went there tonight for dinner - it was such a scene, but the food was nothing special. Kate was there and I think those from weaknees.com were there.

Malibu Seafood v. Reel Inn

by CallmeIshmael 18 years ago

Any thoughts on which one is better to sink a line into for a good seafood lunch?

Geoffrey's in Malibu (long)

by Zoe 18 years ago

Some friends took us for a pre birthday celebration dinner here on Saturday. Arrived just after six (so we could see the sunset over the water) - a few grunts from the other invitees about eating ...

Beau Rivage - Malibu - good food, poor service

by KeikoG 18 years ago

OK, last night our Board dined at Beau Rivage and reported fine food, but extremely poor service. Many items on the menu were unavailable. What they were able to order was excellent, however the ...

santa monica/malibu

by 321 18 years ago

any rec's for taking an our of towner (china)? not chinese food, not too expensive... view?

Recommendations for San Onofre or Malibu

by Jim 18 years ago

I'm heading down to San Onofre the beginning of July for few days of surfing and would like to know if anyone has a good recommendation for Mexican food in the area. Also, any food that should not ...

Geoffrey's in Malibu

by Joan Winston 19 years ago

Has anybody eaten at Geoffrey's lately? We had dinner there years ago and were disappointed, but I've heard it's gotten much better. Anybody???

Moonshine(s) Malibu

by Kiana 19 years ago

I have heard this is a nice, romantic restaurant and thought maybe it would be a good place for a valentine's rendezvous. Anyone who has been there, I would love to hear from you!

Neptune's Net in Malibu

by Schudog 19 years ago

A friend told me this is a great seafood place. While I trust his opinion I want to ask fellow hounds what they think of this place.

lunch on the water in Malibu

by muhlyssa 19 years ago

Any interesting suggestions? Everything I know that's on the water seems so traditional and commericial (Gladstones, Charthouse, Moonshadows, Dukes) or too expensive (Geoffreys). Is the Sand Cast...

The Reel Inn Malibu

by j rubloff 20 years ago

Is The Reel Inn Malibu a good choice for good seafood without the high prices and attitude at Gladstone's? Planning on taking six people to dinner and want a good meal and good fun. Thanks!!

Paradise Cove in Malibu?

by RW 20 years ago

Read that this is one of the few places around LA that has beach access AND serves liqour. Any feedback on what this place is like? Thanks, -RW

Decent seafood lunch AND dinner malibu or santa monica?

by jrubloff 20 years ago

Any suggestions for a fun environment and decent seafood where one can meet for lunch and stay through dinner; around $30 per person or less with atmosphere of ocean if possible? Will be in town...

Malibu Eats

by Barry Strugatz 20 years ago

For upcoming trip I need suggestions for the Malibu area, all genres, all prices. Thanks.

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