Low Alcohol

How to Build a Non-Alcoholic or Low-Alcoholic Bar Cart

Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktails continue to pop up on cocktail menus, but if you're a host or homebody looking to cut the booze down or completely out of your cocktail routine, you'll need to...

Wine with really low Alcohol percent

by MartyB 11 years ago

What are some of the choices for low Alcohol wines. I know of "Kedem Concord Kal" at 3.5%. Any others out there? I wouldn't mind some variety at the seder.

Make-ahead lemon drop shots

by kikster 3 years ago

I need to make a batch of lemon drop shots for a party but won't have time to make them the day of. Anyone have a trusted recipe using fresh lemons that will hold well if made the previous day?

Low Alcohol Cocktails

by ElishaS 4 years ago

I'm looking for some cool, lower alcohol cocktails in the city. Does anyone have a good recommendation?

Low Alcohol IPA?

masha bousha
by masha bousha 7 years ago

I love the robust flavor of an IPA beer but most of them kick my butt (make me wasted, in 3 bottles). Recently I discovered two beers that I'm loving that have the flavor of a nice IPA but I can...

For the Low Alcohol Club - Diatom >15%alc

by wew 9 years ago

The 2010 releases have been announced with (barring misprints) two wines of interest to club members, Miya with 13.5% alc and Hana Shinobu with 12.7% alc.

Shelf Life of low alcohol spirits

by Icantread 11 years ago

I know this has been dealt with several times, but I am curious about a few specific spirits. I know most spirits can keep a long time, vermouths (and lillet, dubonnet?) will keep ideally for a co...

Low alcohol wine

by BigLizard 17 years ago

After reading CheeseEaters question about what to serve instead of wine. It occured to me that some people may be interested in a low alcohol wine alternative. We were at the Bonny Doon Vineyard ne...

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