What's the difference between Braunschweiger and Liverwurst?

by bbqboy 12 years ago

Up until recently, I had always considered them the same. But at Grocery Outlet for the last month, they have had smalll Farmer John's packages of both. Neither seems to be a West Coast favorite, t...

Does anyone remember Oscar Meyer sandwich spread and can you give me a mock recipe?

by suzigirl 9 years ago

I remember this vividly. It was in a plastic tube just like liverwurst/braunschwiger. I am sure it was Oscar Meyer and it was like a bologna salad spread. Anyone have a recipe for me?

Best Liverwusrt in WNY ?

by PoppiYYZ 6 years ago

Recently did a head to head Liverwurst taste test between Sahlen's and Wardynski's on plain unsalted crackers, with and without Wegman's Horseradish Mustard : The Results : Sahlen's - smother t...

Best way to store liverwurst

by fldhkybnva 6 years ago

I have a new fascination with liverwurst and while I've been eating it quite often, as a single-person household it takes me a while to get through a roll. What's the best way to store it?

best website to order braunschweiger/liverwurst (organ meat sausages, etc.) from?

by bloodboy 6 years ago

It is almost impossible to find braunschweiger and liverwurst here in Honolulu. Is there a good website you know of that sells excellent braunschweiger and liverwurst as well as many other types of...

Let's talk about Liverwurst.

by joonjoon 10 years ago

So I've been on a liverwurst kick lately...for me this and head cheese are true underappreciated Chowhound gems of the deli counter. In terms of taste and flavor it pretty much blows the competitio...

Simple Good Things

by mistiven 7 years ago

I have been thinking about really simple good foods lately. Things like English muffins with butter and honey or tomato’s & mozzarella with basil. Things that take almost no effort to make but ar...

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