What Makes Meyer Lemons So Special, Anyway?

Meyer lemons are still in season, so it's high time to buy them while you can—and find out why they're considered so much better than regular lemons in the first place. Some produce is obviously special...

making preserved lemons- why must they be whole? and other queries....

by Shrinkrap 11 years ago

I've been making preserved lemons from my meyer lemons for years, and wonder if there is room to "hack" the recipe. For instance, I have a half lemon I would like to add ( okay, I cut off a moldy...


by lacoet 5 years ago

Hello, I've been wondering if I'm alone in this: I've tried hundreds of different recipes to make lemon curd and I haven't been able to find one where the egg flavor doesn't overpower the lemon ...

Sweet lemons?

by Nyleve 12 years ago

The other day I bought something called "sweet lemons" at my favourite Middle Eastern grocer. They're about the size and colour of regular lemons, but the skin is a bit smoother and maybe not quite...

What's the deal with lemons in water?

by dwkayak 4 years ago

Anyone know anything about the history of this? How long ago did restaurants start doing this? I don't get it and I don't like it. Maybe if I had impure water, like some of that stinky water I use ...

Soft lemons - still good for juice?

by michaeljc70 1 year ago

I have a bunch of lemons that were in the fridge drawer (not sure how long). They are sort of soft if I squeeze them. If this was an orange or another piece of fruit, I'd toss it. I am wondering...

Lemons gotten covered with mold

by Tonto 9 years ago

Every time I buy lemons at the market and bring them home they are covered with mold in a matter of days. Inside or outside the frig. The lemons from my meyer lemon tree never get moldy. Anyone kn...

Lemon marmalade recipe, fruit juice sweetened

by tigerlily16 2 years ago

I’m looking for a recipe similar to Fiordifrutta’s organic lemon spread (marmalade). The only ingredients are lemon peel and juice, apple juice and pectin. Does anyone have a recipe like this that...

Lemon cookie sandwiches

by kobewright79 2 years ago

Here are some lemon cookie sandwiches with homemade lemon curd between them and lightly topped with powdered sugar. These are a huge hit at my house and they’re a lot of fun to make.

How to Tell When Lemons are Ready to Pick

by Buckeye_Local 9 years ago

This is my first time for growning citrus here in Arizoina. My lemons are now turning from green to yellow, how do I know when they are ripe for picking? Is there an easy way to tell?

Can you freeze freshly squeezed lemon juice?

by kemi5 10 years ago

I acquired a grocery-sized paper bag full of lemons from a friend that has multiple trees. Many of them were of the juicy Meyer lemon variety and had become macerated from being crowded in the bag....

The Price of Lemons

chef chicklet
by chef chicklet 13 years ago

Last night I obviously sent my husband to the wrong store to pick up a few lemons. I have a beautiful lemon tree that has and does produce lovely fat lemons. So many I was giving them away, but...

How to use lots of lemons?

by wearybashful 2 years ago

Most lemon recipes call for just a couple of lemons. I have two trees and and I have to do something! I have already put some up in salt, but I'd like something different.

Unwaxed organic lemons in Toronto

by missbliss 2 years ago

Life seems to be handing me organic yet waxed (albeit natural and plant-based coatings). I'd love to know where I can find unwaxed so I don' t have to bother with the extra cleaning & removal steps...

Southern Italy lemon ricotta recipe?

by LanaG 5 years ago

We spent some time in Puglia (Gallipoli) and for some reason I also think I tasted it in northern Italy but perhaps not. We are craving lemon ricott. It's like a light lemon cheesecake. We found it...

Lemon Leaves

by vjtaylor 3 years ago

I got a box of Meyer lemons and a sprig with maybe twenty leaves attached came with it. I've found references to wrapping things in them for grilling, but are there other culinary uses? Like mayb...

Lemon Infused Olive Oil

by janniecooks 3 years ago

Suddenly lemon olive oil has disappeared from store shelves in my area; my sister reports the same happened in her area (1500 miles away). So I'm going to have to make my own. In searching fo...

Lemon Souffle Tartlet- Storage

by dawnsona 3 years ago

I've just made 24 lemon souffle tartlets (similar to this recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/lemon-souffle-tartlets-230668) that I'll be taking into work tomorrow. (They have f...

Using preserved lemons

by Enso 5 years ago

I made a batch of preserved lemons (lemons and salt) a while ago and need to be using them at a faster rate. What ways do you use them? Especially looking for sauce/topping recipes.

One dozen bald lemons, what to do?

by AreBe 10 years ago

Dearest spouse zested one dozen lemons and we are making lemoncello a la Fred Thompson http://www.newsobserver.com/cgi-bin/nao/lifestyles/food_fitness/recipes/show_recipe.cgi?id=3926&template=templ...

Meyer Lemons in Toronto

by torontovore 13 years ago

I keep reading about Meyer Lemons, a delicious cross between lemons and oranges. I'm jealous of bloggers in California who talk about walking down the street and just picking them off overhanging b...