Las Vegas

Las Vegas and its suburbs have some of the top restaurants in the country. Find out where Chowhounds love to eat in between playing slots and drinking cocktails.

How to Plan a Long Weekend in Vegas to See Céline Dion

If you think I didn't plan an entire trip to Vegas for the sole purpose of seeing Céline Dion, then you clearly don't know me well. Hi, my name is Joey Skladany and I'm a stereotypical gay who'll travel...

Paid Food Sport Opportunity for Pepsico Fall Football

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

"This paid opportunity is specifically for pitmasters to show off their barbecue skills! . . . "

Las Vegas Food Trip

by josephml1 25 days ago

Hi, I need your advice about your best place to eat In Las vegas this food choices.. Thank you all: - Steak House could be a hole in the wall. - Best buffet with shrimp and crab legs. - Chinese ...

Best Buffet in Las vegas 2019

by josephml1 21 days ago

Please let me now what is your best buffet in Las vegas and what do you like about it. Thank you for your advice. :)

Best Cioppino in Las Vegas

by Bran808 11 years ago

Hey guys, just checking in if any of you guys have had a memorable Cioppino in Las Vegas? I recently went to Boston and Legal Seafood had a fantastic bowl. I hoping to find another good one in th...

Best Buffet In Las Vegas

by josephml1 11 years ago

Please let me now your opinions and what do you like about it. Thank you for your advice. :)

Cleaver Steakhouse, Las Vegas

by Dagney 29 days ago

I did a search on the Vegas Discussion forum and nothing came up. Has anyone been there? Opinion? We are trying to dine off-strip, or at least off-the-latest-name-brand-overpriced meal.

Las Vegas, 1 diner, 1 night, no limits

by lblau 2 months ago

I've been to e, and l'atelier Joel Robechon. Where to next? I'm thinking Twist or Sage but if anyone has other recommendations I'd love to hear them.

Whither Hiroo Nagahara?

by Dmnkly 8 years ago

Greetings, all! I made the now tragic decision, in January of 2010, to wait on Bar Charlie until I could return to Vegas with my ladylove, whose tastes seemed perfectly suited to his style. O...

Las Vegas trip report

by lbamber 3 months ago

Warning: TL; DR Thanks to all the hounds who have been so kind in helping us figure out where to eat. We are fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple of months in Las Vegas. We are hampe...

Road Trip! Where to eat?? Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, & San Francisco

by tupeloshoney 1 year ago

We are doing a cross country road trip from Alabama and I would like your "DO NOT MISS THIS" food suggestions for ALB, LAS, LAX and SFO. We are also going to the grand canyon, but I think we are v...

Las Vegas restaurants - sushi in particular!

by martinc89 11 months ago

Hi there, Going to Vegas for 3 nights and just starting to look at spots for dinner. What are people's thoughts on Nobu? Are there other places that are much better for sushi? The most recent po...

Your #1 can't miss restaurant in Las Vegas

by kickerconspiracy 1 year ago

Any cuisine. Any price. I've been to Lotus of Siam, Raku, and Edomae on prior visits, and dining at e tomorrow. Hook me up with your best recommendation!

Hobak Las Vegas - for one?

by cloudship 5 months ago

I was looking at Hobak Korean BBQ in Vegas. I will be there for one day this weekend, and this looked interesting. But, is it really doable for a solo diner?

Bachelorette - Nice, affordable restaurants in Vegas for a group of 7 that offers a fun experience

by emaliesmith03 5 months ago

I am planning my best friend's bachelorette party in Vegas for 7 girls, and I want to do one nice dinner where everyone can get all fancy and dressed up. I have been pushing for Tao, because that's...

Quick Las Vegas Thoughts

by Dave Feldman 6 months ago

Am in the midst of a trip to Las Vegas, which is less foodcentric than most of my LV visits. Still, a few highlights so far: Lamaii, the newest offering from Bank Atchawaran, is every bit as wo...

Joel Rubuchon in Vegas

by ksackste 10 months ago

My husband and I will be visiting Vegas in January, and I was considering a dinner at Joel Rubuchon. I am allergic to seafood, and in looking at the menu online (I'm not sure if it's just a sample ...

Proportions for Cool Hand Cuke Mocktail?

by hippopotame 10 months ago

We have guests requesting copycat 'Cool Hand Cuke' mocktail from The Henry in Vegas. The menu lists ingredients as Dry (brand) cucumber soda, ginger-lemongrass syrup, and lime. I have all of these ...


by jefpen2 10 months ago

Where are some interesting places on the strip or downtown that are being really creative with this?

50th Birthday Dinner - Group of 12 on or near strip?

by busterfood 11 months ago

A group of us are heading to Las Vegas for my husband's 50th birthday. We are looking for good food and fun. Group can be somewhat loud (not obnoxious but loud). No food preference and no $$ restri...