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Joseph Rodgers knives

by Nyleve 5 years ago

Found a bunch of nice knives this morning at a church sale. They're not old, but look nicely made, if a bit lightweight. Anyone know anything about this maker?

Masamoto VG question

by dannynyc 9 years ago

For the knife nuts out there: I recently bought a Masamoto VG gyuto from the Korin store in New York. Since buying it, I have discovered from forums on knifeforums.com something that many of you...

Best inexpensive but decent knives for sharing at cottage (must be avail in Grter Vancouver)

by Georgia Strait 5 years ago

hello - I have my own nice knives at cottage - that I found recently were being used in a way that makes me cringe - so I will lock my own knives away just for my use. however, I do need to supp...

Victorinox Fibrox Santoku - Opinions?

by DuffyH 5 years ago

I'm considering it as a replacement to my nice but heavy Henckels 4-Star Santoku, looking for something inexpensive and light to supplement my Kiwi knives. What do you think? Is there something els...

What kind of knifehound are you?

by drrayeye 5 years ago

1.User: only when necessary: safety always a concern 2.Hobbyist: wants to use knives regularly: quality of experience is important 3.Enthusiast: purchases the unusual and exotic--sharpens...

Is it pointless to buy an expensive knife if I sharpen/hone with a electric Chef's Choice 120?

by DillThePill 5 years ago

Hi! I'm interested in upgrading my knives but I don't intend to send them to be professionally sharpened nor do I want to learn a manual process. I respect those of you who do but I want a simple r...


by tomheny 5 years ago

Hi, It's my 18th birthday next month and I was thinking of getting a really good quality chefs knife, already have a set of japanese knives and was thinking if getting another Japanese one althou...

My first quality knife set

by Yardley 5 years ago

Hi all, I'm in the market for a quality knife set, I've inly owned cheap sets in the past. I'm considering a 17 piece Wusthof Classic Ikon set with a selling price of $860 or possibly a little less...

Post and discuss your knew nife...

by PutSomethingTogether 5 years ago

Or older one. What did you get? Do you like it? Pros/cons? likes/dislikes and opinions from the gallery encouraged. I don't have much of a collection but have definitely caught the "kitchen knife...

It followed me home

by brooktroutchaser 6 years ago

On a whim I went into the local Chinese grocery and walked out today with what I assume is a Kiwi knockoff. It says Viking, stainless, Thailand. $4. Sharp enough to shave arm hair. It isn't like I ...

Trying to buy the cck 1812 knife for my parents and I'm out of my depth. Please help?

by yogibear1989 5 years ago

Does anyone know the ins and outs of buying CCK knives? Im trying to buy these (kf1812 & maybe the kf 1123 - chinese chefs knives with stainless steel handles) as a gift for my parents... probably ...

Is there a knife like I want?

by Sirrith 5 years ago

I'm looking for a nakiri. I've found 2 that I like; the Shun premier, and the Masakage Koishi. However, what I really want is something in between; the Shun's handle and the Masakage's blade. Is...

Thoughts on this Santoku?

by PutSomethingTogether 5 years ago

I thought this UN-RYU 170mm Santoku looked pretty nice. The Damascus pattern 33 layer steel looks great. The HRC is adequate at 58, although I wouldn't mind a 59 or 60. The blade comes to a point m...

Why can't I sharpen my knife like a factory edge

by ukjason 7 years ago

So I have a 1000 grit Whetstone which I soak for 10-20 mins in water to get all the air out. I lay down a dam cloth so the stone wont move, then I proceed to sharpen. To sharpren I hold the knife e...

chinese cleaver with less curve

by ronke 11 years ago

I have a carbon steel Chinese cleaver I bought probably 40 years ago in LA Chinatown. It has a standard 8" x 3.25" blade and wood handle. I love this cleaver and use it daily for cooking but som...

Boning Knife (Shun or Wusthof)

by Chemicalkinetics 11 years ago

Hey everyone, This my first post, but I have certainly read from this site many times before. So here is my situation. Everyone has his/her all-purpose knife. Some use a French chef's knife,...

Style of Fillet knife

by DavidPonting 7 years ago

Having for the first time in a very long time bitten the bullet and bought a whole fish to gut and fillet myself (mackerel, to be precise), I found that the knives I had were drastically inadequate...

Do you use an American butcher knife in your kitchen?

by drrayeye 5 years ago

For American frontiersmen, there were two knives that nearly all of them recognized, and many of them owned: 1. a bowie or a buck--carried in a sheath. 2. a butcher knife--7 to 14 inches. In due...

Handy knife-sharpening accessory - Why didn't I get one of these years ago?

tanuki soup
by tanuki soup 5 years ago

I just got a cheap little 20X jeweler's loupe. You can buy one of these things for just a couple of bucks on Amazon. It really lets you see EXACTLY what's going on at the edge of your blade - befor...

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