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I'm Craving 2017

by cstr 10 days ago

I was craving some Kimchi, I know not too normal, but hey I just wanted that flavor profile. I went quite beyond t...

Ate unrefrigerated kimchi

by kimmyann 2 months ago

I ate a jar of kimchi that I've had in my cupboard for weeks. It had not been opened prior to eating it. It said on t...

coll commented 2 months ago

Store-Bought Kimchi

by ninjatime 5 months ago

As anyone in Northern Virginia knows, we have a monstrous selection of Asian/International grocery stores. I'm looki...


yairmarx commented 3 months ago

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Tobagi Kimchi - pasteurized?

by yairmarx 3 months ago

I bought a jar of Tobagi kimchi from H-mart in VA. I want to start eating it regularly for probiotic benefits. I read...

Fermentation Book Recommendations, Please

by ninrn 6 months ago

Hi, I'd like to start doing some home fermentation. I'm particularly interested in making my own kombucha, yogurt...

ninrn commented 5 months ago

Korean stir-fried caramelized kimchi, shrimp, mussels, and Parmesan

by outRIAAge 6 months ago

What grabs me about this is the Korean/Parmesan angle. I apologize to anyone looking for a detailed recipe, because t...


Smokeydoke30 commented 6 months ago

Kimchi in Burlington?

by Davedigger 2 years ago

Where can a girl buy kimchi in Burlington? The Fortino's at Appleby and Dundas used to carry it, but they've had sup...

Davedigger commented 10 months ago

Kosher kimchee

by mrsphud 1 year ago

My friend loves hot and spicy dishes. She loves kimchee and wants to make her own but all the recipes she can find se...

queenscook commented 11 months ago

Homemade kimchi in South-west CT?

by samhandwich 12 months ago

I live in Danbury. Anyone know an asian market (or anywhere else) near-ish that sells homemade kimchi? Thank you!


Rillensora commented 12 months ago

Kimchi smoke- a new 'Southern' Korean bbq restaurant

by Monica 1 year ago Soft opening currently and takeout only for now. I will most likely visit tomorrow. It...


fourunder commented 1 year ago

Korean Fusion – Kimchi stuffed pork chops

by hannaone 1 year ago

Kimchi can easily be used in many non-Korean dishes/meals. It goes extremely well with pork. Take a few thick cut p...


Joebob commented 1 year ago

brown kimchi still good?

by anatta 1 year ago

This is my third time making kimchi. First two attempts were highly successful. This time, half of the surface kim...


anatta commented 1 year ago

Our perception of "authenticity"

by joonjoon 2 years ago

I had an interesting experience watching some Korean food programming last night. Over the years I would occasiona...

Chemicalkinetics commented 1 year ago

does kimchee go bad?

by kare_raisu 11 years ago

i brought back a container of homemade kimchee from a korean friend in chicago to california, havent dived into it ye...


thymeoz commented 2 years ago

Mr. Kim Chee Lee

by curiousgeo 2 years ago

Love this shop at S. King and Kaheka. Lots of choices, but both their won bok and cucumber kim chee are excellent (lo...


curiousgeo commented 2 years ago

Jarred Kimchi on Long Island?

by Cemota 2 years ago

Suffolk County preferred, anywhere between Ronkonkoma and Riverhead. King's brand is fine, I'm new to Kimchi and not ...


Cemota commented 2 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy these kimchi containers in Toronto?

by chefhound 2 years ago

I know you don't need a special container to make kimchi. That said, I want one. I saw this container online and ...


youdonut commented 2 years ago

Fizzy-tasting kimchi -- did I do something wrong?

by OhZenobia 2 years ago

I've made napa cabbage kimchi many times using Maangchi's recipes. This batch sat in the fridge for about two weeks b...


milgwimper12 commented 2 years ago

Can Kimchee "go bad"?

by JTPhilly 2 years ago

I suppose I answer my own question but... earlier this week I made a personal favorite - kimchee fried rice I l...


DaringDee commented 2 years ago

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