Keep Your Gut Healthy with These Probiotic-Heavy Foods

Even if you have a healthy digestive system, chances are, over the past few years, you've become aware of gut bacteria and how important intestinal flora is to our overall health. You may also have...

San Ho Won @ Benu To Go | SOMA - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Chef Corey Lee’s Benu (Michelin 3-stars) closed at the start of shelter-in-place. Then it re-emerged to preview the stylings of his not-yet-opened Korean restaurant, San Ho Won, as take-out from Be...

Happy Belly Dog (Kimchi! Kewpie!) in Golden Gate Park

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 13 years ago

After yesterday’s lunch at the Thai festival (which continues today), we made a swing by the Academy of Sciences to see how the work was progressing. Before leaving the park, we tried to find one ...

Diana's Table: Korean homecooking youtube channel

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Diana Kang shares her 40 years of homecooking experience on "Diana's Table", a new youtube channel that launched in September. A friend from Korea recommended it to me. I've only had time to watch ...

Daol Tofu and Pyeongchang Tofu - East Bay

Dave MP
by Dave MP 1 year ago

We've been enjoying takeout food from both of these restaurants during Covid, so much so that I wanted to write about it! Daol is in the spot where Casserole House used to be, on the southern end o...

Cabbage shortage hits South Korea's kimchi culture

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . The damage has left households struggling to find affordable cabbages to turn into the spicy pickle, which accompanies almost every meal in South Korea and has become a popular 'superfood' ...

Gochujang best substitute?

by DoritaSenpai 1 year ago

Soo i wanna make tteokbokki and kimchi jjigae but i run out korean chili paste, between thai chili paste and tonku chili paste which one is better substitute??


by raberbm 2 years ago

Has anyone out there ever made kimchi, using "store-bought" sauerkraut?

Slimy kimchi / raw milk

by Bob_B 2 years ago

I "make" my kimchi using as a starter a jar of the kimchi I buy at my farmer's market. I add veggies of many kinds and then turmeric, sea salt, pepper. Let ferment for a few days to perhaps ten. ...

Kimchi and Kimuchi

by PattiHarada 3 years ago

Apparently, this discussion produces righteous indignation in people. So, let's discuss this in the same way we might talk about having a fruit salad at a friend's house and then making it at home...

Kimchi in East Bay

Dave MP
by Dave MP 3 years ago

I feel like I may have asked this in the past, but I'm asking again. Does anyone have recommendations for kimchi sources in the East Bay (preferably Oakland, San Leandro or Berkeley). I don't care ...

Can Kimchee "go bad"?

by JTPhilly 7 years ago

I suppose I answer my own question but... earlier this week I made a personal favorite - kimchee fried rice I love kimchee but dont use it often as many of the people who regularly eat my foo...

Kimchi in Burlington?

by Davedigger 7 years ago

Where can a girl buy kimchi in Burlington? The Fortino's at Appleby and Dundas used to carry it, but they've had supply chain issues and no longer do... I really do not want to go to Hamilton to ...

Kimchi Dumplings!

by adoboking94 4 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find good steamed Kimchi dumplings in the GTA? Like those translucent ones. Or any place that have good mandu? thanks!

I'm Craving 2017

by cstr 4 years ago

I was craving some Kimchi, I know not too normal, but hey I just wanted that flavor profile. I went quite beyond that at Land & Water Company in Carlsbad. Started at Happy Hour with Kimchi and ...

Chapel Hill: where to get local kimchi?

by Rory 4 years ago

I buy mine from Harris Teeter in Carrboro, the hot Jo-San, but I'm sure I can get something more local, hot and delicious around the Triangle...one thing, I don't have a car so it can't be too far.

Does anyone know where to buy these kimchi containers in Toronto?

by chefhound 6 years ago

I know you don't need a special container to make kimchi. That said, I want one. I saw this container online and on eBay but if I can get it locally, I'd love to avoid the shipping and duties i...

Ate unrefrigerated kimchi

by kimmyann 5 years ago

I ate a jar of kimchi that I've had in my cupboard for weeks. It had not been opened prior to eating it. It said on the jar "perishable, needs refrigeration". I did not see this until after I ate i...

Store-Bought Kimchi

by ninjatime 5 years ago

As anyone in Northern Virginia knows, we have a monstrous selection of Asian/International grocery stores. I'm looking for recommendations on store-bought kimchi. Whenever I go into one of these ...

Tobagi Kimchi - pasteurized?

by yairmarx 5 years ago

I bought a jar of Tobagi kimchi from H-mart in VA. I want to start eating it regularly for probiotic benefits. I read pasteurization is bad for fermented food. Is Tobagi kimchi pasteurized? It was ...