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Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

FODY ketchup in Tri-Cities/GTA?

by msudnick 5 months ago

I was wondering if anyone happened to know a store that carries FODY brand ketchup in the GTA or Kitchener/Waterloo/C...

Spaghetti with ketchup - does anyone else eat this?

by Too Embarrassed to Say 16 years ago

When I was growing up my mom and dad would whip up a quick bowl of thin spaghetti, mixed with butter and then mixed w...


Speramus commented 7 months ago

Ketchup on Eggs? Not in my House!...Yours?

by PHREDDY 3 years ago

My brother ate ketchup on his soft scrambled eggs...I said uuoooch! disgusting! I eat Spanish omelets, but can't put...

Motosport commented 11 months ago

Canadian vs American Heinz Ketchup [moved from Quebec board]

by blondee_47 7 years ago

I was conversing this weekend and the topic of Ketchup came up: this person said that there is a definite difference ...


laurenmarie commented 1 year ago

Our own take on ketchup . . .

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

This piece expresses (and amplifies) how I feel nearly every time a restaurant serves me housemade ketchup. ". . ....

tim irvine commented 1 year ago

Anyone remember Ritter Ketchup?

by FISHINC 8 years ago

Wish they still made it. A little spicy, remember it from my childhood and can still taste it!


Kellster1993 commented 1 year ago

Scrambled eggs with ketchup - how strange/common is this?

by Liz CT 12 years ago

I grew up enjoying scrambled eggs with a little bit of ketchup, as this was how my mom always ate them. But now we bo...


mrx462 commented 2 years ago

Loblaws and the "Ketchup Wars"

by kbdid 2 years ago

Had to weigh in on this as I've seen so much BS about buying French's over Heinz because it supports Canadian farmers...


youdonut commented 2 years ago

Packaged Foods Be the first to comment

What happened to Frank's red hot thick sauce?

by njncgrl 2 years ago

I can no longer find my Frank's thick or ketchup style hot sauce, what happened?

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Date Ketchup Recipe for Canning

by cookin_mama 2 years ago

I'm working on a collection of jams, preserves, and condiments for Christmas gifts this year. I would really love to ...

Expired ketchup

by Rheta 6 years ago

I was about to open a new bottle of ketchup when I noticed the expiration date was Aug. 11, 2011. Is it ok to use? ...

sunshine842 commented 2 years ago

Best Ketchup?

by katiepie 11 years ago

I just ran out of my bottle of Heinz and would like to try a brand without... or with less... high fructose corn syru...

jmckee commented 2 years ago

Non-ketchup meatloaf recipes needed

by lillotis 8 years ago

I have never been a fan of meatloaf because I do not like ketchup and they all seem to include that as main ingredien...

firecooked commented 2 years ago

Herrs Heinz Ketchup Potato Chips

by Elevatorguy 5 years ago

Does anyone know of a store that sells Herrs brand Heinz Ketchup Potato Chips? I have been told that Ocean State Job ...


Elevatorguy commented 2 years ago

Heinz Ketchup Recipe. Make homemade catsup similar to Heinz or Del Monte.

by smaki 5 years ago

It is Valentines Day so thought would make something red. H.J. Heinz Co. was bought today for $23.3b by Warren B...

smaki commented 3 years ago

New Yorker archives: Why ketchup is universally ketchup

by RelishPDX 3 years ago

The New Yorker promoted access to this piece from 2004 in a tweet this morning, "The Ketchup Conundrum", which is inc...


Bada Bing commented 3 years ago

Meatloaf and ketchup

by bolivianita 11 years ago

I would like to know...does everyone put ketchup or tomato product in/on their meatloaf? Growing up I loved my Mom's...

bolivianita commented 11 years ago

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