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East Village Izakaya crawl - LONG

by JeffP 17 years ago

The first stop was at Kasadela out near Avenue C, somewhat removed from the cluster of izakayas around St. Mark’s. We started with flash-grilled peppers. The peppers varied in heat, but all had t...

Looking for Izakaya

by Paul H 17 years ago

Since Tanto on Cyril Magnin closed, I have been wishing I knew of another such place in San Francisco. Last week, I had a good meal consisting of green garlic (kuki ninniku) tempura, grilled calim...

Hagi: tasty izakaya dishes in the theater district

by squid-kun 17 years ago

Izakaya fans might want to wander downstairs to Hagi on West 49th Street. It's a cozy hangout below the ramen shop Sapporo and the sushi bar Iroha; same owner. Hagi has been in business for some ti...

Best Izakaya restaurant needed

by brooklynmasala 17 years ago

I've done some searching on chowhound and egullet and have come up with a list of izakaya places. Which one is the best or is there a better one not on my list. Thanks, Sakagura Kasadela Zipan...

Best Izakaya

by S 18 years ago

I like Yakitori Taisho, and Typhoon the best. Riki in midtown is not bad either. Has anyone tried Kasadela?

Kaz Grill - Japanese Izakaya - San Mateo

by Wendy-san 17 years ago

Had a decent dinner at this new place in downtown San Mateo. Kaz has been making take-out fare next to the Suruki supermarket and now has taken over the spot that housed Den, another Japanese place...

japanese izakayas???

by mrnyc 17 years ago

according to a report they are popping up all over california. besides SAKAGURA what are some other izakaya style restaurants in our area? Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/27737#114906

Looking for an IZAKAYA

by El Borracho 18 years ago

Looking for an IZAKAYA or something that might pass for it, ANYWHERE in the 5 boroughs. Know of any?

Japanese-Izakaya, Yaki Niku, Yakitori etc.

by mm 18 years ago

I need a recommendation for a good japanese place for a group of 8-12 people. Something like an izakaya, yakitori, or yaki niku place preferred. It's for a group that has spent time in Japan so the...

Kasadela Izakaya - has anyone tried it yet???

by halo 18 years ago

my gf is craving for goma tofu and i hear they have a good one. anyone know if it's true???

Looking for izakaya-style sushi place in SD

by DiegoGator 18 years ago

I'm looking for somewhere that has excellent sushi, as well as good grill items. For anyone who has ever been to Hillsboro, Oregon, there is a great place called Syun that is excellent. Looking f...

Good Izakaya restaurants in Seattle/Eastside?

by RumbleMan 18 years ago

I used to love to go to the Eating Factory for their Izakaya menu(not the buffet). However, they closed down a year ago and I have no luck finding any other good Izakaya place since then. If y...

Izakaya Sakura - Japanese - San Diego

by Wendy-san 18 years ago

We are from the SF Bay Area and just got back from our first trip to SD. Thanks to e.d.'s post on this board and the very good directions, we were able to go to Izakaya Sakura on 3904 Convoy, which...

Nikki (izakaya)

by Minna 19 years ago

A couple months ago I picked up a copy of Japion, a newpaper for the Japanese community in NYC, and in the restaurants section in back I noticed a "grand opening" advertisement for Nikki Sushi and...


by joshzero 19 years ago

One of my favorite things to do in Japan is to hit the izakaya! Okonomiyaki, grilled salmon, sashimi, mmmm...... octopus cooked on one of those grids of boiling oden.... delicious sake from a l...

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