Italy is the land of pasta and pizza, and Chowhounds have recommendations for places to eat across the country. Get tips on top restaurants, local cuisine, and out-of-the-way shops.

Get Inspired by These School Lunches Around the World

Ever wonder what school lunches look like in countries around the world? With school almost back in session, the thought of cafeteria lunches might conjure images of droopy pizza, pale green vegetables...

Venice Food Experiences, bakeries, pasta shops, etc (that are not dinner out)

by ciaodog 8 days ago

I will be spending Christmas week in Venice with extended family ages 2-75. We're all foodies but because of kids and Christmas holidays we're thinking about dinner at home most of the time. I am w...

Rome market question

by jangita 12 days ago

We will be in Rome this week for the last leg of our 2 month adventure. I would like to bring home some dried porcini and small tins of olive oil. Any suggestions on where to buy those things? ...

Itinerary/restaurant advice for Piemonte, Milan, Modena, and Verona Nov 2019

by bigjppop 2 months ago

Good morning Chowhound Italy lovers. I'm getting ready for a my upcoming trip to Italy (early November 2019). I'll have about 7 days total and my primary reason for traveling is eating and drinking...


by jangita 14 days ago

Lunch was…well interesting. I started with this tortino of farro which was out-of-this-world excellent. After some confusion, Ken ordered ravioli with gorgonzola, pears and walnuts and neither ...

Viareggio for Carnevale

by flirtinfilly 15 days ago

Ciao, tutti! I am heading to Pisa/Viareggio in late February for Carnevale. Any suggestions for your favorites (gelato, bar, ristorante) greatly appreciated. Grazie!

Piemonte 2019

by allende 5 months ago

We'll do it differently this year. You can see all the previous year's posts by using the search function

Spoon tapered/slanted ergonomic to the lips

by carcassone 1 month ago

Not sure how to describe this but twice in Italy, I was given a spoon that is slanted/tapered in the mouthpiece such that it's ergonomic to the lips. I never used spoon like this before anywhere e...

Fantastic Rome Restaurants suitable for a 20 month old

by tedurden 6 years ago

Hi, we are soon off to Rome for a few days and I am looking for some great restaurants. The kicker --- my husband and I are traveling with our 20 month old daughter. Therefore I am looking for some...

Osteria Francescana lunch 11/20

by AshleyM31 26 days ago

Hello all! I was called off the waitlist for lunch (same tasting menu as dinner) for the #1 restaurant in the world!! Looking for someone to join me for lunch if you’re in Modena on Wednesday N...

Piemonte 2019

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 1 month ago

We are back from nine days in Piemonte. For the first time in several years we made our annual pilgrimage in the fall. The weather was beautiful, the white truffles and porcini were abundant and ...

Venice 2019

by jangita 1 month ago

We have been here in Venice in an apartment on Fondamente Nove, for about 5 days now. Paradiso Perduto: Very crowded, (and over hyped IMHO). I foolishly ordered the fritto misto on a Monday ni...

Random eating in southern Italy - Part 2

by Nyleve 2 months ago

Off to Matera. I had a few recommendations for Matera but when I mentioned them to our Air B+B host, he dismissed all of them and told us they were too far away. Turns out he was an idiot. But we m...

Piemonte Fall 2019

by jangita 2 months ago

I have always wanted to visit Lago di Orta so we stayed the night at Cucchiaio di Legno https://www.ilcucchiaiodilegno.com/ and ate at the restaurant. The seasonal tasting menu for €32/person w...

Bologna and the Piedmont

by eileenbf 7 months ago

Having just spent 4 days in Bologna on a 2 week northern Italy trip I thought I would write some comments on Bologna, since I have appreciated so much reading everyone else’s thoughts and gotten so...

Venice (vegetarian/seafood)

by sobbuh 2 months ago

My wife and I will be in Venice for 3 nights -- I'm a vegetarian, and she loves seafood; we do like more experimental/modern food, but generally find we prefer the osteria/trattorias that do tradit...

Europe Honeymoon - Michelin Star Restaurant

by tnguyen444 2 months ago

We are doing our honeymoon in Europe. Going to Amalfi Coast, Florence, Bourdeux, Paris. Is there a Michelin star restaurant you guys recommend in those cities or around them? We want a restaurant ...

Rome recommendations for New Year's Eve?

by allysond 2 months ago

I'm looking for somewhere for a nice -- but not extravagant -- New Year's dinner with two kids (ages 5 and 8). We definitely do not want to do the whole cenone thing because our kids won't have the...

Random eating in southern Italy - Part 1

by Nyleve 2 months ago

First - thanks to all of you who answered my vague and unfocused questions regarding this trip. I am fully committed to eating well when I travel, but sometimes it's best to just fall into things a...

Rome Trip Report July 2019

by alantz21 5 months ago

Santo Palato We chose Santo Palato for our first evening in Rome because we were there on a Sunday night and it was one of the few restaurants open near (ish) the city center. Since the majority o...

The Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium reacts to pending tariffs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

PARMA, ITALY, October 7, 2019 — Following the World Trade Organization’s decision to grant permission to the Trump administration to impose an annual tax of $7.5 billion on European exports such ...