Italy is the land of pasta and pizza, and Chowhounds have recommendations for places to eat across the country. Get tips on top restaurants, local cuisine, and out-of-the-way shops.

How Mother's Day Is Celebrated Around the World

Mother’s Day is the mother of all holidays in the U.S. But the celebratory occasion is not unique to the U.S. and is celebrated around the world. In many countries, mom’s special day is observed the...

Italy to lift travel restrictions: who is willing to travel this summer?

by damiano 16 days ago

Italy is opening its borders for non-Italian tourists in two weeks time. Who is willing to travel to Italy, and if so, how are you planning to do this? For me, living in Northern Europe, Italy i...

Sicily Wants To Lure Tourists By Helping Pay For Flights And Hotels Post-Lockdown

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 30 days ago

Sicily’s original scheme, baptized "Empty for Full," would launch once Italy reopens its borders. Vouchers for discounted flights, hotels and free museum tickets will be made available via the isla...

Help with choosing a universal saucepan (2 - 3.5 quart) for daily home use on induction (cooking oatmeal / pasta / soup / other for 2 - 4 people)

by VitalyVashurin 1 month ago

Good day, dear users of this wonderful site! First of all, I would like to say that this is a very high-quality, competent and super-useful information resource. I am very grateful to each ...

Sicily trip report (January 2020) (Siracusa, Agrigento, Palermo)

by synecdochehk 2 months ago

Thanks to the many helpful posters here, I had a fantastic food trip in Sicily in early January 2020. Whilst I did not take detailed notes in most places, below are some of my general impressions o...

In this perilous time

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 3 months ago

All of us who love Italy, the Italian people and the Italian food culture should take a moment to think about our friends in family restaurant businesses there who are confronting a near existentia...

Sicily From Catania To Palermo... Need Suggestions

by erica 3 months ago

I am planning a trip in May, flying to Catania (how many nights there..three??); moving on to Ragusa for about four nights making day trips. Hoping to rent the car there if possible. And then (?)...

Tuscan Coast 2015

by allende 5 years ago

This year, am not going to give a detailed report of all the places we go to and have been to. I’ll give the site address for some prior visits which should give you an indication of what the place...

Cooking class in Florence or Tuscany

by small bites 5 months ago

Hi, we're going to Italy in April 2020 for a 16-day trip, planned to spread between Florence, Rome and Sorrento area (almost 5 days each). Do you have a half or one day cooking class you highly rec...

Looking for Florence Restaurant Recommendations

by LABeam 4 months ago

I would appreciate updated Florence recommendations and critique of my choices. Our 5th trip to Florence, some of the past favourites were Buca Dell' Orafo, Taverna Del Bronzino, Il Guscio. We ar...

Wine pairings with tasting menus in Piedmonte?

by richwagner 4 months ago

My wife and I are traveling to Piedmonte in May and plan to check out some of the restaurants highly recommended here (Il Centro, Osteria Veglio, La Ciau, Guido, etc.). We plan to do the tasting me...

Easter Sunday and Monday in Rome

by AWG 4 months ago

I am arriving in Rome on Easter Sunday and spending 5 nights there. We are staying near the Jewish Ghetto. Prefer dinners close to our home base. For Tuesday through Thursday I have decided on Pipe...

Gluten-Free in Venice Restaurant Suggestions

by Pamdixon1 4 months ago

Venice with thirteen old celiac Granddaughter in June. She eats sushi but no other fish (yet). Pasta, bread help.

Late November lunch spot in Liguria

by nicwil1120 9 months ago

My husband and I will have have one day of our late November trip to Italy dedicated to driving -- something we have to do to make our itinerary work. We'll wake up in Siena early on Monday 11/25 a...

Palermo report

by Willem 9 years ago

Here a report on last visit to Palermo, between X-mas and NYE. First was some breakfast in a big coffee bar on Via Lincoln near our apartment; coming from the sea the second on the right. Great ...

lucky fifth time in Palermo

by Willem 9 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, and especially Erica and Katie Parla (thank you!), end of the year a new visit to heavenly Palermo will follow - where to go next?! Been visiting happily Sant'Andrea (will go...

Quick Palermo report

by Willem 4 months ago

so... Zia Pina, an old favorite, is already closed for rebuild for more than 1 year, and from what I see happening it does not look promising (heading to become a tourist trap). That New York times...

Restaurants on the Abruzzo Coast

by nmbkiwi149 5 months ago

I am driving up the Abruzzo Coast and want to stop at a trabucco (fishing platform) restaurant for lunch. I have several potential places along the coast north of Vasto up to Francavilla al Mare, ...

Itinerary/restaurant advice for Piemonte, Milan, Modena, and Verona Nov 2019

by bigjppop 8 months ago

Good morning Chowhound Italy lovers. I'm getting ready for a my upcoming trip to Italy (early November 2019). I'll have about 7 days total and my primary reason for traveling is eating and drinking...

FVG short-trip report

by vinoroma 8 years ago

Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of our favorite regions for wine & food, we have been visiting for 12 years now (even before we moved to Italy), we recently (at the end of August) spent 4 days in the ...