Italy is the land of pasta and pizza, and Chowhounds have recommendations for places to eat across the country. Get tips on top restaurants, local cuisine, and out-of-the-way shops.

A Slice of Tradition: Wedding Cakes Around the World

There’s all the reason in the world to round out your reception with a wedding cake. It’s delicious, photogenic, traditional, and lucky, since it’s a fertility symbol (wheat, the basis of most flour...

Northern Italy, Holy Week, April 2019

by bsprout 23 hours ago

We spent a lovely 11 days in Northern Italy just a a few weeks ago. I wanted to share with you where we ate, in case it is helpful to anyone, as so many of your suggestions have been to me in the ...


Food focused day trip from Venice?

by kosmonautbruce 5 days ago

My wife and I are returning to Venice and the Biennale next month, for a longish stay of 12 days. We benefited so much on our last trip to Venice from the dining recommendations we found here, than...

Lago Maggiore Restaurant Suggestions

by CarolinaQ 2 days ago

We will be staying in Bavenu,near Stressa in a week and would welcome restaurant suggestion around the lake...as well as at and around our next stop Camogli.

Da U Batti (Santa Margherita Ligure) seafood scampi recipe

by uncledunkel 8 years ago

I was lucky enough to eat the seafood scampi at Da U Batti (in Santa Margherita Ligure) last summer. I can't get it out of my mind. If anyone can provide an approximate recipe for the dish I woul...


Padova: The under-appreciated "Foodie" town

by AWG 3 days ago

Just returned from my second visit to Padova. It is a nice city with an amazing food market, and best of all, the town is not overrun with tourists. When bustling, it is the bustle of students, no...

Eating and drinking well in and around Senigallia, Marche

by vinoroma 2 years ago

Just came back from a last minute long weekend trip in Senigallia. We ate and drank exceptionally well, much better (and definitely cheaper) than in Rome, it seemed even. Here is our list and comme...

Bologna and the Piedmont

by eileenbf 15 days ago

Having just spent 4 days in Bologna on a 2 week northern Italy trip I thought I would write some comments on Bologna, since I have appreciated so much reading everyone else’s thoughts and gotten so...

Solo dining in Milan

by ChowLad 12 days ago

Looking for a suggestion for a late lunch on a Saturday (I have a performance at La Scala in the evening so don’t want to have to rush thru a dinner). I’ll be dining da solo and would like a restau...

Rome Fall, 2018. Notes from the City

by erica 7 months ago

Last Sunday afternoon after a two week-long driving tour beginning in Fiumicino (1 night), and moving on to Norcia (Umbria); Senigallia and Ascoli Piceno (Le Marche); and Sulmona (Abruzzo), we had...

Armando Al Pantheon vs Cesare Al Casaletto

by jcoves73 7 days ago

I have a reservation for a night at both of these restaurants and I need to cancel one. First time in Rome. Which would you recommend? Thanks

Liguria and Tuscany

by eileenbf 6 days ago

The first half of our trip having been in Bologna and the Piedmont, we continued south to Liguria and Tuscany. Great recommendations on this board helped a lot. Savona- Parking isn’t the easies...

Best pizza in Naples?

by mdiwan 4 months ago

Title speaks for itself! Best authentic pizza in Napoli? Grazie!

Osteria Delle Tre Panche vs La Giostra

by jcoves73 7 days ago

Anyone ever been to either? which would you go to if you had to pick? Thanks!

First time in Rome: 3 nights and four days

by jcoves73 27 days ago

Hey everyone. I will be going to Rome for my first time at the end of May. I have reach a bunch of the other posts and appreciate all the recommendations but am slightly overwhelmed all all the opt...

Traditional Dinner in Rome near Piazza Farnese

by adi 8 days ago

Hi Originally I hoped to make reservations at Armando al Pantheon but they don't have availability for 5/24 for 7 people. Any suggestions for a like experience in that general vicinity? TIA Adi

2-week trip to Italy. City/town recommendations?

by FrancoS88 2 months ago

My wife and I will be visiting Italy in July. Right now, we are considering visiting Rome (we will be landing in Rome and only spending one full day there), the Amalfi Coast (Positano, Sorrento, an...

Worth jumping off train for a meal in Bologna, en route to Venice?

by tucsongirlwood 18 days ago

I will be traveling to Reggio Emilia at the end of May, to participate in a study tour there. For air travel, it made sense to book flight/hotel into Venice. So, after my study of the RE education...

Trip Report: Coast (Venice) To Coast (Cinque Terre)

by stuartlafonda 14 days ago

I love to vacation in Italy. The people, the sites and of course the food. After many trips there I have learned that for my family we need location based restaurant apps and maps. Whenever we are ...

Bologna in late April for two nights

by Bkmam 1 month ago

We've added two nights in Bologna on our trip to Italy during Easter week, but it seems I've waited too late to make plans as I'm having difficulty securing reservations, even on weeknights (Tues-W...

One Day Cooking Class in Tuscany

by tishhamm 29 days ago

hello, a group of 6 will be in Tuscany in October. We are looking for a one day cooking class. It can be private. Any suggestions? thanks!