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Best Fine Dining in Boston

by VegetarianHomeCook 11 days ago

I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best fine dining restaurants in Boston. This is for way later in the year but I just wanted to know.


Does anyone know what became of the head sandwich-maker (my title) at Sarcone's Deli?

by GDSwamp 7 days ago

Recently played Round 348 (of ∞ ) of the Favorite Philly Sandwiches game with some friends, and we were re-mourning the loss of Sarcone's Deli. As I remember it, all my best hoagies were composed b...

Bagels (good ones, that is)

by MikeR 6 months ago

We haven't had this battle in a while. Is there any place - Virginia side of New York, please) to get a bagel that tastes like a real bagel and not like sandwich bread? When Einstein Brothers was n...

Lamb Chops

by syrup09 1 month ago

This pandemic year instead of going out to dinner for my birthday my mom is giving me money to buy a nice dinner. Usually I get a Filet Mignon but this year I'm thinking of picking up lamb ch...

Legal Seafood Sold

by SuzieCK 27 days ago

Based on my last visit, it was time. But sad. Especially remembering the wonderful first one in Cambridge in Inman Sq. where we sat at long tables, paid in advance, and had a great time.

Lamb Belly in the South Bay Area

by walkie74 1 month ago

A friend told me I really had to try lamb belly, but I have no idea where to find it. Any suggestions?

Best Bagel Orange County

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 7 months ago

This may be an exercise in futility but is there a decent bagel in Orange County? I'm talking boiled NY bagel, not a round piece of bread with a hole in it. For reference Noahs/Einstens is not a ...

Auld Lang Syne- Adamson post

by mordylishus 2 months ago

It's good to see so many old familiar names in this post. (Adamson BBQ) Anyone know what happened with embee? Or Vinnie? I fear. May we all move into Baycrest together. Inexperience caused me to ...

luosifen soup in nyc

by mrnyc 2 months ago

hello all -- trying to get back to ye olde ch days of actual chowhounding here. ;) can we find this odiferous chinese snail noodle soup in town anywhere? its from liuzhou. sounds very, very goo...

Vintage, hard-to-find and cult brand names

by fairdose 7 years ago

My parents bought Rena cookware back in the early 1970's which we still have and all the pieces are still in near-perfect condition 40+ years later. I'm wondering if there are other vintage, ret...

Peppermint Bark Oreos

by TinyCollie33 2 months ago

I am slightly obsessed with these cookies. They are the absolutely BEST of all the Oreo varieties, and only make an appearance for the holidays. I have been searching for them since October, to no...

Gramery Tavern Replacement

by theycanceledme 2 months ago

So I waited for a celebratory reason to make a rez at Gramercy Tavern, tomorrow, on a Saturday night! They JUST canceled saying they're shutting their doors due to the growing COVID rates in NYC. I...

Heated Patios List

by Bogiato 3 months ago

In light of the new restrictions for the next month, I'd love to get a list of options going for heated patios throughout the city! I'll start: - Patria - Baro

Where to find broadleaf thyme?

by walkie74 3 months ago

I know it goes by many other names, like ajiwain, Mexican mint (as opposed to spear or pepper mint), Cuban oregano, and so on. But trying to find actual leaves has been a QUEST. Does anyone know wh...

Coffee shops with patios, heated and unheated

by prima 3 months ago

Unheated patio Krave on St Clair W 5 Elements 521 (on the Danforth , hope it is still open) Heated patio Boxcar Social at Summerhill

What's good at Exit 4 Food Hall, Mount Kisco?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Stopped into Exit 4 Food Hall in Mount Kisco this past week and took a look around. When they opened the space several years ago, it was Westchester's first 'food hall' concept. Now, it seems that ...

Looking for the best pizza in Osprey, Venice or Sarasota FL

by garygbnj1 5 months ago

Tried a few spots but unimpressed. We are from NJ and have had great pizza. On the hunt.

Lost Restaurant New Orleans

by usmcbrutus 4 months ago

I was stationed in New Orleans in 1988-90. My first restaurant meal was on the West Bank at a small rather indistinct place. It had an Italian theme and I believe it was fairly well respected. ...