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Looking for a dining experience in Paris that is modern, creative, theatrical

by joladdy 6 days ago

I'm looking for a restaurant in Paris to take my fiancé for his birthday in April. He's more interested in the overall experience (service, ambiance, plating) than the food itself. For example, whe...


Regular Donuts

by nuskette 6 days ago

Where can I get good donuts that aren't Dunkin' or hipster? (Look, I enjoy hipster donuts as much as the next person, but sometimes you just want a normal donut.) I would particularly die if I foun...


Albanian Food in Toronto

by rosieintoronto 1 day ago

Any suggestions on where to find Albanian food in Toronto, GTA? Traditional burek for example? Thank you!

Need your comments on my choices for 10 days in Bay Area

by gdeguise 6 months ago

Hello! I will be traveling in Sf, Napa and st elena at the end of the month for 10 days. Need your input on my sélection! Rich table The progress Torc Ad hoc Acacia house Press Sol Bar ...

Roast Chicken In Paris

by TrishUntrapped 4 months ago

I was reading Le Figaro's list of restaurants with the best roast chicken in Paris and saw Le Coq Rico was ranked number one. There is a branch of LCR in New York City, which I had the pleasure to ...

A magnificent cafe in Paris?

by Foxeyblue 7 months ago

I'll be in Paris this Autumn and would like to take everyone to a grand (in the English meaning) cafe where they can drink wonderful hot chocolate, coffee or champagne and eat beautiful French pati...

Street food and delicious grub in Paris

by neckbeard 15 days ago

Hi, I'm visiting Paris 19-26 March. Looking for some great food that is very casual and cheap. I've learned of so many great venues for fine dining and upscale spots on these boards. I would lov...

Advice for high end sushi in Ginza for first time visitor? (Sawada, Hashimoto, Taichi, Keita, Ishiyama, Ryusuke, Harutaka, Ginza Iwa)?

by bucktown 1 month ago

My wife will be visiting Tokyo for the first time in April (honeymoon!). Our hotel is in the Ginza district, so we would naturally want to visit a Ginza sushi-ya. We speak no Japanese but are well ...

Lucca, Italy, where to eat inside the wall

by sandychow 9 days ago

Ciao! We are spending a week in an apartment in Lucca in May. Would appreciate recommendations for restaurants, mostly casual but not pizza, inside the walls, since we will not have a car. Also rec...

Help finding Japanese ingredients in US

by JTpearl 3 years ago

I've been scouring stores in NYC for a couple of japanese ingredients: 1. red rice vinegar (akazu) 2. white kelp (battera kombu) Checked out dainobu, sunrise mart & midoriya, but no luck. Als...

Escargot in OC?

by OCEllen 9 days ago

Where? And simple French in general?

Independent Priorat Wine Tasting

by abandon 11 days ago

The latest threads on Priorat are 10 years old! I'm hoping things have changed a bit since then, as there are now tons of organized wine tours. I'm hoping to pop in to a couple wineries on my ...

Rubia Gallega (Galician Blonde beef) in Barcelona

by ace123 13 days ago

Arriving in Barcelona in August. Are there restaurants/tapas places in Barcelone that serve this steak? Are they available in the market that I can cook in the airbnb? Thanks a lot in advance.


by layne123 12 days ago

I spent some years working in York, PA and found that I really loved stromboli and panzerotti yet it seems very few places make it "correctly". The stromboli I had was a 16" pizza dough stuffed wi...

Restaurant with Large Format Dishes

by dontburnthepig 14 days ago

I am heading back to New Orleans in a few months with a group of 10-15 and am looking for some suggestions of restaurants with good large format dishes for sharing? Cochon sometimes has large forma...

ISO A Good Patty Melt in the Greater Boston area

by catsmeow 16 days ago

Looking for a good Patty Melt. I tried the one at Zaftigs and it wasn't good. The hamburger was small and about half the size of the bread. I also got one at the Victoria Diner. The hamburger was ...

ISO Maultaschen in Munich

by prima 13 days ago

Which restaurants serve the tastiest Maultaschen?

Best places for Mexican food?

by Capone 25 days ago

Whalebone Magazine is doing a nationwide search for the best Mexican places in the US

Meatloaf - But Where?

by juno 1 year ago

The recent chill weather has put me in mind of meatloaf. I suppose I could make it myself, but it's too much bother. So where might a gentleman indulge himself in a decent, sit-down resto offering ...

Roast Duck

by fouchien 21 days ago

looking for a restaurant serving roast duck (not duck breast, not orange sauce, not Chinese) in Manhattan or Westchester.