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Small Restaurants in San Francisco

by ivangele 4 years ago

Hi! My girlfriend just moved to the area and it's my turn to take her out on a date when I visit. She has been the better date planner, but I'd want to make this visit memorable for her. I think we...

Dallas, North Dallas, or Irving buffets?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 1 day ago

I'm headed to Dallas and Irving. What buffets are good these days if any? A long time ago, Afrah was one I went to a few times but, it looks like they don't do buffets any more. I'm looking fo...

Pumpkin Fall Dishes

by vanessanyc 2 days ago

What restaurants have new fall dishes specifically some pumpkin in their savory dishes. Any cuisine in Manhattan.

Best of Skagit County?

by kaleokahu 5 months ago

I've never been far away (for long), and visited regularly, but I'm back in my old stomping grounds--maybe for good. Now I'd like to become really familiar with what other Hounds think are the cul...

Best bets at chain restaurants in Ontario

by prima 30 days ago

Curious which chains you frequent and which chains you like. I tend to focus on indie business when I can. Sometimes, especially in the burbs, or after 8 pm on a Sunday night, chains are the opt...

Boston cassoulet watch 2019-2020

by youngho 2 years ago

I enjoy cassoulet. Unfortunately, it seems like there's been a dramatic reduction in the number of offerings in the Boston area over the last 15 years. I was happy to see that the new Rochambeau, ...

Looking for restaurant recommendations near Disneyland Paris

by RickBehl 15 days ago

Hi, I will be heading to Disneyland Paris for 3 nights in just over a week and will be staying close by to the park. I'm anticipating not a very high level of gastronomy within the park so I thi...

Near Pearson on a Monday - Help!

by estufarian 2 months ago

We are meeting up with a (vaccinated) friend coming to Toronto for a business meeting. Arriving on a Monday - and unknown transit time to escape the airport, but staying near there overnight. Any ...

Top Female Owned Restaurants in Paris?

by tastebudseattle 3 years ago

I am returning to Paris for a few days, and the friend I'm traveling with is dedicating 2018 to dining at women-owned restaurants, or those with female chefs. Who else would I turn to but you fabul...

Road trip: Chicago to the Dells

by twodales2 24 days ago

Any new suggestions for places to stop for meals from Chicago to the Wisconsin Dells? We will be going via Rockford and Madison. Anything from Cheap 'n Cheerful to Fancy pants will do. Thanks

Dan Dan Noodles - Recommendations for take-away?

by toronto guy 28 days ago

Fellow hounds - I seek your sage advice I've had plenty of Asian noodle dishes, but no Dan Dan yet Can you please recommend a reliable Richmond Hill take-away resto? Thanks in advance TG

Authentic Chinese in Columbia, SC area?

by henry66 1 month ago

For years, our go-to place for authentic Chinese food has been Sun Ming in Irmo. Wonderful Szechuan and Hunan specialties, noodle soups, chow fun etc. In the day, lots of Chinese families and uni...

Lunch Date in DC - recommendations?

by makeleleroll 2 months ago

It's been years since I've had a lunch date with my spouse. I haven't been around the DC food scene in years, so I don't know what's good these days. In the past, we've really enjoyed Rose's Luxu...

Paris Outdoor Dinner in October

by mrsnm 2 months ago

My husband and I are planning a trip to Paris mid-October and would prefer to eat dinner outdoors. Any suggestions? Staying in the 6th but we are open in terms of area, cuisine and price. Reservati...

Budda's delight in the GTA?

by bunbunbun 3 months ago

Hello everyone (and especially Charles Yu haha): Where is the place to go for this dish in the GTA? Skyview? Casa Victoria? Yunlin? I have had O'mei's version previously, which while I enjoy...

Rosti potatoes? Where?

by gavspen 2 months ago

One of the unfortunate victims of the pandemic shut down was a place in mid-town west called Mont Blanc, a Swiss joint which served up...to my way of thinking, anyway...the best rosti potatoes arou...

Outdoor dining rec for party of 10 in PDX Oct. 3?

by Reuel 2 months ago

Looking for a safe dining destination in PDX for 10 out of towners on Sunday Oct. 3. We're in PDX for my son's wedding on the 2nd and my wife's family wants to get a low key meal the next night. P...

Tastiest bites in NYC

by Lets_enjoy_food 2 months ago

I have been clued out of the food scene for the past 10 years, and now have a week to explore. What are the tastiest items (good enough for a top 10 list) that people have eaten in the 5 NYC boroug...

Coffee shops with patios, heated and unheated

by prima 12 months ago

Unheated patio Krave on St Clair W 5 Elements 521 (on the Danforth , hope it is still open) Heated patio Boxcar Social at Summerhill