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Irrepressible Szechuan Seattle-area restaurateurs

by not the bad Steve 6 hours ago

I ate a lot at Szechuan Bistro on 85th near Greenwood in Seattle before it was destroyed by fire in 2009. I've heard from several people that the couple who started that restaurant followed a pa...


Suggestions for Parisian comfort/informal food?

by moxymoxy 4 days ago

Hello! Thanks to all the previous contributors who have had very informative posts. Reading previous threads has been much more helpful than the google searches that turn up websites and articles...


Sugar Shacks

by wallyg 1 day ago

We have reservations for Martin Picard's Cabane à Sucre Au Pied De Cochon in April. We're taking the kids are are excited. Wanted to see what other good sugaring off experiences there might be......

Peking Duck in Boston?

by CambridgeFoodie 1 day ago

Yes, China King (Doris!) is the Grande Dame of Boston's Peking Duck scene. And yes, it's an elaborate 3 course affair (skin/wrap, homemade noodles, soup). But...it's getting pricey...$59.99....

Tao's Fusion in Selden

by Gastronomos 1 day ago

This underrated Sichuan dish made an appearance at my table when I visited Tao's fusion in Selden. No matter how you call this dish: Suan Tang Fei Niu 酸汤肥牛 / Beef with House Made Pickle in ...

Looking for Jan Pong--RTP area

by Panski 2 months ago

We were on our way home from Raleigh on a very rainy day and decided to warm up with a bowl of Jan Pong at China Express in Durham. Such horror to find the restaurant was permanently closed. We ...


2019 Paris Cheese Restaurants

by GourmetPiggy 5 days ago

Will be visiting Paris in mid Jan and am looking for a restaurant that offers a cheese plate / cheese tasting that will allow me to try a little bit of many cheeses. Perhaps something like the Andr...

Haute Eggs

by eggsthusiasm 20 days ago

I am researching eggs, and am interested in eating some fancypants eggs at a fine dining restaurant on the eastern seaboard, somewhere between Boston and Washington DC. Anyone have ideas for places...

Northumberland County (Cobourg, Port Hope, Warkworth, Roseneath, etc.)

by highlyunlikely 11 months ago

We just bought a house in Roseneath, about 20 minutes north of Cobourg in Northumberland County. Looking for any chowfinds and/or delicious markets/farmstands/local products. So far we have disco...

ISO QUIET restaurant near Yonge & Front

by Googs 11 days ago

Preferably with tablecloths, definitely with a good wine list. Any suggestions?

Erkuai rice cakes los angeles

mr mouther
by mr mouther 7 days ago

Im going to assume based on the lack of vitality in the discussion boards here now that most vigorous eaters ahve moved elsewhere, but just in case, any good grilled rice cakes in SGV etc.?

Baptism Reception Venue in Manhattan

by coleper 12 days ago

My daughter is being baptized on a Sunday in late Feb. The church is in midtown west. I’m looking for a place to host a brunch or lunch for about 100 people, including kids. I’d love to find som...

New York Restaurants with open kitchen

by borisabrams 17 days ago

Hi! When I was in Montreal, I found a great number of restaurants with open kitchens. I loved sitting up at a bar watching the chefs at work. Now that I am back in NYC, however, I find them few a...

30th Birthday - Chicago

by jnk89 10 days ago

Hi 'hounds...this is my first post on here, but I have utilized the discussion board to see if there's been any recent questions re: affordable group dinners. I just moved back to Chicago this ...

Dim Sum brunch suggestions needed

by zook 22 days ago

Looking for a good dim sum brunch, preferably with cart service. Used to go to China Mama, but it’s been quite awhile, so thought I’d ask in case there are newer or better suggestions.

Crab legs reward

mr mouther
by mr mouther 13 days ago

After many unsuccessful tries Ive stopped smoking for more than 150 days and I decided I wanted a reward of crab legs since i haven't had them in probably 20 years. Anyone have any recommendation f...

Looking to try Sundae (Korean blood sausage!)

by borisabrams 16 days ago

Hi! I would love to try Korean blood sausage, Sundae, either on its own or in a stew. I have yet to try it! Does anyone know a good place in New York area that prepares it particularly well...

Park Side Restaurant in Corona for Christmas Eve Dinner

by jcoves73 19 days ago

Hey everyone! I will be going to Park Side in Corona, Queens for Christmas Eve dinner with another couple and was wondering if anyone had any must order dish recommendations. The bread basket looks...

Is there an authentic Thai restaurant in Brooklyn?

by salvusman82 3 months ago

The last 20 Thai restaurants in Brooklyn I have visited or ordered from have all been mediocre, Americanized, overpriced, bland Thai food. There are couple of half-decent places (Sky Ice in Park S...

Advice for high end sushi in Ginza for first time visitor? (Sawada, Hashimoto, Taichi, Keita, Ishiyama, Ryusuke, Harutaka, Ginza Iwa)?

by bucktown 10 months ago

My wife will be visiting Tokyo for the first time in April (honeymoon!). Our hotel is in the Ginza district, so we would naturally want to visit a Ginza sushi-ya. We speak no Japanese but are well ...