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I've been on a kick to find the best General Tso's chicken in Manhattan

by feeroz 1 day ago

I've been on a kick to find the best General Tso's chicken in Manhattan. My staples have been Wei West and Wonton No...


vinouspleasure commented 1 hour ago

Shabu Shabu Macoron?

by erica 11 hours ago

My experience with shabu-shabu or sukiyaki (is there a difference?) is woefully limited and dates back many decades t...

Wednesday Date Restaurant

by luckiestduck 16 days ago

I like her a lot. Want to go somewhere that feels fun and special... but unfortunately not expensive. Her tastes seem...


luckiestduck commented 12 hours ago

Telluride CO Recommendations

by klebb 15 hours ago

Heading to Telluride in late June in tow with my wife and three kids ranging between 5-10. I'm looking for can't m...

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Good Eats Surf City Area

by CheetahsCoach 1 day ago

Heading to Topsail for my 60th birthday with my favorite person in the whole world -my wife- With no kids and no pets...

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Taos, NM Restaurants & Bar Recs

by klebb 1 day ago

Heading to Taos in late June in tow with my wife and three kids ranging between 5-10. I'm looking for can't miss...

Best Peking Duck in Flushing

by newhavener 3 days ago

Kid is graduating and wants a Peking Duck dinner. Small group - 12 people at most - any recommendations? Although m...


gargupie commented 2 days ago

Last minute take out suggestions for a party

by luckiestduck 4 days ago

Hi everyone! I'm in the midst of a bachelorette weekend that I organized and had some last minute changes that caused...


sophocles commented 4 days ago

Best palmiers plz

by hungryann 4 days ago

Since Gascogne is no more, where can I find the best palmiers? I loved theirs. Première Moisson are average and Mamie...


hungryann commented 4 days ago

4th Annual Eating Italy Adventure

by lavendula 3 months ago

Flights and accommodations are booked, now it's time for the most fun part! Just delving in, so any ideas & recomm...


lavendula commented 4 days ago

Restaurants in Brno?

by fmclellan 6 days ago

Hello, all. We will be in Vienna in August and taking a short-ish trip to Brno, Czech Republic. Any updated restauran...


medlar commented 5 days ago

Fried Bologna Sandwhich

by bostonbeefeater 8 days ago

I am looking for a diner, restaurant, sub shop etc. that sells fried bologna sandwiches, preferably in the North Shor...


bostonbeefeater commented 7 days ago

BBQ Bologna

by bostonbeefeater 22 days ago

Can someone in Nashville recommend a good place to go for BBQ bologna? I will be in Nashville in two weekends and re...


bostonbeefeater commented 7 days ago

Philadelphia - Delicious but affordable for group dinner

by ldsiverlake 14 days ago

Hi Chowhounds! I need to organize a dinner for the Board of my (out of town) non-profit after our meeting in Philade...


urbanfabric commented 7 days ago

ISO Beef Ribs

by tubman 2 months ago

Any restaurants in the DMV (preferably Montgomery County) that feature them? Something I can pick up and eat with my ...


My_Pet_Toaster commented 7 days ago

Sushi Ya

by mikey8811 8 days ago

Hi Has anyone been to Sushi Ya post Takao Ishiyama? Has the quality been maintained? As an aside, where has Ish...


mikey8811 commented 8 days ago

Restaurant recommendations please in South OC for a special birthday

by choopark 15 days ago

Hi. I’m looking for a restaurant for my husband’s 50th birthday dinner with close friends. Do you know one where a gr...


choopark commented 8 days ago

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Reservation to Meadowood

by adelabar 10 days ago

I have a reservation for Meadowood Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 5:45 PM for 3--let me know if you want it! We are teach...

Sunday Lunch in Florence

by ponteuf 12 days ago

Thanks to those who have helped me out with Venice! We're set on our two Florence dinners (Sostanza on Friday, and Os...


ponteuf commented 12 days ago

Restaurant recommendation for someone who likes SPQR

by serenaj83 22 days ago

Hello to all! I'm looking to buy a gift card for my friend's birthday. I know she loves SPQR (the food and raves...


michaeleats commented 15 days ago