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Shabu Shabu Macoron?

by erica 1 month ago

My experience with shabu-shabu or sukiyaki (is there a difference?) is woefully limited and dates back many decades t...


Ttrockwood commented 16 hours ago

Monday trip to Paris - Restaurant with Japanese influence?

by 77euncho 1 day ago

Hi! I am visiting Paris one day (lunch/dinner), unfortunately it will be monday when lots of restaurants will be c...


onzieme commented 22 hours ago

Savory Soy Milk and You Tiao Chinese breakfast

by GoaGirl 16 days ago

Hi there, I'll be moving to Toronto from Vancouver in the fall and I'm wondering if there is a really good place for...


prima commented 1 day ago

HELP!!! Chez Dumonet closes on the Sunday now! Need similar alternative!!

by Charles Yu 12 days ago

I have started the reservation process for my upcoming trip to Paris. So far so good until.....! Latest internet s...

Charles Yu

Charles Yu commented 2 days ago

Best pork buns in LA area?

by sarahbeths 3 days ago

I have favorite dumpling places (DTF, Dumpling House) and favorite noodle places (101 Noodle Express) , but I'm not s...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 2 days ago

Dinner suggestions near the Termini train station

by mbconnors 6 days ago

I am staying at Una Roma hotel in July with a group of women celebrating a birthday. Would like dinner suggestions lo...


jangita commented 3 days ago

Miami restaurant advice

by josephml1 24 days ago

I am looking for this restaurants advice for my visit to Miami: 1) steakhouse 2) japanese or japanese buffet styl...


josephml1 commented 4 days ago

SEA: Sub for Bakeman's

by sasha1 11 days ago

Now that Bakeman’s is RIP, who has a rec for an equally awesome turkey sandwich. It has to be actually roasted turkey...


acgold7 commented 5 days ago

Good-value dinner in St-Jean-de-Luz on 14 juillet

by limegimlet08 9 days ago

Hi Hounds I'm looking for a casual but quality restaurant for a group of 6 in St Jean de Luz. The next day we'll b...


Ptipois commented 5 days ago

Tacos Arabes in NYC?

by rjpra2 7 days ago

Anywhere to find legit tacos arabes in NY/Brooklyn/Queens? Plz let me know!


rjpra2 commented 5 days ago

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Soy Milk Breakfast in the Bay Area

by el Mitch 6 days ago

Where can I find a good place to have Chinese/Taiwanese soy milk for breakfast with yu tiao, shao bing, fan tuan, etc...

Fish and chips in South Street Seaport

by gavspen 13 days ago

Yeah yeah, I know it's a tourist trap, but my wife has an appointment down there and we thought we'd eat lunch in the...


Hey19NYC commented 8 days ago

Need 3 Restaurant Recommendations for DC

by RIfoodie29 4 months ago

I will be traveling to DC next week and being staying around the Wardman Park area. I would greatly appreciate 3 res...

Peter Cuce

Peter Cuce commented 10 days ago

4th Annual Eating Italy Adventure

by lavendula 4 months ago

Flights and accommodations are booked, now it's time for the most fun part! Just delving in, so any ideas & recomm...


lavendula commented 10 days ago

Lard-free Pasteis de Nata in Portugal?

by frencheetoast 3 months ago

I'm visiting Portugal in September. The itinerary is not yet finalized, but I know that I will see Lisbon and Porto o...


frencheetoast commented 11 days ago

10th Anniversary dinner in Paris with kids

by theprintedpage 21 days ago

We'll be in Paris at the end of June and are looking for the perfect place to have our 10th anniversary dinner for a ...

Jake Dear

Jake Dear commented 14 days ago

Best Longsilog in the city?

by LRS 24 days ago

With several filipino newcomers in the last few years, I'm wondering which is your favorite spot for longsilog. Thanks!


gargupie commented 15 days ago

Irish Breakfast

by Raven1723 19 days ago

Our favorite Sunnyside diner was closed by the board of health and we're coming in next week and on the lookout for a...


small h commented 16 days ago

Where to find Puerto Nuevo Style Lobsters?

by WINDELLA 17 days ago

Anyone know where I can find Puerto Nuevo style lobsters without crossing the border in Southern CA?


marssy commented 17 days ago