Find the best Honolulu restaurants for celebrations and birthdays, Chinese food, authentic hole-in-the-wall eats, and more with can't-miss advice from fellow 'Hounds.

The Best Spring Break Food Destinations

Going on spring break is an American right of passage, and even though drunken debauchery is often part of the equation, a huge part of the excitement for these early spring travelers is getting to...

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Honolulu destination dining, Hilo finds and plate lunches?

by gremly girl 17 years ago

A multi-part question here for all you Hawaii hounds! I am going to Hawaii next week. We'll split our time between Honolulu and the Kapoho/Pahoa area of the Big Island (about 45 minutes south of ...

Name of Italian rest in Honolulu

by Mark C 17 years ago

I was trying to think of the name of the Italian restaurant in Honolulu that my friend took me to about 10 years ago. Tha name was something like Philapalo. Can someone help me with this? It was...

macadamia nuts and coffee in Honolulu?

by molly 18 years ago

Where can I buy the freshest macadamias and coffee in Honolulu (preferably near Waikiki) to bring home? I've never been a big fan of Mauna Loa macadamias in a can, and I'm sure I'm missing out... ...

Need some Honolulu advice.....

by Joule Thomson 18 years ago

Hi.... I am thinking about moving to Honolulu but I want to come and check out the food and the living situitation first. I have been to Honolulu may times before but only as a tourist...... Can a...

Stuck at Honolulu Airport

by canuck 18 years ago

We have a three hour layover at Honolulu Airport on the way to Kauai. Any Chowhounder recommendations for lunch? How's the Airport chow? It would be nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the ...

Honolulu suggestions please

by Ray 19 years ago

My wife and I will be going to Honolulu for the first time this August. For our anniversary we have reservations at Bali by the Sea in the Hilton complex, but otherwise have no food plans. Please...

Honolulu plate lunch stops

by Swatkins 19 years ago

Where are the must-eat-at plate lunch trucks/stops in Honolulu from downtown-ish to the north shore? Other budget eatery suggestions w/b appreciated as well!! Mahalo!

Honolulu, Oahu Eats Hawaii: Alan Wong's, Chef Mavro, L&L Drive Inn, Leonard's

by Sweet Willie 19 years ago

Many of these have been listed before, thanks to those that did. Here are my recent (3.25-29.02) eats while in Honolulu. Alan Wong's Restaurant, Easily one of the top meals in my life, EASILY! Lo...

looking for dim sum-waikiki-honolulu

by chuck s 19 years ago

Will be in the area from Boston, looking for the best dim sum. Thanks.

brunch in Honolulu

by iabrownie 19 years ago

We will be in Honolulu and would like a great place for brunch. A few (well, maybe more than a few) years ago we went to an outdoor garden type place that was in what I remember as a converted hous...

Honolulu, Hawaii: ISO Dim Sum, Alan Wong and Luau

by Heather 20 years ago

Hi All: We will be in Honolulu for Thanksgiving week and are looking for specific dim sum suggestions. Restaurant name, cross streets...anything! Also, what should we have at Alan Wong's? I h...


by sue by 21 years ago

Are there any Honolulu readers who can tell me the ingredients to the SAUCE served with the Vietnamese summer rolls sold at the market in Chinatown? (specifically, what is the white stuff?) Thanks.

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