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WaPo on "The Sommeliers of Everything"

by patsully 2 months ago

"Perhaps you are someone who thinks honey is just honey. Or tea is just tea. Or olive oil is just olive oil. Or water is just water. Or a cigar is just a cigar. Or mustard is just mustard. If so, y...

? name of Italian fried honey cookies

by momiecat 7 years ago

My grandmother used to make these and sometimes dipped them in powdered sugar. I cannot remember if they were fried but I think they were. They were really sticky and messy but good. Can anyone ...

Apple Taste-off: Honeycrisp vs. Pink Lady

Low Country Jon
by Low Country Jon 12 years ago

After all the talk on the board about honeycrisps, I had to find some, and while I was at it, I bought some nice pink lady apples, too. The honeycrisps were organic from Michigan while the pink la...

Boyco Foods Buckwheat Honey @ Portland Farmers Market at PSU

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

One of the most unique things tasted at the Saturday morning Portland Farmers Market https://www.chowhound.com/post/briar-rose-creamery-portland-farmers-market-psu-1076078 , was the Buckwheat Honey...

Honey themed dinner

by vanessa7 9 months ago

My husband and FIL are extracting honey from the family beehive next week and I would like to put together a honey themed dinner. My first thought was buttermilk fried chicken (maybe the Ad Hoc rec...

Honey is not supposed to spoil

by RGC1982 10 years ago

I have read and heard many times that honey does not spoil, and that honey from hundreds of years ago may still be edible. However, I find this a little hard to believe when I can't seem to be a...

How is comb honey eaten/served?

by stratford 10 years ago

I have never seen comb honey served in any restaurant, so I'm curious how it is supposed to be served and eaten. Is it an appetizer, meant to be eaten with knife and fork? Is a chunk of it suppos...

Honey Mustard Sauce similar to KFC?

by javaandjazz 11 years ago

I don't know about anyone else on here but I love KFC's honey mustard sauce. I purchased a brand, I think called Franks at the grocery store and it was just awful. Do any of you know of honey musta...

Honeybells...are they worth it?

by jpmcd 10 years ago

$20 for the citrus, $10 for shipping...I love clementines, mineolas, pink grapefruit and navel oranges...will I like honeybells for $30??

Jiggering Highly Viscous Liquids (Honey, Gomme Syrup)

by EsotericWaffles 1 year ago

Does anyone have any tips on how to measure out and pour viscous liquid with consistent results? Part of me thinks it would probably just make sense to develop a standard weight for the ingredient ...

Dried honey powder?

by Howard_2 11 years ago

I recently came upon a company that was selling something it called "dried honey"--honey from which the moisture had been removed, and which was now a powder, which (the demonstrator claimed) could...

Honey straight from the honeycomb?

by tolerating 1 year ago

Hello guys, I've heard there are couple of places in Montreal that sell honey from honeycombs they have. I am not talking about manufacturers... I am talking about small communities with share...

Substitute molasses for honey?

by Howard_2 2 years ago

To what extent do you think you can substitute molasses for honey in a recipe? Of course, the taste will be somewhat different, but it seems to me there's a lot in common in the 2 substances. (...

Trader Joe's Honey

by Fritz 2 years ago

I've been enjoying the Turkish honey the last few years. Any others worth trying for taste? Not imaginary health benefits, taste.

Ginger - Futurologists Take Note

by jounipesonen 2 years ago

I have diced fresh ginger into small bits. Packed a Ball jar full - and then continously poured in honey. It was evenutally all filled - the solution was watery in the end - as the honey no d...

Flavor Question

by VinoPair 3 years ago

I've got a food bite with pear, blue cheese, honey, and walnuts. What's another ingredient I could use to take this classic pairing - Over The TOP!!! Need your expert opinions please. Thanks!!...

What is a good substitute for honey?

by sarahjay 10 years ago

I've always had great success with the No Knead Challah recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (recipe available at www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/baked-good/recipe-noknead-challah-043363 ) and ...

Honey Bee Latte Recipe - Cliff & Pebble

by cliffandpebble 2 years ago

The leaves are falling, the weather is changing and there always seems to be a certain desire to grab a tasty, warm cup of coffee or tea and snuggle by the fire in your favorite sweater. This time ...

How to make honey crystallize

by FootHiker 2 years ago

I like crystallized honey. But I'm having a hard time making honey that I buy at the store crystallize. I've heard that low temperatures will help. But I've put honey in the refrigerator (averag...

Honey butter made with whipped butter?

by RAOL 2 years ago

After buying and bringing home whipped butter, I decided I'd like to make honey butter. However it looks like most recipes for honey butter start with whipping regular butter, then adding the hone...