Happy Hour

The happiest hour of the day is cocktail hour. Findthe best happy hour deals in your area, talk about how to host a happy hour, and weigh in on your favorite happy hours at local restaurants and bars.

Throw an Italian Aperitivo That Will Put Summer Happy Hours to Shame

The tradition of Italian aperitivo is, by its very nature, a civilized affair. Drinks are light, lively, and low in alcohol. Snacks are simple, artful, and typically nibbly bites intended to be eaten...

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happy hour in LA area

by madame x 17 years ago

Now that Cava no longer exists - where else is there a good happy hour? Sonora has a good one - great platter of mussels and margaritas. Tahiti on 3rd was ok but I need help. Any info would be great

bonfire.......... happy hour?

by diski 17 years ago

do they still have the inexpensive tacos at happy hour???? I am going there for a party soon? Does anyone know! Thanks

Grendel's Happy Hour

by Carrie 17 years ago

Does Grendel's in Harvard Square still have Happy Hour food specials? I know they used to (2-3 years ago) have some special where all menu items were $2.50 or thereabouts.

Happy hour in Midtown

by challi 17 years ago

Is there a bar near Grand Central that has a happy hour which extends past 6 p.m.? Most of the bars and restaurants I'm familiar with are high end for high rollers.

Seeking Raw Bar Happy Hour Suggestions

by elyhtak 17 years ago

Fellow chowers, I need your suggestions. I keep hearing mention of restaurants that offer happy hour (or other hours) specials for their oyster/clam raw bars...I think Old Ebbitt Grill was one of ...

Cheapest Happy Hour in Manhattan

by Sam Benedict 17 years ago

The cheapest after-work happy hour I've found is at an Italian restaurant on 19th street between 5th and 6th, closer to 5th. It's called Portfolio, and there is an exotic bartender named Meriam beh...

tortilla flats happy hour?

by sourpatch 17 years ago

Has anyone been to this restaurant/bar? I am celebrating my 30th bday with some friends after work this month and was wondering if this would be an ideal (fun) place.

In Need of a Good Happy Hour for Food ...

by J 17 years ago

Hey guys, I'm looking for a couple places that do happy-hours with discounts on food (i.e. $1 appetizers at Maggiano's). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, J

Best Happy Hour Food?

by ElizabethC 17 years ago

My husband and I recently went to 727 Pine for their happy hour. They have a happy hour menu that includes things like cassoleut (not available when we went), flatbread pizza for $5 (very good), f...

Oyster happy hours?

by ecDan 17 years ago

Are there any great places with oyster happy hours in manhattan or brooklyn besides the aquagrill?

Happy hour locale??

by scott 17 years ago

We're going to Blue Smoke tonight for some BBQ and would like to enjoy cocktails beforehand at another location within a 5-block radius. Any suggestions? (We've already got the Vanderbilt on o...

Happy Hour in Baltimore?

by Anna 17 years ago

Where's your favorite spot for Happy Hour in Baltimore? My daughter is going to my parent's house for a rare four day weekend. That means that my husband and I can actually go out for a drink. O...

happy hour

by kimmy 17 years ago

Going out tommorrow night, does anyone have any suggestions for a place to go for happy hour(preferably with a food buffet)?

Happy Hour in Annapolis tonite?Quick!!

by Lynn 17 years ago

Seeing our financial guy in Annapolis at 5 and today is also Hubby's BD. bad news first, right? Any suggestions for good bar food/Happy Hour, maybe on the harbor?

R&G Happy Hour - Join us TODAY @ 5pm

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

Got an appointment downtown today, so it's as good a time as any to check out the happy hour at R&G Lounge in SF Chinatown. Could be great, could be a total bust, don't know but we'll find out. ...

Yodo happy hour

by at203 17 years ago

I hear this happy hour has free sushi. Is that true, and how long does it last? Is it any good?

R&G Lounge Happy Hour?

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

Driving past R&G Lounge in SF Chinatown tonight, there seemed to be a sign by the entrance saying Happy Hour, Free hors d'oeurvres. Didn't register until I was too far past it, so didn't catch all...

Happy hour at Sushi Zone, Oakland

by Yvonne 17 years ago

I reported on a lunch at Sushi Zone a while back and since then, I've been back 3 times for dinner. Each time, I've focused on their appetizer menu. Every day between 5-6:30 pm, appetizers, beer,...

Free Botanas at happy hour at Maya

by Rochelle McCune 17 years ago

Someone asked about happy hour grub recently and I drew a blank. But I finally came up with someplace.....Maya! Its not a free-for-all buffet or serve yourself. But from 5-7pm they will bring you...

happy hour on the westside

by Pete C 17 years ago

Hey guys, finally getting off work at a decent hour and looking for a place with a happy hour and some good eats on the westside of town. Preferably near Culver City, LAX, west LA. Can anyone help?...

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