Grape Recipes We Guarantee You've Never Tried Before

Perhaps you've never looked for a grape recipe before. After all, they're probably most often enjoyed as they are, popped right into one's mouth (and poured in in the form of wine). But grapes are ripe...

Kyoho Grapes (rare) Irvine Farmer's Market

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 1 year ago

Kyoho grapes are at the Irvine Farmer's market. I had them once in Japan 7 years ago and have been looking ever since - very happy to have found them again. The season according to the vendor is ...

Rare Nesbitt Muscadine Grapes spotted in Chinese Supermarket!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

Rated by Harvard to be the most nutritious grapes in the market and ranked as ' the tastiest grapes people have never heard of ' by most? This grape has a Crispy/crunchy, fairly thick skin encasin...

Abundance of coronation grapes -- suggestions?

by TorontoJo 4 years ago

My neighbour is not harvesting most of his 10 acres of sovereign coronation grapes (similar to concords, but seedless). Any thoughts/suggestions at what I could do with some of them? I don't have a...

Help: Ripe Grapevine in my backyard

by jillytomato 4 years ago

We rented a home with a 30-ft grapevine in the backyard. Doing absolutely nothing, it is now FULL. The clusters have dark purple skins, very firm flesh, lots of seeds, and the smell/flavor is incre...

Where can I find Muscat grapes in Los Angeles??

by Miss Mick 4 years ago

Is there anywhere in Los Angeles or the westside where I can find muscat (aka moscato or moscatel) grapes right now? I mean the REAL, come-to-jesus floral and exotic ones, not the insipid pretender...

Sugarless recipes for sour grapes?

by ced1106 4 years ago

Bought some sour grapes at the grocery. Oops. I searched for some recipes using soured grapes, but they involved sugar (eg. rolling the grapes in sugar). I don't think I want to go as far as making...

How do you handle table grapes with seeds?

by stratford 12 years ago

I'm talking about the larger grape variety that harbor 2-3 rice grain sized seeds. Do you pop the grape in your mouth and swallow the seeds while eating? Gingerly bite down and try to take them o...

Cotton Candy Grapes

by Guinness02122 5 years ago

Hi, I had the organic version of these last month, and I'm told the non-organic ones will be out in early August. Does anyone know if they will be available earlier? Thanks!

Have a lot of concord grapes. Good ideas? And tips?

by karykat 11 years ago

I just came back from visiting family with a big garden and they had a LOT of very ripe concord grapes. Which I love. So I've come home with a lot of them. What are some good ideas? S...

Cotton Candy Grapes?

by magic 7 years ago

Anyone ever had cotton candy grapes? I found these at Fresh Harvest, on Eglinton. They taste like.... cotton candy. And they are quite awesome.

What's the white residue on red Grapes?

by DanielChmielnicki 5 years ago

According to http://www.welchsfresh.com/fresh-grapes/ (in the faq at the bottom of the page): What is the white residue found on grapes? The residue is the waxy coating produced naturally by th...

What's the white residue on red grapes?

by elise h 14 years ago

I've noticed in the last year that red seedless grapes often have a white residue on them. I rinse the grapes and the residue appears to be gone. When the grapes are dry again, the residue appears....

Question about juice for sherbert and also, any good recipes?

by lisaimmarco 6 years ago

Hi all, Well, it's Muscatine grape season and I am going to make sherbet using one of those cheapo ice cream makers that make you freeze an inner canister first. Question: I see that all the ...

Corinth/Champagne grapes?

by Webs 6 years ago

These seem to be scarce in Montreal this summer. I've only found some on the Esposito on Sherbrooke in NDG but they are out of stock now. I've tried Loblaw's, Provigo, IGA, Sami Fruit, and Marc...

Concord grapes ... where to find in LA?

by chow_rk 7 years ago

Looking for concord grapes. So far, I was able to find them twice in 3 years around here. Wondering if anyone know of specialty store that sells concord grapes more often! Thanks!

Concord grape dessert bars

by bluebird24 6 years ago

I've got a concord grape vine, and years ago I made concord grape dessert bars. It was a bit of work making this (or a pie), as you need to slip all the skins off then push the pulp through a siev...

National PI(e) Day

by Candy 6 years ago

Saturday, 3/14 is National Pi(e) day. What kind of pie will you make? I'm trying decide between Concord Grape pie or Sour Cherry. I froze enough of both to have as a treat this winter, a taste of ...

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