Why Gochujang Is in Every Korean Pantry (and Belongs in Yours Too)

There are plenty of food cultures out there that embrace the spicy—Vietnamese cuisine, of course, has Sriracha; Indonesia originated sambal; and Sichuan chili oil is a tongue-tingling revelation—but...

Gochujang best substitute?

by DoritaSenpai 1 year ago

Soo i wanna make tteokbokki and kimchi jjigae but i run out korean chili paste, between thai chili paste and tonku chili paste which one is better substitute??

Gochujang without corn syrup, fructose or glucose?

by janel 9 years ago

I catered a dinner party recently and made mini Korean-style pulled chicken tacos as an app. I wanted to use gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste) but couldn't find any that didn't contain fructose,...

Townsman's gochujang maple hot sauce

C. Hamster
by C. Hamster 4 years ago

Matt Jennings has been experimenting with maple for awhile now and has come up with killer maple hot sauce using Rhei Maid gochujang. Its bottled and for sale in the restaurant (and I think served...

Finding (and recognizing) Gochujang

by SuzieCK 4 years ago

OK. So I'm tantalized by the possibility of incorporating the Korean condiment Gochujang into my cooking. Problem. I cannot seem to find it. Probably, I am simply not able to read the label, nor ha...

Gochujang without cane sugar or HFCS

by Enso 5 years ago

I tried United Noodle for this Korean condiment, but all the versions they carry are simplified version of the Real Thing and contain high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar. Anyone know of a more n...

Fusebox (Oakland)

by hyperbowler 9 years ago

To my delight, Fusebox is finally offering Saturday lunch hours in addition to their current W-F lunch schedule. http://fuseboxoakland.com The Korean Fried Chicken wings are very different fr...

Five Senses Korean

by Pan 6 years ago

My girlfriend and I had an early dinner today at Five Senses, a 2-week-old Korean restaurant on 32 St. It's excellent and you should try it, too. We shared an order for 2 of braised galbi with j...

Gochujang San Francisco

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 6 years ago

Hounds, any idea who carries Gochujang in the city of San Francisco other than First Korean Market? Market names and neighborhoods would really help - thanks!

Korean recommendation in Berkeley or Oakland

by luciemom 8 years ago

Most of the discussions on Korean restaurants here are pretty old. I'm looking for your current favorites -- taking a couple who have just moved here from the East Coast and want to try Korean w/ b...

Asian Green--what is this?

by femmevox 6 years ago

Monday at the end of the Central Square Farmer's Market, as I was buying scallions, the woman at the Asian greens stand thrust a free bouquet of greens into my bag. They are dark green, larger l...

Korean vs. Japanese Sashimi ?

by kid cha 6 years ago

Curious if anyone also prefers Korean Hwe to Japanese Sashimi . And where is the best Korean Hwe in LA ?

What is smoked miso?

Karl S
by Karl S 6 years ago

And how is it made and can it be purchased ready-made? Is it simply miso with liquid smoke added?

Your Fave 'Around the World' Condiments. .

Beach Chick
by Beach Chick 7 years ago

I love a high quality 'gourmet' condiment..love finding those gems that I've never seen or heard before when traveling. Mike's Hot Honey and HPS Epicurean gourmet mustards are sublime. HPS Epic...

Seeking Ingredient: Gochujang

by Lambowner 7 years ago

I have hot-footed all over Houston looking for this ingredient (a hot/sweet pepper paste) for some Korean Meatballs. Never found it, although it is apparently a key ingredient in many Korean dishe...

I need a dry rub recipe for wings I'm making tomorrow. Other ideas welcome.

by BurgerFriesAndCoke 7 years ago

Hubby is coming back into town from work tomorrow. He missed Father's Day so I want to celebrate it with him tomorrow. He loves buffalo wings, which I will make if I can't find any other wing recip...

ISO Gochujang - Korean spicy sauce

by Quattrociocchi 7 years ago

Has anybody seen this in Vancouver? Are they all the same? are some more spicy than others? This stuff has me intrigued.....

What's for Dinner #270 - The Hunkering Down Edition [through January 27, 2014]

by roxlet 8 years ago

With frigid temperatures continuing in much of the US, the time for lighting those ovens and cooking warming foods is here. Even my husband, the indefatigable griller, is staying inside to cook. ...

Can I substitute Gochujang for Thai Chili Paste?

michele cindy
by michele cindy 8 years ago

Planning to make Thai Red Curry Shrimp, all I have is gochujang paste. Can I sub it for the Thai chili paste?