Frying Pans

A good frying pan is essential for a cook. Get advice on which size and type to buy, plus discuss cooking techniques, care and storage, and more.

The 11 Best Direct-to-Consumer Cookware Brands of 2020

If you’re in the market for new cookware, you’re probably considering well-known brands like All-Clad, Anolon, or Cuisinart. However, there are some newcomers to the cookware scene, and they’re shaking...

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Wok vs. frying pan for pad thai?

by seconds 13 years ago

I wanted to try my hand at making pad thai this week, but I don't own a wok. Does it make a big difference to use a wok, or has anyone had good results just using a frying pan?

Have I ruined my All-Clad frying pan?

by foodshark73 13 years ago

On the first use, no less! Just fried something up in bacon grease over moderate heat and now the entire cooking surface is dark brown and will not clean off even after scrubbing until my hand prac...


by JOJOGIRL 13 years ago

Can you use old fashioned cast iron pan on an electric stove with a glass top? I always used mine on a gas range, and loved it. I don't want to scratch the surface on this stove. What do you electr...

Is the Frying Pan gone?

by hatethewordfoodie 13 years ago

I saw a news/blog item about this some time back ... is the Frying Pan actually gone?

Please Help Me Save My Cast Iron Frying Pan

by niki rothman 13 years ago

Read this horror story at your own risk! (may induce tears and garment rending in the faint of heart chowhound chef): My holy grail - the twelve inch cast iron frying pan with a perhaps fifty ye...

The Frying Pan at the piers?

by TipsyMcStagger 14 years ago

Anyone been to the floating bar recently "The Frying Pan," just north of Chelsea Piers? I'm meeting some buddies there this afternoon and was kind of outvoted on venue. I've never been, but som...

what to do with two 10" frying pans...

by lotsanivanh 15 years ago

well crate&barrel has a hot deal on a 7pc all clad set that i could not pass up. one of the pieces is a 10" frying pan, which i already have. my dilemma now is should i keep both pans or give one...

12" non-stcik frying pan

by deelicious 15 years ago

I watched America's Test Kitchen and they recommended the Farberware Millenium non stick fry pan. I've used the pan for 2 months and I noticed eggs are sticking to the surface. I'm almost ready t...

the Frying Pan at Chelsea Piers

by lucia 15 years ago

Hello there - does anyone happen to know if the hours of the frying pan bar at chelsea piers? Is it open regularly or only for special events? Thanks!

nonstick frying pan

by Carrie 16 years ago

Since our Calphalon nonstick frying pan has started peeling, we’re in the market for a new nonstick frying pan. What would you recommend?

Cast iron frying pan needs to be seasoned!

by I love New Orleans FOOD! 17 years ago

I just got a huge cast iron pan, it needs to be seasoned, it has been so long since I had a new cast iron pan, all my others are well used ones that I have had for years, I need advice on the best ...

Why does my All-Clad frying pan suck?

by adam 17 years ago

Everything sticks to my brand-new All-Clad frying pans (10" and 7"), no matter how much oil or butter I add, no matter the flame size. Before I throw them into the river, does anyone have advice?

non-stick frying pans

by Rachel Hope 20 years ago

More questions about holiday purchases. I was recently cooking at the house of some friends and they had a wonderful steel(?) frying pan without any funky coating which functioned as non-stick. I...

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