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Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Talk fried chicken technique and recipes with other 'hounds, plus find out which restaurants serve the best fried chicken around.

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Has Anyone Tried Chick’nCone in NYC?

by marssy 12 hours ago

I read about Chick’nCone in a travel blog about food trucks in NYC. Has anyone tried them?

Fried Chicken is Life

by Gastronomos 11 days ago

This is a nice start:

Bob Martinez commented 5 days ago

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65¢ fried chicken @ Church's happy hour thru 4/21

by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

Gives new meaning to Chicken 65 . . . Church's is celebrating its 65th anniversary by rolling back prices on unlimite...

Side dish ideas for fried chicken and waffles as the main

by momoftwo 2 years ago

For the AFC championship tomorrow, we are hosting about a dozen people. Hubby got a new professional waffle maker for...

LaLa commented 8 days ago

The secret to great fried chicken wings?

by carophil11 15 days ago

I have a mild obsession with chicken wings. Ok, maybe it's not so mild. There's not one moment of any day ever wher...


Felliott commented 13 days ago

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Billy Reed's Fried Chicken | Palm Springs

by Melanie Wong 18 days ago

Last week's yahrzeit memorial was supposed to be held in the function room at Mr. Lyon's Steakhouse. But the fierce s...

Best fried chicken in Vegas?

by Michelle 1 month ago

Looking for great fried chicken in Las Vegas! Any suggestions welcome. Was recently there and didn't find any. Thank ...


HeyImBack commented 22 days ago

Does deep frying chicken cause smoke?

by cgxy96 29 days ago

I live in a loft dorm with a fire alarm. I can cook as long as it does not trigger the alarm. My friend have smoke a ...

TheLateNightGourmet commented 27 days ago

I tried the Chicago Tribune's "real" KFC recipe

by MaximRecoil 6 months ago

Here's the first article about it:


Doña Olga commented 2 months ago

Fried Chicken Help Needed

by zackly 2 months ago

So I've never been good at frying chicken. It tastes OK but never seems spicy and crispy enough, like the Colonel's. ...


MGParker commented 2 months ago

Fried Chicken ... to soak or not?

by ipsedixit 9 years ago

I've been tasked to make fried chicken for a Memorial Day gathering. I'd like to get some guidance and advice abou...


mbgizmo commented 3 months ago

Best southern-fried chicken in the Greater Boston area?

by gyrf 2 years ago

I need to find a resource for really great batter-fried chicken to serve on New Year's eve. None of the reviews of lo...

BostonBestEats commented 3 months ago

Fried Chicken Skins

by Ubervache 3 months ago

Is there a store that sells pre-made fried chicken skins (aka Pollo Chicarrone). Maybe something like these: http://...


ssainani commented 3 months ago

Is anyone a member of the "The Colonels Kitchen KFC Forum"

by Dylan 9 months ago

I stumbled across a set of forums which is completely dedicated to reproducing KFC recipes. The link is below. Lots o...


Dylan commented 3 months ago

How could I kick my homemade breadcrumbs' flavor up a notch or two?

by nycguy20011 3 months ago

I've been making homemade breadcrumbs to bread chicken fingers and add I salt, garlic powder, ground pepper, parsley,...


DowntownJosie commented 3 months ago

The Bird, SF in SoMa for fried chicken sandwich shop - Any hounds try it?

by hhc 4 months ago

Seems a lot of Yelpers like The Bird, the new fried chicken sandwich shop. Have the hounds tried it? The Bird 11...


avial commented 4 months ago

Charleston, SC restaurants dilemma

by Monica 6 months ago

It's my birthday next month and my husband and I are visiting Charleston, SC for the first time. Snagged super low p...

Monica commented 5 months ago

The BEST KFC (korean fried chicken) in S.F.?

by ChowFun_derek 5 months ago

I want to introduce my friend John to Korean Fried Chicken with its' shatteringly crispy skin! What are your favorit...


HelenaHandbaskit commented 5 months ago

4 Nights to eat NOLA - list validation/suggestion seeking

by shecktor 6 months ago

Celebrating 20th anniversary over long weekend (10/27-1031) with my fellow food loving wife. We have visited the city...


collardman commented 6 months ago

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