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Which French restaurant in Boston? please help!

by allyj 8 days ago

I need help, please! I want to take my partner to dinner at a French restaurant for our (dating) anniversary. I am t...


CocoDan commented 3 days ago

Mazetti Copper opinions?

by Politiceaux 6 days ago

All, I've noticed that Mazetti makes a number of 3mm pieces for what seem to be very reasonable prices. Does anyon...


alexrander commented 6 days ago

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Cheval Blanc - a classical French cuisine with (some) international flavors

by Bu Pun Su 9 days ago

Basel, a city with plenty of museums, is known as a rich city. My friend who’s familiar with banking world called thi...

Room to squeeze in one more Modern French Restaurant - Please help to Decide

by Charles Yu 2 months ago

After going through our 9 days eating itinerary in and around Paris this coming summer. I noticed we have room to squ...

Charles Yu

Charles Yu commented 2 months ago

Montreal Restaurant Recommendation

by tony_brisbane 2 months ago

First time travelling to Montreal for 2 nights next month and would appreciate a recommendation for a restaurant serv...


hubfood commented 2 months ago

Bell's Restaurant | Los Alamos

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Cool! Speaking of the closed Bell Street Farm cafe, I'd read this piece that the new owners plan to reopen March ...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

Dinner with inlaws

by Lillla 5 months ago

I am a newlywed and my in-laws are coming next Sunday to eat my cooking for the first time, there will be 5 of us tot...


thegforceny commented 3 months ago

French Countryside

by d2tmd 4 months ago

It has always been a romantic dream of mine to go to the French countryside and learn to cook from a French grandmoth...


gooster commented 3 months ago

The sad end of the Camembert wars

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

This feels like last rites for real Camembert. " . . . Last week’s compromise might bring the conflict to an end,...


Busk commented 4 months ago

Some of my Singapore restaurants' reviews

by Bu Pun Su 2 years ago

Under the new Chowhound forums format, sometimes I got difficulties to find the old reviews of certain restaurants. B...


Bu Pun Su commented 4 months ago

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Cafe Des Beaux-Arts in Palm Desert

by Malcolm Ruthven 4 months ago

The last mention here of Cafe Des Beaux-Arts was several years ago, so I thought I'd start a thread. Two friends and ...

Question about my tin lining

by manolotraveler 10 months ago

I just picked up another copper pan on ebay (sorry, wallet) and the lining looks a bit different from the other coppe...


pinkmagnolia921 commented 4 months ago

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L'Hotel de Ville - the most legendary restaurant in Switzerland

by Bu Pun Su 4 months ago

Andreas Caminada is likely to be the most popular chef in Switzerland at the moment. However, talking about the ‘best...

A Month Of Restaurants

by brucewein 1 year ago

Will be staying near 9th and 57th for a month.Need recommendations. Will go any where in city. Prefer: Ethnic Fre...


small h commented 4 months ago

Birthday Menu: Beef Bourguignon

by vanessa7 5 months ago

I am planning the menu for my husband’s birthday dinner next week with his family (total party of 7) and wanted to ge...


StevietheFish commented 4 months ago

Cafe Can-Can Questions

by Charles Yu 5 months ago

Greetings fellow hounds, Will be downtown next week. Planning to give Victor Barry's 'Cafe Can-Can' a try. Has any...


estufarian commented 5 months ago

Anyone care to discuss cassoulet yet again?

by Kimnamkimchi 6 months ago

##(editing out the words 'Ina Garden pretty much dissed' so we can actually discuss cassoulet, the validity of bothe...


hotoynoodle commented 5 months ago

What if I WANT a skin to form on milk?

by vjb 5 months ago

If I google "milk skin," I get lots of sites in which people ask how to prevent it. But I want to generate it. In fac...


vjb commented 5 months ago

Nyon olives and other ingredients for French cooking

by wifeofnick 6 months ago

I was gifted Patricia Wells' "At Home in Provence" cookbook this Christmas, and in looking through the recipes, I've ...


Ttrockwood commented 6 months ago

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