Europe Honeymoon - Michelin Star Restaurant

by tnguyen444 5 days ago

We are doing our honeymoon in Europe. Going to Amalfi Coast, Florence, Bourdeux, Paris. Is there a Michelin star restaurant you guys recommend in those cities or around them? We want a restaurant ...

Ideas for Quick March trip to NW Tuscany?

jen kalb
by jen kalb 9 months ago

We succumbed on an impulse and bit on one of those incredibly cheap offseason deals for a week (well 5 days) in Tuscany, based in Montecatini Terme; our "real" trip to Italy will be a return to La...

Help finding restaurant in Florence Italy

by drdachel 2 months ago

In 2008, my wife and I took a late honeymoon to Italy. Our favorite restaurant on the trip was a family style restaurant in Florence (90% sure it was Florence). Today, our grow kids arrived in Fl...

5 days in Rome (then Bologna and Tuscany). Need recs. Gluten free friendly

by Moll91 5 months ago

Hi! My girlfriend and I have 5 nights in Rome in Sant'Angelo/Regola near the fontana della tartarughe. For our days in Rome I'm looking to do primarily casual restaurants where we will be e...

First time in Rome: 3 nights and four days

by jcoves73 6 months ago

Hey everyone. I will be going to Rome for my first time at the end of May. I have reach a bunch of the other posts and appreciate all the recommendations but am slightly overwhelmed all all the opt...

2-week trip to Italy. City/town recommendations?

by FrancoS88 7 months ago

My wife and I will be visiting Italy in July. Right now, we are considering visiting Rome (we will be landing in Rome and only spending one full day there), the Amalfi Coast (Positano, Sorrento, an...

One Day Cooking Class in Tuscany

by tishhamm 6 months ago

hello, a group of 6 will be in Tuscany in October. We are looking for a one day cooking class. It can be private. Any suggestions? thanks!

Florence Foodie Feedback

by sassyclax 7 months ago

Hello there. Two New Yorkers who like to eat our way around the world are heading to Florence for the first time next month. We then have 5 days in Tuscany and 5 in Puglia. We only have 2 1/2 days ...

Florence: help me choose our 1 dinner between 2 choices

by redgirl2 1 year ago

We have one jet lagged night in Florence and then one more evening where we pretend we're not jet lagged before heading into Tuscany. We've been to Florence years ago. We're NYers and want one lo...

Cipolla Rossa Florence?

by AWG 7 months ago

Has anyone been to Cipolla Rossa recently? I enjoyed it back in 2011. I am heading back to Florence soon and was planning to dine there on a Sunday. I am trying to figure out if it is the same ...

Restaurant Help Needed

by keciacourtemanch 7 months ago

I am going to Italy in June and July and am DESPERATE for recommendations on places to eat in Rome, Florence, and Venice. I have seen a few posts, but not many. I could REALLY use some help!

Rome and Florence/Tuscany with Kids, High End

by ben12345 7 months ago

I am planning a twelve day trip to Italy with my family, kids aged 7 and 9. I would like recommendations on restaurants that offer high quality food and experience, price is not a concern. The ab...

Tuscany restaurant recommendations

by kdaffodil 1 year ago

We are going to Italy the end of June with 4 days in Tuscany, 2 cars and 9 of us. We will spend 1 day in Florence with 3 days left to drive around Tuscany. We are staying near Greve. We will be ...

Florence kid-friendly restaurant recs? Bakeries? Gelaterie?

by yehfromthebay 1 year ago

We will be in Florence for 4 nights in late June (staying in the Oltrarno area). I’d love some recommendations for meal options…we’ll mostly be dining with our toddler and 1st grader, but will also...

Rome and Florence

by Robert_ 12 months ago

We are travelling to Florence and Rome in mid November. Please provide some of your favourite restaurants.

London, Florence & Rome

by Multifoiled 2 years ago

Hello all. My husband and I are leaving for a two week trip this Sunday. The following is our itinerary gleaned mostly from CH with the help of Eater 38 and Elizabeth Minchilli for a few places. ...

Restaurants in Milan, Florence and Paris

by princetonchowhound 1 year ago

In the second half of December, my husband and I and another couple are going to spend several days in Milan and Florence and would like to "eat like the natives." My husband and I will be spending...

Florence Trip Report Feb 2018

by shliz 1 year ago

I lived just outside of Florence for a year in 2014, and just returned for a month, which allowed me to update and refine my "golden list" of where to eat. This is a summary of the places we tried ...

Venice - what am I missing? (And a night in Florence?)

by ponteuf 1 year ago

Hi all, headed to Venice in 2 weeks (!!). Staying in an apartment close to St Marks, we have three nights. After obsessive reading of this board, we've made two reservations, Alla Frasca and Osteri...