Made In Launches Sleek-Yet-Simple Plates & Flatware & We’re All In 

If you follow my writing with any degree of vigor you know by now that I’ve developed a not-so-secret crush on the kitchen brand Made In. Everything that this new-ish direct-to-consumer cookware company...

Fork dilemma

by bsugarcream 17 days ago

We need a few more forks in our silverware drawer so I've been shopping around. I am a big Costco fan so I decided to look there. They don't sell sets of forks by themselves so I figured it might b...

Silver-plated flatware: dishwasher safe?!

by damiano 7 months ago

So, I've recently bought Sambonet silverplated flatware, the Baguette series. Very nice! It is not pure silver, but stainless steel that has been silverplated. Sambonet says the cutlery is dish...

What is the biggest difficulty in finding your dinnerware/flatware of your choice?

by sgonul 1 year ago

I've been looking for a simple, modern and sleek dinnerware/flatware sets.. Any reccomendations? Also, what kind of dinnerware/flatware you like?

Obscure Stuff, Pt. Deux--What's That Sur la Table?

by kaleokahu 10 months ago

So, in line with Tim's excellent thread, I thought it might be fun to move out of the kitchen's rarities, esoterica and ephemera and into the dining room's. What prompted this is finding that Cost...

Removing silverware marks from plates?

by jacquelyncoffey 12 years ago

Hi, I have Noritake colorwave dishes, which I guess are stoneware, certainly not fine china, and they have dark marks from the stainless steel flatware, from cutting your meat etc. Is there any wa...

Verjus Flea Market, SF, Saturday June 20

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"Featuring an array of grails acquired by Michael and Lindsay Tusk from their past travels available for sale. From Italian copper pots to silverware, to decanters and dining chairs - come by and f...

Spoon tapered/slanted ergonomic to the lips

by carcassone 2 years ago

Not sure how to describe this but twice in Italy, I was given a spoon that is slanted/tapered in the mouthpiece such that it's ergonomic to the lips. I never used spoon like this before anywhere e...

Where in Chinatown do you buy dishes & flatware?

by Juxie 2 years ago

I'm shopping for some new dishes and silverware for our apartment. I plan to go to Kam Man and Pearl River. Any other places you recommend? What about for silverware?

Quality Informal Flatware for Oxymorons

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 2 years ago

It's hard to find nice informal flatware. I bought a set of this at Target 15 years ago (see photo). You can see that unlined copper is starting to appear. Yikes. Guess I need to replace. That e...

Who eats using sterling silver flatware at home each and every day?

by john333 10 years ago

The people I know (relatives) who have sterling silver flatware never seem to use it, saving it for "special" occasions. My brother in law also bragged about his mother's sterling silver flatware...

At Last -- Decent, Inexpensive Steak Knives!

by kaleokahu 4 years ago

This has been quite a quest for me. For the longest time, I've been searching for a "good" set of steak knives. I've been gifted several sets, set about making my own (still uncompleted), and hav...

What should I know about stainless flatware

by sueatmo 11 years ago

My old stainless flatware, Easton by Oneida, has become worn and I have lost pieces after the roughly 15 years I have owned it. I am pretty happy with its service, but I am ready for a new pattern....

Dreamware from Polders Old World Market?

by bloodboy 3 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with this company and their Dreamware line of wooden utensils? https://www.poldersoldworldmarket.com/collections/dreamware I am really considering purchasing ...

Coin silver flatware for use, not collecting

by Hiracer 3 years ago

Does anybody have any advice on the cheapest way to purchase coin silver flatware for everyday use? Just looking for a spoon, fork and maybe dinner knife. One of each. To use. I have figured ...

Strong Flatware

by robert101 3 years ago

Hey guys! So I have a tendency to bend spoons, forks, etc. when eating at the table. I would like to buy my wife a nicer set of utensils but everywhere I look online, it's hard to tell if they a...

William Turner Master Cutlers, 18/10 Stainless, Bead

by jp_over 3 years ago

Friends, We've had William Turner stainless flatware (bead style) since January 2014. For those who are looking for elegant flatware that's not made in China, this is THE flatware to have. Of ...

Which is the Best Flatware set ?

by JoeyPar 4 years ago

Hey guys, Help Me Out Here! My mom is turning 50 on next month. So i thought of buying her something she loves. She is really craving for a good flatware set for her dinner table lately. So i have...

Flatware alternatives

by spection 8 years ago

HI all- There are many forums on which stainless steel flatware to buy but I haven't found much on alternatives to stainless steel. I read that stainless steel is both reactive and corrosive,...

Baguette vs Beau Manoir Flatware

by BonBon79 6 years ago

Hi Hounds, Is there a significant difference in style and quality (heft) between Sambonet's Baguette stainless pattern vs Guy Degrenne's Beau Manoir? Also, which one stylistically is closest to...

Flatware Alternatives to Silver

by Romaine72 5 years ago

I am an RA patient and take a chemo drug that has the gosh awful side effect that I taste metal only when I eat with metal. For the last couple of years, I eat with plasticware but it looks tacky,...