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Figs, delicious both fresh and dried, are an incredibly versatile, delicious, and healthy ingredient in any meal. From dried fig and nut bars to Show More

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Fig Newtons, what am I chewing on/spitting out?

by masha bousha 3 years ago

This probably isn't the right board to post this but I had to ask I the only one who has noticed that ...


ratgirlagogo commented 9 months ago

Fresh figs in Peterborough area?

by Nyleve 9 months ago

I swear I saw one of the supermarkets in Peterborough advertising a case of figs just recently but I just can't find ...


Nyleve commented 9 months ago

What to do with fig leaves?

by jen maiser 14 years ago

A vendor at the Farmer's Market here in San Francisco has been selling beautiful, large fig leaves for the past coupl...


shellymort commented 10 months ago

ISO whipped topping recipe for figs

by itryalot 11 months ago

I was at an event last summer and they served fresh figs (halved) with a really nice creamy whipped topping (must be ...

njmarshall55 commented 10 months ago

Preserving (freeze, jam, jar) peaches and figs

by itryalot 10 months ago

We love peaches - peach crostatas, cakes and pies. Also love them grilled with pork, as jams and preserved. We also ...

Ttrockwood commented 10 months ago

General Discussion Be the first to comment

Fig Hunt

by valadelphia 10 months ago

I'll be traveling from Arlington, DC, to Emerald Isle, NC, in late August and hope to find a farm or roadside stand w...

Passion fruit and figs in Montreal

by meagain 1 year ago

Just wondering if anyone knows if and where these 2 fruits might be available fresh in Montreal right now. Tried PA P...


meagain commented 1 year ago

Fresh figs nyc

by misslulu 1 year ago

has anyone had any sightings of fresh figs in nyc in recent days, yes I know it's not the season. but last year I did...


misslulu commented 1 year ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Fresh Figs in Tysons/Loudoun?

by chefkate 1 year ago

Looking for fresh figs in the Tysons' area or Loudoun County. Does anyone know if Balducci's or Whole Foods (or even...

Fresh Figs?

by LilyChilly 2 years ago

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but has anyone seen any figs in stores lately? Fresh figs, that is. Never had a fre...


pandathebaker commented 1 year ago

Looking for a recipe

by lacoet 2 years ago

Hi, Just by chance does anybody have the recipe for Fresh Fig Tart in a Pistachio Crust from Alan Roettinger’s book?...

lacoet commented 2 years ago


by lacoet 2 years ago

Hi, Our fig tree is giving lots of fruit, I can keep up before they go too soft. Last year I froze a batch and I ha...


JudiAU commented 2 years ago

Dried Fig Shortage?

by eleeper 2 years ago

Is there some reason I can't find dried figs anywhere? Well, maybe not anywhere, but Costco seems to have discontinu...


51rich commented 2 years ago

Fresh Figs - Who's Got 'Em?

by mordacity 8 years ago

It is , I'm pretty sure, fig season. And yet there are none at the farmers' markets I frequent and Whole Paycheck onl...


arepo commented 3 years ago

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