9 Fall Salads That Put a Fresh Spin on Autumn Produce

These healthy fall salad recipes will keep you eating well all autumn, and cast your favorite fall produce in a whole new light. [related_content align=left title=Keep It Fresh][related_content_data...

Orphans in the 'Rona Kitchen

by tcamp 1 year ago

Although there are days that I tire of cooking for the crowds, one fun aspect of the lock-in has been digging deep into the cupboards and freezer to use up stored treasures. But I'm currently stump...

Fennel and anise seeds--interchangeable?

by lexuschef 11 years ago

I understand that both of these have a licorice flavor--I have never tasted fennel seeds, however. What are the differences? Can they be used in place of each other? Same amounts? Also, where ...

Young Fennel Leaves

by roro808 5 years ago

Just received a big bunch of young fennel fronds (without bulb) from my CSA box and don't know how to cook it (beside throw in salad). Would appreciate any ideas? Can I stir fry oriental style ...

Fennel fun . . . or not.

by munchkin1 5 years ago

Does fennel have a really strong anise flavor? I am looking at a tuna steaks recipe with fennel seeds and bulbs and red bell peppers, but I don't care for anise. (Pizzelles are OK with strong black...

A new favorite summer snack

tim irvine
by tim irvine 5 years ago

I was watching Lidia the other day and she made a salad of sliced fennel bulb, celery, and onion, some chopped fennel fronds, julienned hard salami and a couple of nice Italian cheeses, salt and pe...

Onion with fennel?

by NotSoHot 6 years ago

I have a recipe for roast chicken pieces on top of fennel and carrots. My husband and I have never had fennel and are a little concerned about not liking it (not liking licorice)--but we wanted to ...

Does Anybody Really Like Fennel?!

by EarlyBird 9 years ago

So, I was braising some short ribs for dinner this weekend, and thought I'd mix things up a bit by following a recipe for short ribs which included fennel. The recipe actually asked for two fu...

Fennel - Why is it so expensive this year?

by beanodc 11 years ago

The title says it all. I have been buying fennel/anise regularly for at least 15 years. The prices have skyrocketed in the past year or two. Any ideas?

The missing elusive complex backnote

by Puffin3 6 years ago

Many who have eaten seafood dishes in S. French restaurants will say there's a certain backnote flavor that isn't found in NA resturants at all or rarely. Is it the type of seafood? Is it the wate...

Is there still hope for these seedlings?

by sasha1 7 years ago

In 2 weeks, I went from excitement to anxiety. I'm a new gardener, and have always relied on starts from the nursery. We bought a few seed packets last year for direct sow in the garden (peas, ca...

What to do with fennel fronds?

by miss_mia 15 years ago

My favorite recipes only make use of the bulb, though I remember long ago making a soup that used the fronds (wasn't a big hit with my husband). Any other ideas? I hate putting all that greenery ...

Fennel bulb substitute?

by jmsvss 8 years ago

I have my heart set on a recipe of orange roughy prepared with a sauce of fennel, onion and tomato. I searched for fennel in two different grocery stores without success. What do think a good sub...

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