Scrambled? Poached? Fried? Over easy? We've got every recipe and cooking technique for eggs, plus Chowhounds tell you where to go for the best breakfast or egg dish near you.

It's National Egg Day, so Get Cracking: 11 Enchanting Egg Recipes

Eggs are a building-block ingredient, essential for scores of cooking techniques. The thing about eggs, though—unlike other essential ingredients like flour—is that they also stand on their own, as...

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eggs in Chinese recipes

by tralala 18 years ago

Hello, still trying to get around eggs for allergy reasons, in recipes that use egg whites as part of the marinade, or for holding together fillings for dim sum. These recipes also use cornstarch: ...

egg substitutes/allergy

by tralala 18 years ago

My husband is allergic to eggs and dairy, and what I miss most is using eggs to bind things (like fritters) and in batters, and getting breadcrumbs to stick. Meat loaf and meatballs work fine, I've...

Pasteurized Eggs

by David A. 19 years ago

I've been fooling around with pasteurized and noticing that they have some unusual properties -- for one thing, pasteurized egg whites don't seem to develop much volume when they're whipped. Ha...

Eggs in the fridge

by Chickie 19 years ago

How long can eggs be used once they have past the expiration date on the container? I have half a dozen that I forgot about in the back of the fridge...with an expiration date on Dec. 28th...Shoul...

Scotch egg recipes

by flavrmeistr 19 years ago

Does anyone have any good Scotch egg tips? I have on hand some eggs, hot sausage and ground sirloin and bread crumbs. What am I missing?

freezing/refridgerating extra egg yolks & egg whites

by FML 19 years ago

I read that it's okay to freeze egg whites, but is it okay to do this with egg yolks too? What about just keeping them in the fridge (e.g. if I have leftover egg whites or egg yolks)? Does one sp...

Potato confusion & eggs

by Babette 19 years ago

Today the LA Times food section printed a new food pyramid putting potatoes at the top with sweets, etc, to be eaten seldom. What's that about--just the stuff we slather on them? And what's the la...

Lemon Pledge Egg Cream

by the rogue 19 years ago

I just had an egg cream craving. I opened up a new jar of U-Bets and poured some into a tall glass... added a bit of milk... and then grabbed an open bottle of Perrier from the fridge. Poured it in...

Hard Boiled Eggs

by Bobfrmia 19 years ago

I smoked some hard cooked eggs last Saturday to make smoked deviled eggs. I stuck em in a ziplock put em in the fridge, and forgot them. Are they still good? If so, for how long? Thanks

Eggs,how long after date?

by Bobfrmia 19 years ago

I have a carton of eggs with a sell by date of August 15th. I know everything carries past the sell date, but how far for eggs? Mainly,how do you know when an egg is bad?

Egg Cream in a bottle

by Larry Lustig 24 years ago

Has anyone tried the Arizona Lite Chocolate Fudge Float Soda Pop? It's basically an egg cream in a bottle -- made with UBET chocolate syrup.

Lots of Egg Whites--What to Do?

by James G 19 years ago

I have 13 egg whites left over after making quindims for my cooking club the other day (Brazilian cakes with egg yolks, coconut and sugar). What is a good and interesting thing that I can make wit...

Hard Boiled Eggs

by Kitty 19 years ago

BASIC cooking question here - yes, I may be a kitchen moron, but here I go: when I hard boil eggs, they nearly always crack during the boiling process, no matter how careful I am to place them in ...

Duck and Goose Eggs

by Chuck Kirkpatrick 19 years ago

Periodically, I see duck eggs and goose eggs. I've read that duck eggs are very rich. Do any of you use them in recipes?

Egg Roll and other matters Asian

by DavidH 19 years ago

Once a year we go to Chinatown and it is so seldom that when we do I feel like we are making a pilgrimage to Mecca or to the holy land or something. If there were not so many highlights competing f...

recipe for beef with scrambled egg (chinese)?

by david de berkeley 19 years ago

one of my college favorites was a chinese dish where any type of meat (but most likely bbq pork, beef, or shrimp) was served with scrambled egg. the sauce isn't really just scrambled egg- it has a...

Can I still eat my Easter eggs?

by Kim Shook 19 years ago

We boiled and decorated our eggs on Easter eve. Didn't leave them out at all. Are they still safe to eat today...if so, for how much longer? Thanks, Kim

Speaking of Easter: The Egg Game

by mc michael 19 years ago

Does anybody know about this? I have heard a little about it from some Armenian friends who each take a colored egg in hand and then knock it against someone else's egg trying to smash it in witho...

Egg stunt

by Sharuf 19 years ago

This can entertain the little ones at Easter if you put on your wizard hat and ham it up enuf. Present them with two eggs, one hard-boiled and one raw. Ask them to pick the cooked one (no fair b...

Bitter herbs, fresh-laid eggs, and hot-cross buns

by lucia 19 years ago

I love food traditions, especially those that have fallen into obscurity. These are Easter-related. To welcome spring, you eat bitter herbs, in foods like spinach pies and chervil soup. Eatin...

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