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Places to buy copper cookware in Dublin, Inverness, Edinburgh

by Lilibet68 6 years ago

In the past year or so my husband and I started collecting copper cookware, both new and vintage. We are going to Dublin and the Scottish Highlands at the beginning of next month, and we were wonde...

Staying at Shelbourne in Dublin

by 3MTA3 6 years ago

Just for 3-4 days, what must I seek out ? Interested in black sausage, offal in general. Outdoor markets, kitchen supply...Fish shops and Butchers, even if it's just to look. Thanks

Dinner near the Westin Dublin?

by LM225 6 years ago

We're going to be arriving on a Saturday evening and would like to have a nice dinner near the hotel. Price is not a concern, but don't want anywhere stuffy with white tablecloths, prefer more casu...

Teeling opens Dublin whiskey distillery

by zin1953 6 years ago

"The Teeling Whiskey Company has opened its brand new €10m distillery and visitor centre in The Liberties, Dublin – the first distillery to open in the city in 125 years." (article continues)

Fine dining in Dublin on a Monday night? Is it possible?

by lovetocookPEI 6 years ago

We are looking for a fine fining experience in Dublin on a Monday night! As the stars and planets converged, my husband and I along with our two daughters and their husbands will converge on ...

Three days in Dublin?

by ejr 6 years ago

We're planning a short trip to Dublin and need help! We have three dinners -- our only requirements are wonderful food and something that can work for one of the party who's a vegetarian. We're t...

Dublin--first specific request(s)

by nc213 6 years ago

Hi Chowhounders: I'm headed to Ireland and Northern Ireland with a group of university students in May. I've been reading your posts for ideas--thanks for that. Right now I have two specific questi...

Two nights in Dublin

by MHK1271 6 years ago

My husband and I will be in Dublin for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) in April. We are hoping to do one nice dinner and another that is a bit more casual dinner with great food and a good atmosphe...

First Trip Ireland

by elisatl 6 years ago

I am excited for my first trip to Ireland in late March, a rare trip without children. We are staying a few nights in Dublin and a few on the West Coast near Galway. My motto for vacations is alway...

Group dinner for travelers meeting up in Dublin

by riorita 6 years ago

My cousin and I would like to celebrate our 65th birthdays in Dublin (visiting from the US - my first time) and several family members plan to be traveling in the general area around the same time,...

London/Edinburgh/Dublin report

by Multifoiled 7 years ago

London: Rules: we loved this place. A great first night in London. Perhaps my husband's favorite meal of the trip. Standout was the apple & bramble crisp for dessert. Terra Vergine: great Itali...

Galway/Dublin report August 2014

by petergreen 7 years ago

Just came back from a week long vacation in Ireland. It was our first visit there, and we went with our two teenagers, who have pretty sophisticated palates. We packed lightly and did not have form...

Restaurant FortyOne and Saison (Dublin)

by Multifoiled 7 years ago

I found nothing on CH about these restaurants. My husband ran across them while on various other sites while doing research for our trip in October. Has anyone been to either? Can anyone share any ...

1 high end meal in Dublin. Where to go?

by Multifoiled 7 years ago

We'll be visiting Dublin in October for 4 nights. So far I've scoped out the likes of The Winding Stair and The Vintage Kitchen as possibilities for a couple of nights, but would love a special no-...

Destination Wedding Dublin Help needed

by edh56696 7 years ago

We are hosting a destination wedding in mid August for about 100 people... we live in Sweden and will be hosting in Dublin. Our families are flying in from the US and Turkey.... and we need to find...

Cheap eats in Dublin?

by prima_donna87 7 years ago

My husband and I are visiting Dublin next week and I am trying to find some relatively inexpensive eats in Dublin, which seems like it is rather hard to do! We will mainly be in the touristy area...

Dublin urgent help needed!

by sasicka 7 years ago

Hi, my husband is in Dublin and needs a recommendation for a good place to eat dinner. It should be in the center, a place where he wouldnt be really out of place in a suit but not should not be s...

Dublin "ethinic" restaurants/food shops

by vanderb 7 years ago

I'm currently considering a move to Dublin for a new job and would be interested to know what non-Irish cuisines are popular in Dublin and if "ethnic" grocery shops are common? I know Dublin's a f...

Four Days in Dublin (researched!)

by danimalarkey 8 years ago

Taking advantage of a sale from Aer Lingus, I'll be flying from Chicago to Dublin for 4 days/nights in the first week of November. I have a tentative eating itinerary below and would appreciate any...

Suggestion for a cheapish group meal in Dublin!

by eradicati 8 years ago

I'm heading to Dublin for my birthday with some friends, and I wanted to set up a dinner at some restaurant in the center for my birthday meal. I was hoping for a place that wasn't too expensive wh...