How to Use Your Instant Pot for Foolproof Pizza Dough

Have you even quarantined properly if you haven't embarked on a homemade bread project? It seems everyone I know has baked up banana bread, started a sourdough starter, or tackled the irresistible world...

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leaving pizza dough overnight in fridge, or freeze it?

by lagatta 5 years ago

I made some pizza dough for pizzas tomorrow and feel to tired to make three pizzas tonight. I made it this morning, but not very early, and added very little yeast, and used cold water to delay the...

Pizza Dough

by madeliner 7 years ago

Hi, I buy pizza dough in the store usually and use it for pizza as well as bread-the bread is amazing! They don't always have it and I have tried making it at home, the cook's illustrated r...

Van Boven basic bread recipe was a disaster, twice in a row. Need help!

by Headlands 5 years ago

So, I just trued making Yvette Van Boven's simple "Bread Without Working the Dough - Well, Almost". Twice. BOTH times there was WAAAAYYYY too much water and the dough was a limp, gooey mess that I...

Where can I buy brick dough?

by djb 15 years ago

Is brick dough (North African pastry sheets) available in the US? Where? (I live in San Francisco.) If it's not readily available, can phyllo be substituted? I've read that brick dough is thick...

Easy Pierogi dough?

by Crockett67 8 years ago

Are there any store bought pierogi skins or any tips/hacks to simplify the dough recipe? I would like to do a cooking demonstration making perogies but only have 30 minutes to use and it may be ...

empanadas...you think this will stay overnight?

by CMB_NYC84 5 years ago

My family is requesting empanadas for a party on Saturday. These are a quick and dirty version--Goya discs, ground beef seasoned with sazon, shredded cheese, and fried. I've made "fancier" versio...

Looking for a certain dough recipe...

by schrutefarms 5 years ago

I'm asking for a friend. He had a recipe that he lost, from a friend who is no longer with us. It's for a nut roll, he said the dough almost like a cross between pie dough and a cinnamon roll. Dens...

buttery tasting bread with a croissant style flaky crust? Help?

by MrsPidge32 5 years ago

Yesterday we ate at a fine dining establishment, known in the area where we live for their great food. Before the starters they of course brought out the breads, a selection of 3 warm rolls; black ...

My enriched hamburger bun dough is ripping

by DowntownJosie 5 years ago

I have been making the hamburger buns from epicurious for ages. The dough has always been beautifully silky until two weeks ago. I left it to ferment overnight and the next day the dough was rough ...

help! need quick Chinese dumpling advice

by Puffin3 5 years ago

I'm making Chinese flour dumpling wrappers today for dinner tonight. I'm watching/reading conflicting advice about the water temp. Some sites say add "boiling" hot water to the flour. Some don't...

Stuck with 3 Tubes of Grands Biscuit dough - what to do with them?

by Lotus7 10 years ago

Any ideas how I can use these up? Only so many mediocre biscuits we can eat : ) Please send me your ideas/recipes! Thank you!!

Can canned crescent rolls be prepped ahead of time?

by mrsjagirard 6 years ago

Hi there, I'm planning on making some turkey/cheese stuffed crescent rolls using crescent roll dough from a can (tube?), but I'd like to prep them ahead of time so I can just pop them in the ov...

Can you eat raw Pillsbury biscuit dough?

by Paul Lukas 17 years ago

Never mind why I'd even have any Pillsbury biscuit dough in my house (in fact, I don't) -- I just wanna know if it's safely edible. Pillsbury.com, oddly enough, doesn't address this question in its...

What's the harm in letting your dough rise for too long?

by easyonthesalt 10 years ago

I've been struck with a midnight craving for some warm, fresh crusty bread slathered in butter. I was going to go mix a quick, no-knead dough, let it rise overnight in the fridge and bake in the...

Will my pizza dough keep overnight?

by loukoumades 9 years ago

I've made pizza dough for the first time, using a Marcella Hazan recipe. It's had its 3-hour rise, and now I don't have time to cook it tonight. Can I keep it in the fridge until tomorrow? If yes, ...

How to stretch pizza dough?

by foxspirit 6 years ago

Any tips for me? At first I tried making my own dough. Then thinking I was somehow sucking at making dough I tried the store bought fresh pizza dough. I'm having the same problem with both. I want ...

Why won't my bread rise?

by NJFsa 7 years ago

My husband makes bread every weekend, and over the last few weeks the bread has failed to rise two or three times (normally it turns out fine..this is a recent problem). Today I tried making cinna...

Best dough for empanadas

by P Macias 13 years ago

I love empanadas and like to serve them to company in the afternoon. I used to make them quite often but haven't done it in awhile. The last time I made them it took me forever and was quite a has...

How long can I keep cookie dough in the refrigerator, or should I freeze?

by masha 6 years ago

I made this Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe this afternoon, http://www.marthastewart.com/966161/ideal-sugar-cookies. I made cookies from half of the dough. How long can I keep the remainder of...

Want to use butter in a recipe calling for margarine

by Gualtier Malde 7 years ago

There are some nice easy dough recipes in a book published decades ago by the Fleischman company and they all call for margarine. We want to substitute unsalted butter. Is there a formula for add...

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