What to Do with Your New Dutch Oven

Did you score a Prime Day deal on a new Dutch oven this year? Congrats! Braise, boil, bake, and fry in the Dutch oven—the options are endless. Here’s what you need to know about your new favorite piece...

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Commercial deep fryer needed? What do I buy?

by NicBurns 5 years ago

Hi All, I am looking to buy my firehouse a Commercial deep fryer but I don't no what fryer to get. It needs to be freestanding and gas. I am looking to spend anywhere from $600-$1000. We are usu...

Deep frying spot prawn heads

by fengyuanfei1 6 years ago

I am heading to the island tomorrow hoping for a good catch of spot prawns and I am packing my deep fryer for the heads... Does anyone have had success frying those sharp spiky things without cu...

Enameled Dutch ovens for deep frying

by HabaneroLady 5 years ago

I recently read that enameled Dutch ovens should not be used for frying due to the possibility that the high temperature oil could damage the enamel in some way. In particular, I found warnings th...

sauté pan that can double as a deep fryer

by swayinghammock 6 years ago

Hi, can anyone suggest what the best sauté pan might be that can double as a deep fryer? I know people recommend the Lodge cast iron for deep frying, and also a standard wok. But space in my kitche...

deep fryers

by thew 10 years ago

i have an old(ish) DeLonghi deep fryer, which works fine, but i pretty much never use. Why? because there is no easy way to drain the oil. So i'm thinking about retiring it to the country house and...

Cooking Resolutions

by totallysteaknife 6 years ago

I thought it would be fun to talk Cooking Resolutions for 2015. I want to expand my skills and try as many new recipes as possible. I get in recipe rut quite often. I also want to learn to bake bre...

santa brought me at deep-fryer

by iheartcooking 6 years ago

And it appears to be a pretty good one. It has the heating element in the oil. I've wanted one for a while and now I'm intimidated to try it! Could anyone recommend a good first thing to make tha...

Deep frying mars bars

by pumpkinspice 6 years ago

My FIL is having a birthday bash and I am in charge of getting the stuff ready for deep fried mars bars (he will have a deep fryer going already for chicken). Some say to freeze the chocolate f...

Is it true that deep frying in bare cast iron is bad?

by takadi 6 years ago

I've been reading that oils in contact with iron will degrade, oxidize and go rancid faster when deep frying in bare cast iron as opposed to non-stick or enameled cast iron. I always thought that t...

Is it all right to repurpose a deep fryer?

by chaochowciao 6 years ago

My dad just got what seems to be a big gigantic turkey fryer at a garage sale (with built in thermometer), but he wants to use it as a stockpot. I'm not sure if that would be safe or advisable tho...

Descoware #24 Deep Fryer

by johnthehillboy 10 years ago

I just purchased a Descoware #24 Deep Fryer and I can't find any pictures or information on it. Any suggestions?

Gluten Free Deep frying

by ShinjiCook 6 years ago

So this is my first time attempting gluten free deep frying and I have a few questions hopefully someone could answer. 1) Why is it that when u make the batter most of the recipes contain Carbon...

Deep fryer cookbook?

by Bada Bing 7 years ago

A friend got a fryer for Xmas. Any ideas about good cookbooks for the newbie or more advanced? He's probably open to ethnic-food diversity.

Deep frying quail?

by Puffin3 7 years ago

Just an idea. I'm serving a few dozen for Christmas as an app. I was wondering if they'd deep fry quickly/easily b/c they are so small. I'd fill the little cavity with fresh thyme and rosemary/S&P...

Deep frying

by Yolagirl 7 years ago

Hi Everyone, My husband has been experimenting in the kitchen lately, and I was thinking of buying him a deep fryer for his birthday. He's Indian, so he is mostly interested in preparing fried I...

Deep Fryer Turkey Thanksgiving Music Video by William Shatner

by Nevy 7 years ago

http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/11/26/247314265/if-you-must-fry-a-turkey-listen-to-william-shatner-first?ft=1&f=1053 This was just sent to me because my US friend claimed that we gave t...

Best Deep Fryer for Turkey?

by yamalam 12 years ago

Random googling leads me to believe a Bayou Classic 3066A 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer is the best option. Any thoughts from turkey fry veterans? Also, do you all still use peanut oil, despite i...

Is my turkey safe to deep fry after leaving it our on the counter for 7 hours

by rrlpz 7 years ago

I injected a 12 lbs turkey with creole butter marinade, Planning to deep fry in the afternoon, but we ran into trouble with our deep fryer and after several failed attempts we could not get it work...

What is the best turkey deep frying technique?

by luegar 9 years ago

I plan to deep fry my first turkey this thanks giving and have been searching the web for the best technique. It seems the world of deep frying turkey's is totally torn over which of these two...