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These Are the Top 10 Tools for the Minimalist Kitchen

Trying to pare down your kitchen tools, or build up a solid collection for a new place? Melissa Coleman—designer, author, self-proclaimed simplicity chaser, and creator of The Faux Martha—is a great...

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Cutting Boards - Flat vs. Raised

by mobiledynamics 3 years ago

I'm going to have to test....take 2 cutting boards. One is just completely on the surface of the countertop. Another is about 1 1/2" off the countertop supported on 2 sides via legs. In terms of kn...

Cutting Board Particles

by mobiledynamics 3 years ago

Lately I've been mulling around all things cutting board.... I don't use the Epicureans Boards we have in there household, but there are times I do when the wifey has them out. I have 3 of these...

Cherry - Is it too soft?

by mobiledynamics 3 years ago

Just doing some material of choice decisions on cutting boards...we already have maple and walnut boards, so I'm thinking about switching gears Cherry is about 1/2 as hard as maple, with walnut...

Over the Sink Cutting Board and Colander

by penrichardson 3 years ago

What do you guys think about a combo over the sink cutting board/Colander combination? Any pros and cons?

Mineral Oil For Cutting Boards?

by susanrdrgz 3 years ago

I have been using regular drug store mineral oil for my cutting boards. I also use Boos Board Cream here and there but it’s way more expensive. I’ve always heard to use food grade mineral oil, but ...

In Search of a Better Cutting Board

by obillo 3 years ago

Advice and arcane knowledge, please, on the subject of cutting boards. Years ago I had a wonderful board made of rock maple (a.k.a. hard maple and sugar maple; botanically Acer saccherum). Hard use...

Help me find a home for my butcher block!

by Shrinkrap 3 years ago

Please! I was gifted some fancy new knives, and coincidentally, a large butcher block! I never thought about one before, but I understand it's better for knives than the plastic mat I usually ...

Cutting boards dull knives?

by BobB 8 years ago

I have a variety of cutting boards, including several of the almost paper thin flexible plastic ones. Someone told me that they dull your knives - is that true? (kaleo, I'm guessing this question i...

Epicurean Cutting Boards: Wood Fiber vs Wood Grain

by RaptorsTV 3 years ago

What are the difference between these two composite materials? The Wood Grain looks way better, but Williams-Sonoma's site mentions that it's not intended for chopping?!

walnut oil vs mineral oil

by jboisvenue 5 years ago

Curious to get input on a new board I want to purchase. Im looking at the super slab from catskill craftsmen. What should I use to season this board. I here good things about both. However some hav...

What cutting board do you use ?

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

I've heard plastic is not the best for your knives, so I use these 3 Teak wood cutting baords, in 3 different sizes, they are made by a danish brad called Skagerak Trip Trap: https://skagerak.dk...

What's safe to use to finish butcher block?

by GDSwamp 13 years ago

Just got a new kitchen cart w/ a butcher-block top and the wood is unfinished. I'd like to stain it in some way but I don't want to use something that will end up seeping dangerously into the food ...

Appropriate cutting board for Japanese knife?

by dannynyc 10 years ago

I just purchased my first Japanese knife (a Masamoto VG gyuto) after years of using Wusthofs. I generally use a bamboo cutting board when using the knife, but for smaller jobs I sometimes use a ch...

Does a glass cutting board = dull knives

by baseballfan 12 years ago

I recently replaced a plastic cutting board with a glass one and have noticed that after only a couple of uses my newly sharpened Wusthof knives have become quite dull. Has anyone else had this pro...

Kramer Hinoki cutting boards-worth it?

by strangemd 8 years ago

I'm tempted by the new Kramer Hinoki and Walnut cutting boards https://store.kramerknives.com/product/cutboard-18x18hw/ But they're $300-$400. Crazy, right?

Boos vs. Boardsmith

by boltsfan 9 years ago

Looking to upgrade my cutting board to a higher end grain one. I have read on-line (Chow, blogs, knife forums, etc…) about Boos and Boardsmith and these seem to be the clear brands to get. Some rec...

What's your favorite cutting/chopping board?

by deleomeyer 9 years ago

I have a love/hate relationship with my current 15 x 24 footed cutting board. I love that it has a groove as it collects the inevitable juices but I hate it for the same reason--I am always having...

Talk me out of (or into) this?

by AOchaley 5 years ago

I've been watching this Speciale knife/cutting board on Kickstarter for the last couple days, and I've talked myself into and then out of it about a million times. It ends tomorrow, and I'm still u...

Which is the Best Wood Cutting Board?

by hanna6834 8 years ago

I've used plastic cutting board all my life. I want to switch over to the Best wood cutting board. Any suggestions? Any good web sites out there that does a good comparision of various wood cutting...

Antique Butcher Block

by Lugeneb 11 years ago

I just purchased a butcher block that my great-grandfather made approximately 100 yrs ago. It sat in the barn for at least 60 years. It was made from a cross cut of an old red oak tree approximat...