Curry Leaves


Makrut Lime Leaves and curry leaves

by farthing 2 years ago

I can't buy makrut lime leaves or curry leaves locally. What is the best way of getting them by mail and then keeping: fresh? frozen? How long do they last? Also, I have seen that makrut lime l...

Curry Leaves in Denver area

by nyKaren 4 years ago

Hi! I love southern Indian cooking and love using fresh curry leaves. I've had mixed success finding these at Indian groceries in the past. I'm new to the Denver area and would be thrilled if someo...

what to do with fresh curry leaves?

by steinpilz 13 years ago

I stumbled upon a local Indian market that had fresh curry leaves, I'd read about these for a while but this was the first time I'd acquired some. What should I do with these curry leaves? I've...

Curry leaves - bad reaction? (moved from Home Cooking)

by Mary V. 16 years ago

Have any of you experienced/heard of unpleasant effects from cooking with curry leaves? Last week I finally figured out where to buy curry leaves, and happily settled in with "Mangos and Curry Le...

Curry leaves in Seattle?

by mocha44 13 years ago

I'm fairly desperate to find fresh (or even frozen) curry leaves in the Seattle area. One produce guy told me that there's some kind of import embargo on them due to a fungus or something. I can't ...

Where for fresh curry leaves?

by poot 6 years ago

I am going to do some cooking from Madhur J's new "Vegetarian India," and many many recipes call for curry leaves. I love curry leaves. I usually buy them at New May Wah, though a visit to that nei...

Indian cooking - curry leaves where are you to be found?

by blustery 6 years ago

I often check out cookbooks from the library and if I know that I will cook a lot from the book then I may purchase the book. I have Vegetarian INDIA by Madhur Jaffrey and I see that she uses curr...

Seeking great indian grocery near Park Slope/Ditmas

by ichichan 10 years ago

Well blow me down. Here I am in the middle of Bangladesh central and I can't find asafetida nor curry leaves. Anyone know a complete Indian grocer. Any recs in Sunset Park?

Is there a reasonable subsitute for curry leaves?

by erin_grogan 9 years ago

The COTM 660 Curries thread inspired me to get the book, albeit after you all had finished your thread. I'm going to do a lentil recipe tonight (Red & Yellow Lentils with Garlic and Curry Leaves...

Curry leaves and fenugreek seeds

by hungryann 14 years ago

I want to make a curry that requires mustard seeds ( I am sure I have seen these in some supermarkets), fenugreek seeds and fresh curry leaves. Has anyone spotted the latter two in some ethnic stor...

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