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Colada Shop in Sterling and DC - Report

by Steve 24 days ago

I tried out the Sterling location for their empanadas, croquetas, a cubano, and a couple of desserts. The great ne...


Steve commented 23 days ago

Best Cuban Sandwich

by Tom Steele 2 months ago

Anyone know where I can get a great Cuban sandwich in Manhattan--preferably in the East or West Village? The best pla...


foodwhisperer commented 2 months ago

Flan, Light and Airy

by sarosenthall 3 months ago

just returned from Cuba, and ended up tasting a LOT of flan for dessert at different restaurants. The best one we had...


lemons commented 2 months ago

What (moderately priced) Cuban rum to buy in Cuba?

by Caitlin McGrath 4 months ago

My mother is spending the next couple of weeks in Cuba, and has said she'll bring me back some rum. One bottle, and s...

Caitlin McGrath commented 2 months ago

Going to the beach

by miteemikee 3 months ago

As someone ho grew up on Miami Beach going back for a 2 nite stay, what would be your dinner recs for seafood and Lat...


Siegal commented 3 months ago

Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico food/desserts

by Monica 3 months ago

My kid's school is having an international week focusing on these three places. I want to participate by making some...

Monica commented 3 months ago

Cuban Sandwich in Detroit area

by Firestalker 12 years ago

I have been hooked on Cuban Sandwich's since my visit to Miami. Does anyone know who makes a good one in the Detroit ...

rainsux commented 4 months ago

Palm Beach Shores Area

by dcbbq 8 months ago

It's back to Palm Beach Shores -- actually Riviera Beach this trip -- and time for my annual request for retaurant up...

erica commented 4 months ago

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Re: restaurants in Cuba - outside of Havana?

by sarosenthall 4 months ago

In addition to Havana, we will be in Vinales, Playa Giron (Punta Perdiz), Cienfuegos, Trinidad and possibly Santo Spi...

What is the Porto's of West Los Angeles?

by floridastylee 4 years ago

Man, who doesn't love Portos! I'm located in Culver City and have a dinner party coming up. I'd love to get a few tra...


aliris commented 4 months ago

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Recommend a restaurant in Miami that makes great Paleta for Christmas

by sunkissed64 5 months ago

There's only five of us so a pierna is way too big. Even though I'm a good cook I can't quite get the swing of making...

Cuban Revolution in CH?

by Tom from Raleigh 6 months ago

I was driving down Franklin after a stop a Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen and I noticed a new sign on 401 W. Franklin. It sa...

romansperson commented 6 months ago

US Lifts All Restrictions on Cuban Rum

by patsully 7 months ago

Exciting news for Havana Club fans... "Mr. Obama on Friday also made what aides said were likely his final major m...

BiscuitBoy commented 6 months ago

La Habanera Review

by CaptCrunch 9 months ago

Hello everybody! Went to La Habanera with a friend yesterday. La Habanera is a new cuban restaurant opened near...


denpanosekai commented 9 months ago

Cuban Sandwich/Where goeth Airport Variety Store?

by ralphnf 10 months ago

Hi, Last few times we were in the Tampa/Clearwater area we loved to go to the Airport Variety Store for what were ...

byrd commented 10 months ago

Best mojo marinade?

by rexmo 11 years ago

Are the major brands (Goya, etc.) adequate, or should I be asking to get some at the local Cuban restaurants?


janniecooks commented 10 months ago

Near FLL for the nite

by 3MTA3 11 months ago

Will be driving in this Friday early PM and flying out early Saturday. Wondering if there is Anything I shouldn't mis...

CFByrne commented 11 months ago

El Cubano Market, NoHo

by Will Owen 11 years ago

Drove my sweetie to work this morning, and thought I'd take the opportunity to check out the Cuban market on Victory ...


elvee1025 commented 11 months ago

Let's not call roast pork shoulder pernil

by bacallado 6 years ago

I want to set something straight. Pernil, a dish popular in the Caribbean countries from Cuba to Venezuela as well as...


Cathyp57 commented 11 months ago