Get Cozy with These 15 Creamy Mushroom Recipes (No Can Opener Required)

Cream and mushrooms are a magical combo, and these creamy mushroom recipes celebrate it in all its glory—but without relying on a can. The power duo is nothing new, of course; cream and mushrooms have...

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Calculating Milkfat % in Creams

by zhooker 6 years ago

I'm an American who lives (and cooks) in South Korea. Here, there are no real labeling standards for cream products -- half-and-half, heavy cream, and etc -- so I use nutritional data listed on the...

burrata not, panna da cucina instead

by tweetie 6 years ago

Redo.........turns out she's looking for a pourable heavy cream for cooking called panna da cucina and she can get it here. https://salumeriaitaliana.com/catalog/tomatoes-sauces/pesto-and-ot...

Would acid cause grainy whipped cream?

by lamb_da_calculus 6 years ago

The other day I whipped some heavy cream together with a pinch of salt, maple syrup, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. It ended up whipping from sort-of-thick straight to grainy and watery. I've do...

Really Random Panna Cotta Recipe Question

by rockycat 6 years ago

Has anyone made a peanut butter panna cotta before? I'm not seeing much of that on the search engines so I was thinking of adapting a standard vanilla panna cotta. Any guesses as to how much plai...

chocolate ganache mixed with zabaglione

by billy198621 6 years ago

I make a baked custard with 500ml thickened cream, 6 eggs or 12 egg yolks and a cup of sugar I heat up the cream and whip the eggs and sugar together and mix the cream with the eggs then I bake it...

Where can I buy "heavy cream"?

by alleycat81 14 years ago

I live in Toronto, Canada. The big, grocery store chains I usually shop at only carry up to "whipping cream". I used this in a recipe, thinking the lack of a few percentages of milk fat will not ...

Who sells cream puffs that use real whipped cream?

by FayeD 10 years ago

Periodically I get a craving for a cream puff or a chocolate eclair - the kind that are filled with real whipped cream- not the custard kind. I think Viking Pastry used to sell the cream puffs but...

Really mad right now, why do my pastry cream fail?!

by lottobear 9 years ago

I am really bitter right now, because every recipe of pasty cream don't make sense and even so, my version never turns out the same. Even though I don't let the hot milk boil, as soon as you whi...

Heavy whipping cream vs. regular whipping cream for panna cotta

by bellabooma 6 years ago

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but I accidentally bought whipping cream instead of heavy whipping cream, and I'm wondering if it would be OK to use that instead of the heavy stuff. I've hear...

yogurt cream top - like Brown Cow cream top

by grocerytrekker 14 years ago

One of my favorite foods... I wish the layer would be thicker, and came in a big container - just the cream top. (Does it?) Not that I don't love the yogurt itself... Any other brands you k...

Heavy Cream or Half & Half in Canada?

by Zabet 6 years ago

I am trying a few new recipes but when I went looking for "Heavy Cream" and "Half & Half", I couldn't find them in my supermarket. Do they have different names here than in the United States?

Where can I buy Guernsey cream?

by Simon Gruber 19 years ago

I'm wondering if anyone knows a source for Guernsey cream in the region -- preferably in Orange, Ulster, Rockland, Manhattan, Dutchess, Bergen, or Westchester counties (I live in Orange, and go to ...

Uses for Double and Clotted Cream

by pegasis0066 6 years ago

I see it my grocery store but have ever only used regular cream. I assume you could substitute these two for regular cream but I noted they are much more expensive so wonder if they don't have uni...

Millionaire Shortbread with heavy cream?

by rstuart 6 years ago

I've wanted to make Millionaire Shortbread for some time, and would also like to use up some heavy cream bought recently for frosting. All of the recipes that I have found on-line use condensed mi...

The Decline and Fall of... Heavy Cream?

by MikeG 6 years ago

Even if I don't like it, I get that manufacturers use thickeners and stablizers as cheaper alternatives to more expensive ingredients, but now things are to the point where it's hard to find even p...

English Clotted Cream in Montreal

by danrushton 10 years ago

Does anyone have any idea where I could find proper clotted cream. I know The Sparrow have had it on there menu but cant seem to find it anywhere

Trouble with stabilizing whipped cream

by trolley 9 years ago

i've tried making stabilized whipped cream on 3 occasions with mostly failures. the last attempt was somewhat successful but it was just dumb luck. luckily none of these cakes were very big (cupcak...

Black Forest Cake - High Quality Recipe?

by Super Salad 9 years ago

I've never liked this cake in any of the bakery iterations I've eaten. I've always found the chocolate flavor kind of insipid and not deep enough and cherry is usually cloying and gloopy. I have ...

What's a good substitute for heavy cream?

by fauchon 15 years ago

I want to make the halibut w leeks from All About Braising. It calls for a quarter cup of cream...If I buy the cream, I'll never use the rest of it. Would Greek yogurt which I have on hand be an ...

Homemade ice cream recipes that don't use heavy cream?

by lizmari 7 years ago

I'm finally making use of an ice cream maker that I've had forever, and I'm looking for ice cream recipes that don't call for heavy cream, but are still nice and creamy. I don't mind the calories,...

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