Cream Cheese

28 Creative Uses for Leftover Cream Cheese

Leftover cream cheese is an obvious candidate for schmearing on your morning bagel, but if you’re all out of tubular carbs—or are just looking for something different—there are lots of other delicious...

Date Nut Bread and Cream Cheese

by Michael S 20 years ago

I grew up eating these sandwiches. If I am not mistaken the brand name of the bread was Dromedary. It was a fixture on the Chock Full O'Nuts menu. The last time I saw it on a menu was also in NY at...

Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwiches a Baltimore Only Treat?

by placidothecat 12 years ago

My grandma used to make them for me, and I see them on the menu at some old school style delis downtown. My question: is this culinary delight a local Baltimore phenom, or is it more widespread?

Is cream cheese past use date safe?

by Island 10 years ago

Discovered an unopened 8 oz box of Philly brand cream cheese in the cheese drawer of my fridge. 2 months past use date. Think it's still OK to use? Looks OK, but haven't tasted it since I have no i...

Cream Cheese Frosting: Can I freeze it?

by DishyDiva 13 years ago

Hello, I made far too much cream cheese frosting for my carrot cake and don't want to throw it out. Do you think the frosting would still be viable if I freeze, then defrost it in the fridge ...

Freezing cream cheese - DON'T

Bat Guano
by Bat Guano 14 years ago

I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but it doesn't work - the cream cheese sort of separates and turns grainy when you thaw it out, turns into nasty dry particles mixed with liquid.

Adding reddi whip to a cream cheese frosting recipe

by Nikimcarter 4 years ago

I'm making a cake with a cream cheese frosting recipe and was wondering if I could lighten it up with reddi whip? Would I have to decrease the powdered sugar in the recipe? Or should I just leave t...

Cherry cream cheese cake

by LakaKuharica 4 years ago

This simple cake with five delicious layers is super moist, flavorful and just melts in your mouth. Servings: 10 -12 Total time: 60 min Prep time: 15 min Cook time: 45 min Ingredi...

Cream Cheese-Is there a World Beyond Philadelphia Brand?

by pepper anne 15 years ago

Can someone out there in CH land fill me in on the secrets of Cream Cheese? I've eaten Kraft since small, but I sense there's a World out there I know nothing about. Different fat content, methodo...

Why does my cream cheese frosting always go runny?

by kookiegoddess 11 years ago

I am in the uk and despite being a competent baker, I cannot make make cream cheese frosting that doesn't turn into a gloopy, runny, un-pipable mess. I nearly always end up pouring it over my ...

Simply Cream Cheese

by bmorecupcake 5 years ago

You must tell me please. Cream cheese, about the cream cheese. I've switched to goat cheese and for many recipes it just doesn't work. Five years ago I called so many places, even upscale bakerie...

Looking for help developing a dish

by Bonniexx 5 years ago

I'm working on developing a roasted red pepper and cream cheese sandwich. Can anyone recommend a website where it discusses how to pair flavors? Does anyone have any ideas on how to best pair th...

Cream Cheese: yellow? NY?

by KansasKate 5 years ago

A 1940s (or older) recipe for a dressing for tomatoes calls for the following: 1/2 pound yellow cream cheese, chopped fine 1/2 pound New York white cream cheese, chopped fine I know "Philadelp...

Temp Tee in Chicago?

by puckpeople 5 years ago

Is Kraft's Temp Tee whipped cream cheese sold anywhere in Chicago? I've tried Treasure Island, Plum Market, and Potash. This stuff is great! Help!

How long can I keep cream cheese frosting for?

by trolley 9 years ago

i'm making cream cheese frosting today to frost one cupcake. I know, ridiculous but long story. Anyhow, I feel it's pretty wasteful to dump the rest. I do have another occasion where I can use it b...

Tried and True Recipe for a Not-Too-Sweet Cream Cheese Frosting?

by ninrn 6 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for a great cream cheese frosting that is really not very sweet at all? I'd like to make a frosting that tastes more like cream cheese than vanilla and sugar. I've tried a...

Extra Pumpkin Cream Cheese

by bustlingswan 6 years ago

I accidentally made an enormous amount of pumpkin-flavored cream cheese for my birthday brunch. It contains: full fat cream cheese, pumpkin from a can, brown sugar, maple syrup and spices. Whipped ...

Recreate Philly Cream Cheese (Whipped)

by itryalot 6 years ago

Discussing with coworkers today for a breakfast meeting. Someone wants to know how to recreate whipped philadelphia cream cheese? How do you get it fluffy - we have a group of 40 and want to make ...

Science Question About Cream Cheese

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

Like many a weight-challenged eater, Phila. Cream cheese is one of my fav snacks. When I combine it with Tamari and toasted sesame seeds, it keeps its ______(don't know what to call it.) But when ...

Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies

by chelseacauley 6 years ago

Pumpkin spice cheesecake, sweetened with pure maple syrup and carefully swirled into a convenient boxed brownie mix, enhanced with a generous spoonful of fresh ground espresso. http://chelseaca...