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Typhoon Shelter Crab

by rattango 11 months ago

Does anyone know where/if I can find Typhoon Shelter Crab in the New York Area? I have only eaten this dish in Hong K...


chefdekoven commented 16 days ago

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Looking for Typhoon Shelter Crab dish in Brooklyn/Manhattan

by barringtonink 2 months ago

I recently saw this dish with giant fried crab and a TON of fried garlic from Hong Kong on the travel channel and I w...

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McDonald's test marketing snow crab sando

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

The Merc reviews the $8.99 snow crab sandwich that McD's is currently testing at four South Bay locations in San Jose...

Crab Cakes- What do you serve with them?

by worktime 7 years ago

I always struggle with what sides to serve with crab cakes. Potato salad, corn and such is fine in the summer but wha...

tim irvine commented 4 months ago

Crab with Ammonia Odor Question?

by Big Larry 10 years ago

i bought some live crabs the other day. the method of cooking was steaming. after they were finished upon smellin...


joshmarsilio commented 5 months ago

best market / vendor to buy stone crabs from? price/quality

by 1newyorkguy 6 years ago

Looking for claws that are unfrozen of course. I saw Whole Foods had some for around 18/lb. Has anyone found any go...


Alfred G commented 5 months ago

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She-Crab Bisque

by raberbm 5 months ago

Has anyone ever had crab bisque at the Pirates Cove Restaurant in Chesapeake, Virginia? If so, do you know of a copy...

Crabbies Update (Kraft Old English Cheese Replacement)

by luciaannek 4 years ago

Hi All! My family loves crabbies. Basically a mixture of Old English cheese spread, canned crab meat, butter, mayo a...


suentj commented 6 months ago

Chinese style crab Oakland/Berkeley -- any ideas?

by dolcetto 6 months ago

Looking for ideas for GS or SP crab for Thanksgiving - restaurants in Oakland or environs. Thanks.

spinn1 commented 6 months ago

Can I Freeze Fresh Crab in the Shell?

by Barb S 13 years ago

It's crab season in California, so I bought a 2 lb. one yesterday, but my husband insisted on pizza, and we're going ...


cantbeme commented 6 months ago

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Stone crabs in Southern FL

by Trixie Too 6 months ago

I've been going to FL for many years, but still have yet to have stone crab claws. I know that they are in season now...

Crab feast at Sichuan Taste, Malden

by rosulate 7 months ago

This week (Tuesday to Saturday) Sichuan Taste is doing an all-you-can-eat affair with four different preparations of ...


Madrid commented 7 months ago

Oysters and Crabmeat

by pups224 8 months ago

I am going to be in NOLA for a few days (not my first time). Could you suggest a restaurant/bar that has the best fr...


collardman commented 8 months ago

How to kill a crab?

by Jenny 13 years ago

I'm not a vegetarian but I respect all forms of life. I love to eat crab I've cooked myself. To kill one before coo...

Motosport commented 8 months ago

HELP!! Just bought crab and shrimp - can I keep in fridge until tomorrow night?

by kimbers324 8 months ago

I bought some snow crab legs and wild caught shrimp (shell on, uncooked) from the grocery store butcher counter, thin...


LEOFONT commented 8 months ago

Sautéed hard shell crabs

by Mississippi Snopes 1 year ago

A couple of weeks ago, I had wonderful sautéed Sichuan hard shell crabs at Golden Mall in Flushing. There used to be ...

Worldwide Diner commented 8 months ago

Crabby Question

by munchkin1 9 months ago

My market has canned crab on sale this week. Can I do an Oscar treatment with grilled tuna steaks? And is it Hollanda...


munchkin1 commented 9 months ago

Good crab meat in New York?

by Fuffy 9 months ago

Has anyone found good crab meat in New York? I have tried several grades at top fishmonger and all have been disapp...


TheDescendedLefticleOfAramis commented 9 months ago

How long can I keep crab meat in the fridge?

by onrushpam 6 years ago

I have half a container of lump crab meat in the fridge. (Used half for a grilled snapper with crabmeat stuffing tha...


ArmyPAO commented 11 months ago