Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie—and Some Lobster, Crab, and Oysters Too

We've got tips for grilling all of the most common types of shellfish, including lobster tails, shrimp, and oysters, with recipes to bookmark for your next cookout so you can turn it into a seafood...

Crab legs reward

mr mouther
by mr mouther 11 days ago

After many unsuccessful tries Ive stopped smoking for more than 150 days and I decided I wanted a reward of crab legs since i haven't had them in probably 20 years. Anyone have any recommendation f...

Old Bay Steamed Crabs

by layne123 8 years ago

I did a search and there's alot of opinions about the best steamed crabs restaurants in Baltimore. I went to some place last year that was good, yet the place used some custom seasoning for its st...

Flash Sale TODAY Monterey Bay Rock Crab, 3/24 11a-3p

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Direct sale from Fisherman Skylar Campbell at the K-dock today until sold out. $4 per pound, Cash or Venmo.

Canned crab meat?

by aglisson 11 months ago

When making crab-stuffed flounder, do I need to use fresh crabmeat or will a good canned product suffice? And anyone know a good brand? Anyone have a favorite stuffed flounder recipe? Thanks!

Crabs on ice - HELP

by 78CVCC 11 years ago

Yesterday my son caught a few crabs on the coast, and brought them back in a cooler filled with ice. They were alive when he brought them back. They were kept outside, in the cooler over night, wit...

King Crab Liquid/Blood - Cooking Uses?

by JTpearl 1 year ago

I got my hands on a king crab and saved the considerable liquid that it released after I killed it. The crab blood congealed upon refrigeration and has a really cool blue tint and crabby aroma. I...

How to kill a crab?

by Jenny 16 years ago

I'm not a vegetarian but I respect all forms of life. I love to eat crab I've cooked myself. To kill one before cooking I put it in the sink and pour on boiling water. This bothers me more each...

Non-disgusting uses for imitation crab?

by carophil11 2 years ago

I got a package of imitation crab (I know, gag) to make crab rangoons a while back, and froze the rest of it (AKA 90% of it). I think it's freaking gross for the most part, but am trying to think ...

Tips for leftover crab dip?

by chowlinda 2 years ago

I made a crab dip for NYE with A pound of Phillips lump crab meat and have almost all of it leftover! What can I do with this? Freeze it? It has cream cheese, mayo and a little sour cream and jack ...

Crab Cakes- What do you serve with them?

by worktime 10 years ago

I always struggle with what sides to serve with crab cakes. Potato salad, corn and such is fine in the summer but what do you think makes a yummy crab cake meal?

Jumbo Lump Crabmeat in Los Angeles?

by sugarcanejane 2 years ago

Hello, I am trying to figure out where, and what kind of, jumbo lump crab meat to buy. I see there are canned varieties, and some in plastic tubs... is there a frozen version? What is good? I ...

Maryland Crab Puffs/Fluffs

by LuckyThirteen 8 years ago

I've heard that I have to try Maryland Crab Puff's but I see different descriptions of them. Are they battered and fried crab cakes? Or just breaded? I also saw some that are like a pate a ch...

What is Jonah Crab?

by Missy 15 years ago

I ordered some of this at a beachfront place on Tybee Island last week after the kid waiter told me it was similar to stone crab. I never got to taste it though because as soon as he set the claws ...

How long can I wait to cook fresh dungeness crab before it goes bad?

by LSNelsons 11 years ago

We catch a lot of dungeness crab and I ussually clean it and cook it right away but I am wondering if anyone knows just how long you can keep it refrigerated to cook later before it goes bad. I ha...

Fresh crabmeat

by frankboni 2 years ago

I live alone, and I want to prepare a dish using 4 ounces of fresh crab meat, not canned. The grocery stores stock it, but only in 8 ounce containers. It is quite expensive, and I do not want to be...

A casual place for a big group to eat crabs?

by Juxie 2 years ago

Years ago when I was a kid, we used to have big family gatherings at Bud's where we'd sit at a long table with piles of boiled crabs and eat and visit. Bud's ain't there no mo' and I need suggest...

How long can I keep crab meat in the fridge?

by onrushpam 8 years ago

I have half a container of lump crab meat in the fridge. (Used half for a grilled snapper with crabmeat stuffing that was less than highly successful. DH loved it, I thought it blah.) I don'...

When did fake crab meat become so ubiquitous? And why isn't anyone else complaining?

dinin and dishin
by dinin and dishin 12 years ago

A recent post on Hiro Sushi mentioned fake crab and got me thinking. I can't remember the last time I found anyone using real crab--except if you order a whole one. It used to be that exceptional s...