Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie—and Some Lobster, Crab, and Oysters Too

Need to know how to grill lobster tails, shrimp, oysters, or anything else that once swam in the sea? We've got tips for grilling all of the most common types of shellfish, with recipes to bookmark...

Dungeness Crab Season Could Be Delayed Again This Year

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 days ago

" . . . Whales seem to be hanging around Monterey Bay longer due to warmer ocean temperatures, says Geoff Shester, California campaign director and senior scientist with Monterey-based Oceana Conse...

Crab Cakes in Astoria, Ore.

by GH1618 1 month ago

In past posts I have lamented the loss of Dungeness crab cakes at Wet Dog (now named something else) and Aspen Grove (out of business), but today I have good news to report. I happened to be here ...

Covid era home-cooking... kicked up a notch!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 months ago

Currently, there's a province wide ban on ' restaurant dine-in '. Hence, using $$$ saved for dining-out to elevate home-cooking, now and then! Today's lunch... experimenting with home-made ' Kin...

ALASKA trip Booked!

by OrganicCavalry 9 months ago

My wife and I have had the rug pulled from under our feet 3 years in a row now... Hopefully it goes this time! We are spending 2 weeks all over the place. Seward, Kodiak, Anchorage, Craig on Price...

Fresh Wild Caught Floridian Stone Crab Claws from 'Diana's Seafood, Scarborough'

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 10 months ago

Starting from tomorrow, the implementation of a more stringent 2nd round of Covid restriction could see police setting up road blocks to stop and question car drivers and occupants their reason for...

Uber-Salty King Crab Legs

by kaleokahu 10 years ago

So, my (Midwestern-raised) wife *loves* king crab legs for special meals, and so last night we did filet mignon and legs. Unless you're in Alaska at the dock, previously frozen is needless-to-say....

RARE FIND!... LIVE Japanese Hokkaido Hanasaki Crab here in Toronto!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

To ALL foodies, IMHO, this is a MUST SHARE piece of information!! One of the rarest find I managed to come across here in frugal Toronto!! LIVE "Japanese Red Hokkaido HANASAKI Crab"!! at Mark...

About the king crab guts

by seansul 1 year ago

I am writing to inquire about the king crab guts. It's common in South Korea to have king crab guts with rice. My partners and I are starting a restaurant business with that. We plan to import l...

"3 x (0-0-0) + Crab" Lo Mien!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

After enjoying a long stretch of some of my favorite Cantonese style Lo-Mien these past few days/weeks. The time has come for a change of culinary scenery! With nothing but time at my disposal. ...

has anyone tried this Fatty Crab chili crab recipe?

by kazhound 6 years ago

I'm so curious... for some reason I've been craving this dish, but I have a small child and it's not easy to go out. http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/8608-fatty-crabs-chili-crab thanks!

Fresh SSC at JJ Hook - summer is coming!

by Niblet 1 year ago

Today I picked up a hunk o' sushi-grade tuna ($23/lb), steamers ($who cares), and a soft-shell crab ($10 ea) for a spicy-dredge-and-fry. Fortunately they'll clean the crab b/c I just don't have it ...

Shanghainese style Crab meat and Roe Ragu

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 years ago

International Collaboration! Spend the whole day making this ' Shanghainese Style Crab Meat and Roe Ragu ' using three different types of crabs.....BC Dungeness Crab, Australian Brown Queen Crab a...

Crabcake without breadcrumbs

by Mayzie 5 years ago

Hi all! I have all this leftover crab meat that I bought to stuff mushrooms with. I want to make a really delicious crab cake stack with it. Some avocado/corn salad on the bottom, crab cake in the...

St. Stephen parish Crab Feed 2020

by Ststephenparishsf 2 years ago

Grab your bib and join us on Saturday, February 1st, 2020 for the St. Stephen Parish Crab Feed! Enjoy a family style meal featuring fresh crab, pasta, salad, an anti-pasta platter, garlic bread,...

Classic hot crabmeat entrees

by Rory 2 years ago

For the holidays I'm going to splurge on some lovely crabmeat and I'd love ideas for classic French, British, etc hot entrees. Not salads.. The only ones I can think of is Crab Imperial. (which sou...

Crab legs reward

mr mouther
by mr mouther 2 years ago

After many unsuccessful tries Ive stopped smoking for more than 150 days and I decided I wanted a reward of crab legs since i haven't had them in probably 20 years. Anyone have any recommendation f...

Old Bay Steamed Crabs

by layne123 10 years ago

I did a search and there's alot of opinions about the best steamed crabs restaurants in Baltimore. I went to some place last year that was good, yet the place used some custom seasoning for its st...

Flash Sale TODAY Monterey Bay Rock Crab, 3/24 11a-3p

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Direct sale from Fisherman Skylar Campbell at the K-dock today until sold out. $4 per pound, Cash or Venmo.