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Orlando environs - Any BYOB restaurants or recommended nominal corkage fees?

by hopegoode 7 years ago

We are traveling to this area and would like to bring along some fine bottles. Can anyone make suggestions for us?

What's the highest corkage fee you've seen in San Diego?

by ChrisG 7 years ago

Went out for dinner last night at a nice place in North Park, very well regarded by CHers, but by no means 5=star or Michelin rated if you know what I mean. I had checked out the menu online befo...

Escuela Mariscos/Corkage fee?

by MariaFeliz 7 years ago

Anyone know if there is a corkage fee at Escuela Mariscos? I've tried calling at various times during the day to find out, but just get a recording. Thanks

Recs for restaurants with a low corkage fee?

by Mildew33 7 years ago

Hey all, I'm trying to come up with a restaurant for some friends who are big wine drinkers and looking for a place to go where they can bring their own wine. They are willing to pay corkage of ...

Restaurants that allow BYOB's with corkage fees

by arepo 7 years ago

An interesting thread about BYOB's brought up the point of what restaurants with liquor licenses still allow BYO's with a corkage fee. I wish there were some kind of list of Philadelphia (and su...

Any new BYOB restaurants or ones with corkage fees?

by hopegoode 8 years ago

We are new to the area and would love some recs as we meet friends for dinner in the area encompassing Miami north to Boynton Beach. Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

Any new BYOB restaurants or ones with corkage fees?

by hopegoode 8 years ago

I've been to Atlas and Hiro's and enjoyed them both. Are there any other quality restaurants to add to this list?

Corkage on Maui

by DriverPhil 8 years ago

Allowed, for now anyway. http://www.mauinews.com/page/content.detail/id/564926/Commission-rejects-corkage-law-exclusion.html?nav=10

Wine Corkage in Maui

by russkar 8 years ago

Finally Maui is attempting to catch up to the Islands by allowing Corkage in it's restaurants much to the dismay of some greedy owners. Interesting article below: www.mauinews.com/page/content.d...

Sobou Corkage fee?

by nolalawyer 8 years ago

Anyone know if you can BYOB @ Sobou and what the corkage fee is? Also, any stand out apps or entrees at this place? Thanks!

BYOB or reasonable Corkage in Charlotte

by Room to Roam 8 years ago

Anybody know of decent restaurants in Uptown/Central which allow BYOB or only charge reasonable corkage (under $20 per bottle)? I have a number of really decent bottles of wine that need to be d...

Pacific's Edge corkage?

by dockhl 8 years ago

We'll be staying at the Highland's Inn in a few weeks and I have reservations at Pacific's Edge. It is an anniversary for us and I'd love to bring a special bottle of wine for us to enjoy (a 2007 S...

Corkage in Manhattan/Brooklyn

by gilhodges415 8 years ago

I'm planning an elaborate celebration for our anniversary. Perhaps the Gotham Bar or similar quality. In San Francisco, where I live, I always bring wine and happily pay the corkage fee. I'm w...

Wedding dinner - party of 25 - private room - corkage fee?

by trhoads66 8 years ago

Looking for nice but not ultra-fancy restaurant for a wedding party of 25. Most likely a private room but could be larger tables as well. Can be anywhere from the beach areas (PB, OB, Mission Bay)...

Rec's: BYOB or Low Corkage Fee for 6-10pp Group Dinner ??

by viniferaNYC 8 years ago

Hi! Looking to for a restaurant to book a group dinner for 6-10pp in Dec.... that are either BYOB or low corkage fee ($20 or under). Food MUST be good :) Ideally in the city, but would happily cons...

Masa, corkage, and etiquette for a date?

by abec 8 years ago

Hello, hello wonderful chowhounders~ I have a bottle of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold that I have been saving for the right occasion . . . tonight I am being taken on a date to Masa (!!) and wondere...

Corkage Restaurants?

by bostondebi 12 years ago

I am looking for a high end restaurant to dine in and bring my own wine. I know the laws, policies and etiquette etc, but I would love examples of places that allowed guests to bring in their own w...

ISO up-to-date list of BYOW restaurants in Toronto together with their corkage charges

by Bigtigger 9 years ago

Does anyone have access to such a list? The information I can find on line seems dated, including restaurants now closed or whose policies and charges have changed. Thanks for the help!

Free Corkage In or Near Studio City?

Alimentary My Dear Watson
by Alimentary My Dear Watson 9 years ago

Any ideas appreciated. Looking for a reasonably cool place where a date and I can get our buzz on without breaking the bank. Thank you.

Corkage in LA

by Servorg 9 years ago

Kudos (and thanks) to The Delicious Life for this website dedicated to corkage fees in LA. I'm posting the link as a PSA for hounds who like to "take their own": http://www.thedeliciouslife.com/co...