Cooling Racks

Dorie Greenspan Invites Us Into Her Kitchen to Talk Cookies & Favorite Tools

It should come as no surprise that Dorie Greenspan—acclaimed cookbook author (of beloved imprints like Everyday Dorie and Dorie’s Cookies, to name a few) and baking fiend—is at her most comfortable...

How do I replicate blast chilling at home? Does blast chilling make a big difference to the food?

by ashleyg 5 years ago

I'll be opening a business here I need to blast chill my meals, and am currently testing recipes in my home kitchen. Since I don't have a blast chiller in my home kitchen, what's the best way to re...

SEEKING: American Made Stainless Steel Grid/Cooling Rack

by JosephInOhio 9 months ago

I am looking for an American made stainless steel cooling rack (like pics) of any size (quarter, half, three-quarter or full sheet)… And everything I find is made in China... Anyone better at fin...

Experience w/ Jacob Bromwell brand?

by bloodboy 2 years ago

In my continual search for Made in USA kitchenware, I stumbled upon Jacob Bromwell. I have had a look at his website and the brand itself and it looks great. It is quite expensive but it seems ...

Cooling Racks

by bxgirl 2 years ago

I often use cooling racks after I take my cookies out of the oven, so that the air circulates around them while they are cooling. I was wondering why we don't place the dough on the racks BEFORE b...

High Heat - Warp Resistence - SS vs. Alum

by chefwong 3 years ago

This is not really on my radar...but for the wiki or not, most roasting sheets (in my case 3/4) and generally alum. heavy gauge. And or X gauge with a closed bead for *reinforcement*. Any, none of ...

Pssst... they make SS Wire Cooling Racks

by chefwong 3 years ago

I'm pretty stringent on what goes in the DW and what Does not. My CIA Chrome Plated Steel Racks goes into the DW all the time - just merely for the ease of cleaning - knowing full well what happens...

Using a cooling rack in the oven [Moved from Home Cooking board]

by quentin 13 years ago

Hi - I'd like to make a recipe that calls for using a rack on top of a sheet in the oven. The only thing I can find are cooling racks. Can I use a cooling rack in the oven?

Cooling Rack Needed for Large Breville Smart Oven

by trueblue101 5 years ago

Hello, Can anyone recommend a brand and size cooling rack that will fit into my Breville Smart oven please? Thanks!

Baking/cooling racks?

by dixiegal 7 years ago

I am looking at SS baking racks for a half sheet pan. Sometimes the info will say 'not for oven use'. Why is that? What would be the harm of putting a stainless steel rack in the oven?

Cooling rack slides around a little in the baking sheet...

by levander 8 years ago

Recently bought from Target the Calphalon "Kitchen Essentials" baking sheets 2-pack and then 2 Kitchen Essentials cooling racks to go with them. The racks fit inside the sheets okay. They fit p...

What are the advantages of dedicated cooling racks?

by E_M 8 years ago

We have a few cooking racks. On the rare occasion that I try to bake (I am not a good baker) and I need a cooling rack, I use the cooking rack. The racks are always washed in the DW so there is no ...

cooling racks in the oven?

by kornaska 9 years ago

Hey all, I'm going to be making chicken wings this afternoon & the recipe says to place them on a wire rack. All I have are some Wilton non-stick cooling grids. Do you think these will be safe t...

ISO Wire Cookie Cooling Rack in YYC

by Scary Bill 9 years ago

Large, say 15 X 25 inches or slightly larger., stainless preferred. Any suggestions who to call? Thanks

Extracurricular cooling rack uses

by greygarious 10 years ago

Recently I related a tip from Cooks' Country about using a (roughly) 12"x18" size wire grid cooking rack to make the classic cross-hatch pattern on a whole pan of peanut butter cookies "in one swel...

Best wire cooling rack?

by knet 11 years ago

I need to find the best cooling rack for a standard half size pan. I will use it for roasting - so it must be able to go into the oven; and also for drying pasta, baking, etc. I checked with WS b...

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