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What cookbooks can you not live without? Chowhounds weigh in on the tomes they turn to again and again. Discuss your favorites, recipes from past books, and talk about upcoming cookbooks.

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Cookbook stores

by FED 16 years ago

I'm looking for stores that carry only cookbooks. I know of three: Cook's Library in Los Angeles, Kitchen Arts and Le...


OPJK commented 16 years ago

number of cookbooks in your library

by raj1 16 years ago

On earlier thread about "cookbook ideas", a number of you mentioned that you were avid cookbook collectors and addict...


Maria commented 16 years ago

Definitive ethnic cookbooks (update)

by Aaron D 17 years ago

Thanks for all the good posts. I've compiled a list that may or may not represent some degree of consensus as an eas...


Jim Leff commented 16 years ago

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Marc Veyrat Cookbook (WAS: Message to Chili...)

by Mike 17 years ago

My English language copy of Mac Veyrat's a Forkful of Magic arrived today from, get this, (for complicated ...

Definitive ethnic cookbooks

by Aaron D 17 years ago

I'm looking for a list of definitive ethnic cookbooks. Maybe this is too difficult, but I'd like to see us give it a ...


sladeums commented 17 years ago

Heart-of-the-cuisine cookbooks

by Thi N. 17 years ago

So I've been reading Elizabeth David's French Provincial Cuisine, which I love, and thinking for a while about a cert...


jen kalb commented 17 years ago

Cookbook trading session?

by Thi N. 17 years ago

So - I was tooling around town, desperately on a search for Olney's Lulu's Provencal book, when I had an idea - Any...


Zoe commented 17 years ago

good fish markets and cookbook store in LA

by okiespice 17 years ago

I'm coming to LA and desperately need to find some great fish markets in or around Santa Monica. Any suggestions? I a...


jed commented 17 years ago

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Asian Cookbook recommendation

by Jim 17 years ago

I want to recommend a delightful cross-Asian cookbook I recently saw at a friend's house in Chicago and purchased che...

Great Cookbook

by Caitlin Wheeler 17 years ago

Often on Chowhound I see posts asking questions like "What's the difference between bleached an unbleached flour?" or...


Caitlin Wheeler commented 17 years ago

New Gray Kunz cookbook?

by Rachel M. 17 years ago

I saw a thread from back in August mentioning Gray Kunz & Peter Kaminsky's new cookbook, Elements of Taste. From the...


tom philpott commented 17 years ago


by Chris Dickman 17 years ago

Does anyone know what the name of the cookbook which has Portland restaurant's best recipes, and where you can get it?


jinnka commented 17 years ago

Haitian Recipes/Cookbooks- Needed ASAP

by Edna 18 years ago

I'm having difficulty finding Haitian recipes and cookbooks on the internet. Any suggestions?


Michelle commented 17 years ago

Best cookbook for amateur baker?

by Can 17 years ago

I really enjoying baking whenever I have the time. For a Christmas wish list I'd like to put a pastry cookbook on it...


Pilka commented 17 years ago

Need BBQ (not Grilling) Cookbook Ideas

by Tom Hall 17 years ago

I pulled my bro-in-law's name for the Xmas drawing. He grills OK but has a new offset cooking device designed for sl...


wrayb commented 17 years ago

Message to Chili (WAS: Marc Veyrat cookbook)

by mike 17 years ago

Sorry to clog up the board with this but, Chile, fool that I am, I did not actually confirm my order for the Veyrat c...


Chili commented 17 years ago

What's your favourite cookbook?

by Charlene Leonard 17 years ago

What book could you not live without, which one inspires you and provides comfort when all else has failed? I love an...


Kathryn Callaghan commented 17 years ago

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New cookbook by Sally Schneider: opinions?

by Katerina 17 years ago

I've been wondering about the new, annoyingly-titled "A New Way to Cook", by Sally Schneider. Normally I wouldn't th...

Cookbook inquiry

by Hazelhurst 17 years ago

I've just been made a loan something called "Bull Cooks & Authentic Historical recipes & Practices" by George Herter ...


mistermike commented 17 years ago

Marcella Hazan cookbooks

by e p 17 years ago

I have been convinced by the various adulations posted on this board to buy one of Marcella Hazan's cookbooks (I love...


hobokenhenry commented 17 years ago

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