Massive colander uses

by JohnLearnsToCook 3 months ago

Damiano recently referred me to an advert for a large set of Paderno 1100 cookware. What struct me about it is that ...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 3 months ago

2 Copper Colander questions

by harrism 11 months ago

I've got two questions about a copper colander I just picked up. First of all, does copper actually bring any benefi...


harrism commented 11 months ago

Does this colander seem practical to anyone?

by stratford 12 months ago

I've always found the short TV ad for this in-sink colander (see picture), I believe made by Kohler, shown before som...


ricepad commented 12 months ago

Favorite space-saving colanders?

by BonnieMac 3 years ago

Hi friends! In the market for a new colander, would like one that can fold down to save space. Which is your favorite?


sunshine842 commented 3 years ago

Colanders vs. strainers

by Ucdavis 5 years ago

Although I have a nice set of fine mesh colanders, I'm wondering if I need the All Clad 3 piece strainer set. In what...


Ucdavis commented 5 years ago

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Is there...... [microwave safe colander question]

by mrbigshotno.1 6 years ago

About a quart size microwave safe colander available?

Which colander do you prefer?

by snax 8 years ago

I’m looking to buy both a colander and a strainer (or several) and not sure which will suit my needs. Do you prefe...


NuMystic commented 6 years ago

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anyone have the colander/sieve attachment for their Viking stand mixer?

by skyline 7 years ago

I just noticed this while checking to see if perchance Viking offers an ice cream maker "kit" for their stand mixers ...

Best way to clean colanders and graters?

by momnivore 7 years ago

I have such a hard time cleaning my fine colander and my graters (especially my microplane). If I use a sponge it ju...


escondido123 commented 7 years ago

Colander with a divider in the middle?

by Maple 11 years ago

I swear I have seen once a colander that has a divider in the middle, so that you can put it in a big pot of water, a...


MSK commented 11 years ago

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